Sound Choice tracks are back!

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We just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the Sound Choice tracks that have been returned to the SS library!

To our knowledge they were never posted on Friday's new song arrivals lists but we discovered them while searching various artists using the directions below:

- Click on the record tab
- Type in the artist or song that you want
- Click on search
- Click on Show Advanced Options
- Click on Show alternate song versions
- Click on search just below that line

This is just proof that "Good things come to those who wait" lol
Thanks again Singsnap Staff - enjoy everyone!

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J&D's Calendar girls results!! **Not online ... off to rest.

Hi guys!! I never knew they left bahahah!! I always research the way you guys are mentionning above. I have a tendency of going for sound choice first when singing a song. Sort of a habit and i do like singing those tracks. Glad you found them though lol


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Well, thank u to whomever for bd icon :) sweet! never knew there was such a thing! :D

I didn't know anything left either, so didn't notice them come back, haha
But sounds like good stuff, glad for those who missed them

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Sound Choice tracks were never removed. The Advanced Options button was added months ago to help streamline the search pages.

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Advanced options are really handy, but I'd like one simple option...I want the background singers to go on vacation!

Maybe I should go on vacation? lol


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Luckily Katie helped me realize when the 'show alternate versions' search was implemented that SC tracks were still there when it first happened. I had the opposite reaction thinking they were gone then. LOL SC & Zoom are my favorites.


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Sound Choice tracks were never removed. The Advanced Options button was added months ago to help streamline the search pages. trevor

Hi Trevor,

For example:
When we joined SS in September 2007, Bread & Beatle tracks were available (we are from Canada) but for whatever reason, they were removed. Song Choice versions are one of our favorites, they have been returned and we are thrilled!


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In searching many of our favorite artists (using the steps above) we just can't get over all of the new versions that have been added! Just wanted to say thank you once again to whoever was responsible for putting them there