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Just wondered if Singsnap have thought of adding this feature to the website because with Photobucket charging outrageous prices...this could be an idea for those who are members of Singsnap...Just another feature to include... to help those who wish to use their own photo's instead of those that are already available from Singsnap...Also, would be helpful for those hosting contests and want to make banners for contestants....Just thought I would throw it in as an idea...

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Thank you for all your Comments mdfs,,,

Great idea

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BeYOUtiful <3

That would be cool, wondered if possible too

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I expect it would mean prices would go up if the feature was added as it would cost money for SS to host pictures. I suspect this is why it is not already a feature.


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I was wondering if SingSnap can negotiate with Photobucket to allow existing contest banners to display correctly on SingSnap. Where else do people display their SingSnap banners besides their profile page and/or song comments section?


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*Have a great Weekend**1,947 songs uploaded

Photobucket Hotlink fix thread:

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As Gold members, it really is a shame that the ability to add our personal photos to our songs isn't included somehow. As a person living on disability, I'm already stretching it just to stay gold. I guess my boring old recordings and backgrounds etc. will have to do.

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Revisiting this: I think it would not be much of a stretch for SingSnap to allow paying members to upload a limited number of photo files for use as backgrounds. It should be a simple matter of math to determine a reasonable file type and size limitation that would allow all members to upload X number of files for their account. The cost of creating the additional space to do this would determine if a price increase is necessary, and if so, how much it would need to be to cover the gold member accounts on the site. It could also be an optional item that a gold member could choose to pay for, and hosting would only be available on SingSnap to those persons

For example:

* Gold members may upload up to 50 photo files (.png, .jpg, .gif) to their account.
* Background Files must be no more than 2 MB each
* Each member's photos are displayed in their Gallery section


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My foot, ankle, + heel are still broken. Need lots of prayer.

+1 on this idea! *Bump*