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allcountryLEVEL 16

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I have been experiencing skipping in all my songs when I just go to listen to them (mine only). I did not experience the skipping in the review of any of them only after posting them. can someone help?

Katie-and-DennisLEVEL 29

Reply by Katie-and-Dennis

Is it just your songs?...or every song you listen to belonging to anyone?...

I experienced this last week....and found it to be rectified when I re-booted my computer and cleared my cache......

I have found the last edition of the Flash Player to be very buggy on the Google Chrome browser....

allcountryLEVEL 16

Reply by allcountryGOLD

thanks I will give it a try


Reply by Boney-JoGOLD

allcountry, I have sent you a pm, I hope this helps

Regards Jo

SheriePieLEVEL 4

Reply by SheriePie

Mine is skipping badly! Please PM me! I need help~lol

DefenseLEVEL 33

Reply by Defense

It could be your flash is a link to a thread that Rob created (Bug #3 for you) to assist you with a fix. Hope it works for you!

DefenseLEVEL 33

Reply by Defense

here's another thread that may help out too!!

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