March Through March - Fitness Challenge!

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Let's Get Physical!

The weather is getting warmer and it's time to get active! As an extension of our 'Hearty Challenge' from February - we are dedicating this entire month of March to good health! Our challenge is simple, we want you to challenge yourself to living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle!

The Challenge Overview!

Everyone in Snap Land has a different level of physical ability, so the first thing we want to make note of is, we do not expect you all to become Olympic Athletes. Rather, for those who are interested; take tiny steps and make small changes in your everyday life to improve upon your health and well being.

For some that may mean changing their diet, others it may mean getting more active. Whether the activity is in the form of walking, running, small weight lifting, stretching or anything else - the choice is yours. It's up to you to determine what you're comfortable and capable of doing. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new physical or dietary regimen if you have any health concerns.

Each week we will celebrate one of the four main elements of life; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water! We will take the core of our existence and work with you to better our eating habits, breathing techniques, improve blood pressure and of course - stay hydrated!

The Specifics!

Each week you will have a Fitness Challenge and a Song Challenge. Please read carefully below for a break-down of each!

Fitness Challenge: Each week, we are challenging you to increase your level of fitness by at least 5 minutes, 3-5 times a week.

If you do not do any physical activity at all, your starting goal will be five minutes a day, 3-5 times a week! The physical activity you choose is your decision. If you need help coming up with some 'chair-friendly' exercises, please read below!

If you already exercise, we want you to quite simply add 5 extra minutes a week onto your existing routine (Or a any number of minutes you're comfortable with)

Getting Started: To get started, you need to simply join us on Friday, March 2nd - sing a song and say that you're going to March Through March! (A thread will be posted at a later date with the specific challenge criteria - Stay Tuned!)

Week Two Fitness Challenge: Five additional minutes of fitness, completing a physical activity of your choice. Walking, Running, Stretching, Muscle Training, etc., The goal is to do this 3-5 times a week (Or more if you're willing)

Week Three Fitness Challenge: Ten additional minutes of fitness;

Week Four Fitness Challenge: Fifteen additional minutes of fitness;

Week Five Fitness Challenge: Twenty additional minutes of fitness;

The end goal is that you are exercising 20 more minutes a day (3-5 days a week) than you were before this challenge started!

Song Challenge: Every Friday in March, you will join us and sing a song! In your song comment section - share your journey! Your highs, your lows - your success - anything at all! Pictures, stories or just document that you've done the required amount of exercise for the week! (Or that you plan to finish by the Weeks end)

We will announce the 'theme' a couple days before each Song Challenge (Around Tues/Wed). We will also supply healthy eating tips pertaining to that week's theme, exercise hints and especially encouragement in every week! We want you to succeed and we'll do whatever we can to help!

Exercise Helpful Hints!

Chair Exercises & Limited Mobility - Not a problem - check out these links!
30 Easy Exercise Tips - The small things in your every day life, make a big difference!
Make Exercise a Habbit - It's easy to start but it's hard to keep going! Check out these tips to stay committed!

Dietary Helpful Hints!

Snack Girl - A website with great recipes, tools to find healthy snacks and how to avoid the bad ones!
WebMD - A general overall 'healthy' website with great recipe and exercise tips!
Live Strong - Learn how to stay hydrated!

Healthy Life-Style Tools!

Calorie Calculator - Tool for calculating how many calories you should consume per day to reach goals or maintain
Calorie Directory - See how many calories are burned with various exercises
Food & Exercise Log - Need help documenting your progress! Check out this printable log!

Rules & Guidelines!

1. Each week you must complete your fitness challenge.
2. Each Friday you must complete your song challenge.
3. You can participate in as many (or few) challenges as you like.
4. Have fun and believe in yourself!

Check this thread often for updates and announcements!

Happy Singing!

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Check Back Thursday!

We'll post the thread for Week one on Thursday - So stay tuned!!!

In the mean time, join us for our final Month of Love challenge!

Leap Of Love Challenge!

See You Then!

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Licence to the light - forum/topic/a9128596 auditions! Come & join!?

will read later!


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Hmmmmmmmmmmm! MAYbe I'll join this, I AM trying to lose a few pounds! LOL @ the idea of me doing 20 minutes of exercise without someone standing over me with a whip!

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Yay! Can't wait!

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Full of Grace and team 05/18/2016 r/b474be2a1

Flag Me in

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Licence to the light - forum/topic/a9128596 auditions! Come & join!?


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Was that Monday?


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marching into march..

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marching in to March

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Im ready to march I was in a marching band in high school wow so many long years ago but I loved every minute of it Im In and flagging

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I've already started ...last week...started to walk and can't wait to march to March....


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Mood Tube Challenge! ~ Unanswered Prayers


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flagging just in case I decide to start this one

I could use extra strength..for Singing

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I want to see if I can do every challenge in March. So, here I go marching into march, and into spring.

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flagged this one!!

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Trevor do next week's announcement in under 4 minutes????

I hear the bulltish fairy!

Will read details in a while! I have to march into this road house and get a shower!

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-- ---- THAT fits sooo well with your status! LOL

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Thank you once again, Trevor and Novella, and all the staff, behind the scenes, for giving us this "March Challenge."
Looking forward to it, and looking forward to getting more exercise.
(Did "I" say THAT???) LOL ;)))

I'll be here! OH YES! (*_*)

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It's Time To Get Committed!

We're kicking off March Through March - tonight at midnight! Join us by singing a song and simply telling us you're committed!

March Through March Week One - The Sign-Up!

This thread will now be locked. Join us back here after Friday's Challenge!

Happy Singing and Good Luck!


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I lost 3 lbs last week, whoo whoo. looking forward to this weeks challenge.

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That is fantastic! Keep up the great work!

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Have Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The details of this week's challenge are posted here:
March Through March - Earth Week

Happy Singing and Good Luck!


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can i use singing as a exercise

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Back open for business!

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Back open for business!Novella

Looking at your status ....... hmmmmmmmmm. Changing name to Lucky!


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Licence to the light - forum/topic/a9128596 auditions! Come & join!?


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This is my March Through March Entry for Week 3
I am Oldfrog
Song is I only Have eyes for you

Increase fitness this month, if the weather cooperates to 3 18 holes round of gof per week, working up to 5 per week.


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Butterfly - Mariah Carey

I am sick but I wanted to stay in this contest. I didn't do part C..getting through the song was hard.My voice is about gone..I hope you'll make allowances this one time.March is almost over..Annie

I hope this on the right page now..

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The details of this week's challenge are posted here:
March Through March - Fire Week

Happy Singing and Good Luck!

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Back open for business!