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Can different people sign in on the same computer but with different names and different email address. Even though it is the same ip address? I did it on a friends computer cause mine he is fixing after i will be on a different one. I don't want anyone to think he is useing other names he is not trust me. He made a recording and i left him a message and he said it came from him. So he took it off, the song that he did. Sorry if i cause a problem if i did. Has i am doing now i am on his computer doing this. Will not do it again if there is a problem. Thank you so much for your understanding.


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oops i was under his name. I can see how it can happen I am MissMissy

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Yes, but there's a bug with it.. clear your cookies then log in ... they're working on fixing the problem...


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This should be fixed now, please give it a try!