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-Tas-LEVEL 71

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Could we have a place where all open duets would show? This would help people to meet new people and find open duets to sing. When a person records an open duet there would be an arrow thingy at the bottom where they can indicate it is an 'open duet'. Then in the watch and listen area open duets would show under duets instead of completed duets...Completed duets and harmonies would go to the 'new' recordings section instead. If you didn't want to get rid of the completed duets section..make another one for 'open duets'.

MandyLEVEL 23

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What do you constitute to be an 'open duet'?

99.9% of my recordings are open to duets, but probably less than 1% of them are actual duets

-Tas-LEVEL 71

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very valid question...I consider a song that has two parts that would need someone to fill it in with another part to be in other words..a song that is a 'true' duet. ie..i got you babe..or too much too little too late..louisana woman mississippi man...songs like that.

LandoTanakiLEVEL 37

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maybe put a flag to indicate it as an open duet. A little check box.

I've seen this suggested a few times (once by me).

You can still duet any recording but ones flagged as an open duet could be put in a separate list for everyone to browse.

AnnaLEVEL 16

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Sounds like a good idea to me!!


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Sounds good to me too!

BrotherGaryLEVEL 9

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I agree Tas, as long as SS only makes it possible to stipulate only a 'true' duet as an Open Duet. Otherwise, everyone would be marking any sound they do, as an Open Duet when they don't mind someone singing with them. It would definitely be nice to be able to find 'true' open duets easily when you need them.

What I usually do, is look at what songs someone has been featured on already, but then again, I never know which songs are 'true' duets and which ones are not.

bearfoxLEVEL 2

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Knowing if a person actually sang one part of a duet and left it open or if they sang the whole song by themselves would be nice.

Maybe a way to block a person from singing more than one part of a duet... lmao.... I can dream can't I?