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By Sunny_k

Quick Tips To Improve Your Karaoke Performance!

1. Pick your song wisely by asking yourself these two questions….

A. Is this song within your range?
When choosing a song, try to stick with those that work best for your vocals. Never, ever try to perform a number that is completely out of your range, your audience will hear it and furthermore you could critically damage your vocal cords and non of us want that. If you can sing it without straining, that’s a good sign it’s in your range.

B. Do you like this song?
If you are singing a song you just don’t like, it will show. You want to find something you are really comfortable with, this will boost your confidence which in turn gives your audience a genuine super performance over a dry detached one. Always remember, you sing because it brings you pleasure, pick your songs accordingly and it will pay off.

2. Keep those vocal cords hydrated
You wouldn't run your car without oil would you? OK I did ignore that light once, trust me friends it doesn't work out well. Water helps your body to produce a mucus lubricant for your vocal-cords that helps them function properly. When we sing low notes the vocal cords vibrate around 60 times per second, high notes can go as fast as 2000 times per second. Like an engine, must keep them parts well oiled if we want them to work properly. During your singing sessions, drink water to help reduce cracking and hoarseness by keeping those vocal cords well hydrated.

3. Practice
Once you find the perfect song, practice, practice and practice! Become familiar with the lyrics, even if you can’t completely memorize the whole song know it enough so you can take your eyes off the screen once in a while. This will add tons to your performance by allowing you to be more relaxed and confident.

4. Control your volume
Many people, including yours truly have made this mistake, getting louder when trying to hit those high notes. Don’t do it! It’s terrible for your vocal cords and it really shows you are struggling. Keep your volume throughout your performance consistent and allow your mouth to stay more relaxed than tense. Drop your jaw or stretch your mouth on the sides over opening your mouth wide open. This will by far increase your chances of hitting those notes with less strain on those vocal cords.

5. Posture is important
If you are standing, stand straight. If you are setting, set up straight. A straight supportive spine is a must to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed to reduce tension on your vocal cords. Also a straight spine helps keep your chest cavity open to it’s fullest allowing you to take in the maximum amount of air with each breath.

6. Show those emotions
I think this is the biggest tip of them all, don’t be afraid to allow the emotion of the song to come out. The best performances are not always those with the strongest vocals, it’s the ones that we can feel. Whether it’s a song about heartbreak or a tune to get you dancing, allow your emotions to pour out into your song. Sing with your heart! A couple of good examples of this is Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful and Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World. And it’s perfectly fine to sing it the way YOU feel it, even if it strays from the original.

That’s all the tips I have for now. Did I miss anything? Share your tips with us below!

Happy Singing!


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Very interesting

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God gave you this day. Enjoy it. Don't be too busy, to enjoy the beauty, around you.

Awesome article..

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r/c6ba95f89 .. OPEN DUET .. Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Great article I agree

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I only need 99,653 more announcements to reach level 112 ..

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I only need 99,653 more announcements to reach level 112 .. trojan55


On the new site, you will have a big jump on everyone so keep collecting points!

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Great advice!!

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5 more days to wait to see if I need more surgery..feeling apprehensive & a bit nervous

A great 5 minute read and some very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

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Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever

Very informative

MatkamLEVEL 105

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Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever

I only need 99,653 more announcements to reach level 112 .. trojan55

Hang in there Rich your day will come

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Took me a while but I try and follow most of these!


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Wonderful Article Kelly loved it!

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Thanks for the tips.

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Really good information, thank you

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Awesome tips!
Happy singing!!

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Great article Kelly Very informative


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Great advice...I would like to add something that goes hand in hand with volume and emotional delivery: Dynamic Control. Most songs start softly...increasing in intensity to a climactic point...there may even be two of these...and often taper down to soft at the end. If you start loud and strong you have nowhere to build up to because you are already there. So ride the emotional waves of the song, musicically and lyrically. You will enjoy your sing so much more....and so will your fans!!

