The Love Your Pet Challenge!

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NovellaLEVEL 91

Post by NovellaSTAFF +4 +17

I Love Shocktober!

Give Your Pet A Hug!

The best thing about our pets is they love us even when we don't deserve it! There is no other love quite like the love of an animal so our goal is to celebrate that unconditional companionship!

This challenge is open to absolutely everyone who loves animals, even if they don't currently have a pet of their own.

Today's Furry Challenge:

Show your pet to SingSnap! Past, present or even future pets allowed (We'll even accept spouses lol) ! Introduce your furry, feathered, scaled, shaved, hairy, slippery, slimey, perfectly pruned pet to us! If you can get them on cam - great! If you can get them to sing - fantastic! Be sure to complete both Part A and one of the Part B's of the challenge.

Part A: Sing any song on today's Pet Lovin' Feature Page!

Part B Cam: Show off your pet! Get them to sing if you can (hehe). Dress up like it, show us pictures or even draw one! Whatever your creative mind inspires!

Part B Audio: Tell us about your pet! You can either tell us verbally about your favorite pet, memory, desire to have one someday, etc., OR in your song comment section: post pictures, write a poem or story, or something other genius way of introducing us to your beloved furry friend!

Rules & Guidelines:

1. The Challenge is open from 12:00 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST Wednesday February 8, 2012! The song must be dated Feb 8.
2. No Two-Person duets allowed. You may harmonize with yourself.
3. Gender Benders are acceptable
4. You MUST have FUN! Fun, Fun, Fun!
5. Post your challenge link back in this thread.
6. Web cams are encouraged but not required.
7. Challenge is open to all members.
8. One song per Snapper.
9. Promotion of non-challenge songs is strictly prohibited.
10. Post your link only once, if you think you've been missed contact the SingSnap Events Team.
11. Did I mention you must have FUN?
12. The song must be submitted in the following format.

Song Title
Song Link

Happy Singing!

Nick1992LEVEL 58

Reply by Nick1992GOLD

love it... can't wait to show you our Boef(je) (name of our cat)!!!!

-Tamera-LEVEL 48

Reply by -Tamera-GOLD


White_starLEVEL 33

Reply by White_starGOLD

French version Halleluja watchandlisten/play/bb6a22397


SexyMama47LEVEL 50

Reply by SexyMama47GOLD +1 +1



Ms_Truckin_BlueyLEVEL 5

Reply by Ms_Truckin_Bluey

Wooohoooo and we are off....

NovellaLEVEL 91

Reply by NovellaSTAFF +4 +17

I Love Shocktober!

I will be here showing my dogs, cat and chickens! LMAO! Maybe my husband too :OP

Sunny_KLEVEL 84


Just another day in the funhouse

Super Coolies! Gonna see if I can get my cat that bites me when I sing on cam LOL!


Reply by CorkyGirlGOLD +7 +7

Can't Wait to show off my Corky the Love of my Life.........


Reply by singin_peanut2014GOLD

this sounds like fun woo hoo. did one with my pet yesterday, great thinking Trevor




I can't wait to show off my new Meka, she is adorable



Reply by peggyjoyGOLD

I'll be gone on vacation from Wednesday through the weekend, so will miss the pet thingy! Bubby and Toad will be SO upset! Better not tell them they're going to miss their chance at SS stardom! :^{

KrazyBoutKatzLEVEL 3

Reply by KrazyBoutKatz


Sheena108LEVEL 7

Reply by Sheena108


IndigiandragonessLEVEL 2

Reply by Indigiandragoness


-Tas-LEVEL 68

Reply by -Tas-MAGAZINE



Reply by P-JGOLD


dsider63LEVEL 64

Reply by dsider63GOLD +2

God's Team and Music Minister presents 10/4/2015 r/b8878923f


Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 88

Reply by Uncle-PauleyCHAT-ADMIN +2 +1

Dolly & Kenny Contest - Round One ~ You Decorated My Life



Edited reply by --Cowboy-n-Katie--

'ed .... This is another nifty idea for challenge..lookin forward to it .. imma go buy an iguana w/ with a cowboy hat now~

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 52

Reply by Daydreamer2008GOLD

I do not have any pet, as my son is allergic. =o/

But I'll flag anyway as I want to see what you all come up with lol =o)

13gloriaLEVEL 12

Reply by 13gloriaGOLD

count me in flagging


Reply by ChelseaBSB

I've always wanted a pet, but my parents had too many antiques and didn't want their stuff getting chewed on or wrecked. My dad had a dog growing up and loved animals, but my mom never cared for the smell of them. I'm like my dad and loved them! The smell can be overwhelming at times, but who can resist a cute little face smiling back at ya!? I'll sing for the kitten or puppy I'd love to have later on!

