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A few months ago, someone (Bethybug777) sponsored me for Gold. She did so out of the blue, as I had no familiarity with her nor had I ever viewed and commented on any of her recordings. When I asked, she said she chose me because she heard I was a good singer. That random act of kindness has now enabled me to do more than the 100 recordings allowed by non-Gold members and will allow me to do more in the future.

I became a member in 2009 but took an 11 year hiatus due to forming a vocal trio while working a full-time (60 hrs/week) job. I retired in December 2019 and had a successful one-man show, until COVID shut everything down, forcing cancellation of the 17 shows I had booked through the end of 2020. So, I decided to come back to SS to keep my voice in tune, try out some new songs (so I could hear if they might be winners or not) and to renew my friendships with some of the members. So many of my SS friends were still here and welcomed me back with open arms, despite me having ignored them for so long, something that brought both happiness and shame for being so lax at keeping in touch with them. Since returning, I've made some new friends and have done a few duets that turned out better than I could have ever imagined. So many positives here! Helpful support staff, kind and caring members, and everybody has fun, regardless of their singing prowess. I feel sad for those who think they can't sing and don't even try.
Singing is one of the joys of my life and being able to share that joy, through my songs, and by listening to those of others, has made these COVID times bearable.

Thank you, Bethybug777 for sponsoring me, for your friendship, and for being the giving, caring person that you are. Luv ya bunches!

Bill B

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Very kind people on here xx

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I couldn't agree more. I took an 11 year break from recording on SingSnap and have had the good fortune to meet several members for a little karaoke fun. I decided to go to your song page and left a comment on your recording of "Dream a Little Dream of Me". It was sooooooo good!

Thanks for commenting on my topic. If you hadn't, I probably would have never "discovered" your beautiful voice. Heading back to your song list for more listening.

All my best,

Bill B