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Happy Civic Holiday Weekend! :D

Yes. Great tips, Sunny_ K

I shall take the liberty to add : 7. Warming up with some chords or even sing the song lightly and not full out the first couple of times helps with a really good final recording.

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This surely is some great advice. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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A tip I just learned: We tend to keep water nearby when we sing (to clear the frogs!) I've always had chilled water by me. I recently found out that water needs to be room temperature or it impedes the performance of your vocal cords. Celine Dion swears by no talking the day of an evening performance and drinks tons of hot tea with honey and lemon. Now that's commitment to the performance!

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r/c6ba95f89 .. OPEN DUET .. Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

I read somewhere to yawn and hum a little before starting to sing!

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Great article!
I add a drop of lime, squirt of lime, or wedge of lime to my room-temperature water. I read somewhere that lime added to the water helps protect your singing voice, and I find it to work well for me

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Praying 4U always Ken...

I make sure that I haven't eaten anything maybe 2 hrs before I start singing or it hinders my air quality, I have COPD......

Carol-ALEVEL 107

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Praying 4U always Ken...

thanks for the great tips !

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very good tips...

I drink water while practicing and if the song is new to my ears, youtube is the best way to go and more practice...

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I also find warming up your voice is a must especially for a tough song

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Good information, I need all the help I can get.

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Relax your face, and body, be a ragdoll. Try progressive muscle relaxation, great for everything! Be well hydrated! Drink water! Avoid milk chocolate, dairy, eggs, meat, and wheat (may be more) as they are mucous forming.

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Super article! Thanks

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Perfect! Thanks.
Most of all have fun singing, and those who listen will enjoy it, too. I agree, one has to feel the song, and has to work with your vocals. But I believe that it is good to explore outside the box to see what you might be capable of singing. I think the more you sing the better you become...just my thoughts.
Happy singing!

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Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes forum/topic/b11d38be

Great info.. happy Thursday to all!

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All of that is such great advice,also stay clear dairy before or during your sing..those are also big no nos,warm tea also helps,and yes if you don't like the song the expression and emotion may not be as prominent,people can usually tell by listening to the singer if
they connected with the song or not,very important to stay hydrated too,water,decaffeinated tea,as I have also heard caffeine is bad,I don't know if this is true or not so I steer clear of caffeine...Practice makes perfect and do the singing exercises,yes you sound silly and many a time my family has laughed at me while doing them lol,but they do help ,,READ THE STUDY BELOW,HAS ANYONE HERE TESTED THIS THEORY

Results of Studies on Caffeine and the Voice
One pilot study took eight volunteers and tested their voice quality before and after they consumed 250mg caffeine tablets and found voice quality was reduced. The degree of the effect varied between participants. Another study of 58 females ranging between 18-35, with half given a 100 mg caffeine tablet and another half were given a placebo, found no variables between groups in terms of vocal acoustics and aerodynamics a half hour after ingesting the pill. A group of 16 healthy adults participated in two sessions where they consumed 480 mg or 24mg of caffeine. They found no significant difference in the voice’s ability to deal with prolonged speech between the two sessions.

link provided,hope it's ok To post the link here

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great info thank you for the tips! (Ineed all I can git)

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Thank you!

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Taking a break from SS ...for family medical emergency.. I will be back ... but don't know when.

Great tips Kelly. A very interesting and helpful article.

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Great info. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

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Thank you for the great topic Kelly!! Helpful too!

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Gotta go get hydrated

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Very Interesting and helpful thread, Thanks Sunny and Novella
And Thanks to all for all the added comment tips

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Thank you for the helpful hints Novella. Keep up the good work you do here.

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Thank you for sharing!

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Rest In Peace, Dansolman and to COVID-19 victims*** 2762 songs uploaded.

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Thank you for the tips!


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Yasss! Phenomenal, interesting, and informative reading material. Keep up the good work!

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-TinaLEVEL 108


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Awesome Article Kelly

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Fantastic article , hugs Kelly !!!

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