Can I add a second webcam

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I wanted to add another webcam,I use the logitech 5000, right now...I tried hooking up a Logiteck messanger webcam, when I did everything slowed down, the player,video and lyrics.... the messager webcam keeps flickering....
Is it posible to add two, and if so what can I do to fix the problem? Should I buy another logitech 5000.or better? anyone with a Idea...

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Hi Spoon, as you can see from a few of my songs lately I have had three cams hooked up.

1. Sony vidoecam thru PInaccle capture device
2. Aiptek webcam (cheap and mulit features)
3. Logitech Orbit camera,pretty cool camera

Of course I can only play one at a time but can switch between during the song.

I have played around with picture in picture but currently the only way I can do that is prerecord the videos and then try to sync it back in when I sing the song, playing it back thru one of the virtual camera software programs, which are about $30.00

OH BTW, if your computer is slow all this might not be too easy. I'm runiing a dual core processor with 4 gigs memory,512 video card

Also I've found my wireless connection at home slows things down so I use the wired cable connection at the office.

Hope this helps.

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Yes this helps ... I thought that was the problem...I guess I will wait until I update my system.....