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Post by GiaM

I am new to hosting contests but I have been in enough of them
to see how drama can run amuck.

Unfortunately I am not exempt from this because of
an incident.

My concern is meant to be in the best interest of the contestants
as well as the host.

I have seen sites where the admin or host can click a key and bounce
the problem from the room. It is needed here.

On a different Note:It is my belief that delete options should replace
edits options.

It looks sloppy and may cause the contestants to lose faith in their
host. Especially new ones like me.

This would help abate the problem of hostile contestents leaving
negative messages.

I know hundreds of people feel like I do re the above mentioned

Thanks for allowing me to post this.


-Tas-LEVEL 71

Reply by -Tas-

Thank you for your suggestions...

in the meantime if anyone is causing trouble you may use the 'report' button and staff will take action if any of Singsnap's Terms of Usage/Code of Conduct are being violated.

any major problems can also be addressed directly to singsnap by clicking on the 'contact us' area that is located at the bottom of every singsnap page.