Belle_MorteLEVEL 46

Reply by Belle_MorteGOLD

flagging, will see if Mr. Harley is up for it (he bites me! and whines when I sing :/)

AnnieLEVEL 82

Edited reply by AnnieGOLD

I don't have a pet, but the rules say future pets...soooo...I'm going to sing with a stuffed animal representation of the pet I WANT to have. lol

a_god_sLEVEL 85

Reply by a_god_sGOLD

... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


SoftiSingsLEVEL 2

Reply by SoftiSings

flagging not sure if i ca n dress like a bird tho but the one left kinda still sings always

samhelLEVEL 35

Reply by samhelPATRON

Flaggin!! Many have seen Maggie in chat, I'm ready to show her off again!!

MizMolly64LEVEL 13

Reply by MizMolly64GOLD



Reply by xABYSSxGOLD

woohoo flaggin

mysticaldreamsLEVEL 35

Reply by mysticaldreamsGOLD


marywulsLEVEL 64

Reply by marywulsGOLD +2 +5

Thank you for my treats and have a super week


ZenaidaLEVEL 39

Reply by ZenaidaGOLD

I'll try to make my green parrot flossie to sing or talk
coz sometimes he doesn't want me to sing he gets jealous
so he just make a squawking noise,so I'm flaggin.

LaylaLEVEL 8

Reply by Layla

I am hoping to catch my dog by Wednesday, he is much faster than me lol. It will be hilarious to see what everyone comes up with here. I might have to drug my dog to get him to sit on my knee on cam.

little_tiger37LEVEL 75

Reply by little_tiger37GOLD +2 +8

flagging sounds like alot of fun :0)

KittenKatLEVEL 21

Reply by KittenKatGOLD

Sounds like fun!! My cat, Cliffy, thinks so too...LOL!! Flagging!!

lori4222LEVEL 35

Reply by lori4222GOLD


Darin_SharonLEVEL 51

Reply by Darin_SharonGOLD

Hmmmm....there was a lizzard running loose in my apartment a few months back...I wonder if he's still around?
Flagging....just in case!

Mimiloves5LEVEL 55

Edited reply by Mimiloves5GOLD

oops.... was this for Wed ????? sowweee............ I thought it said "todays feature songs"....... does an early entry count? tee hee


Reply by -peppa-GOLD


babydollgoddessLEVEL 41

Reply by babydollgoddessGOLD

We have fifteen pets (2 dogs, 2 birds, a snake, and 10 mice)... I have NO idea how I'll choose! Haha! Flaggin' and deciding.

Angel_kisses_49LEVEL 31

Reply by Angel_kisses_49GOLD


Ms_Truckin_BlueyLEVEL 5

Reply by Ms_Truckin_Bluey

We have fifteen pets (2 dogs, 2 birds, a snake, and 10 mice)... I have NO idea how I'll choose! Haha! Flaggin' and deciding. babydollgoddess

Oh my!! lol

MizMolly64LEVEL 13

Reply by MizMolly64GOLD

Im sorry.. I thought it was today.. I feel like a good ball. so sorry!!

LonestarpennyLEVEL 24

Edited reply by LonestarpennyGOLD kitty cat-- pusspuss ( yes insert laugh here) is such a sweetie and such a big personality.... she has been feeling bad the past couple days. I think arthritis is setting in with her. makes me sad to see her in pain...... hope to get her on cam with me on wed....... she has sang with me

KrazyBoutKatzLEVEL 3

Reply by KrazyBoutKatz

Hello Novella,
I can't wait for this contest..This will be a total blast!!! Love the little red heart by your name,very sweet!!

KrazyBoutKatzLEVEL 3

Reply by KrazyBoutKatz

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