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JennylovestosingLEVEL 7

Post by Jennylovestosing

I Am new here and i was wondering how do you get fans on here? JENNYLOVESTOSING

kit001LEVEL 3

Reply by kit001

When you listen to a song there is a little flag next to the person's name on the recording, you click it and it will turn red, that says that you are now that person's fan, so if you want to BECOME a fan, someone who listens to your singing will click the little flag next to your name on the recording of you they are listening to.

ShyLynnLEVEL 3

Reply by ShyLynn

Jenny, the way to get fans is similar to how you'd get friends. You have to show interest in them, listen to their recordings and form a relationship with people you enjoy listening to and talking to. Unless, of course, you are a superstar singer, in which case, all you have to do it show up and sing.