Why not enough free songs

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Post by yogertlvr

I am on a limited budget, and as it is, I can't just pay out $15 here, $20 there, and so on. So when I signed up I recored 2 free tracks. However, when I went to look for more, every search has turned out to be for the gold membership only.
So my question; Is there a limit to how many songs you can record using the free membership?

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you can record and save up to 100 songs as a blue member.

One way to look for songs is to check the day's Featured Songs and check the box next to Show free songs first.

Hope that helps!


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thanks for that. I am so green to this site that I am still trying to sort it out. Very very kind of you to reply and I will do just as you have suggested.

Thanks again...

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Hi there and welcome to SingSnap!.......

You can also browse alphabetically by song...and the songs that are free to record are highlighted with a blue "free" next to them...

You can do that here:


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Hi there and welcome to Sing Snap, hope you have a lot of fun here


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The number of free songs here is only a tiny fraction of what is available to gold members. Still there are a lot of free songs for the blue members. If you come here expecting all your favorites you already sing to be free, you will likely be disappointed. But if you are willing to expand the styles of ones you will sing and be willing to learn to sing some new ones you may have never heard before, then there is much to work with.

The above suggestions for finding free songs will work. As a blue member myself, I have found it's useful to go to watch& listen. There I click on NEW to see what others are singing. Anyone there I see as a blue member is singing a free song. For me, it's a good method to find songs I haven't considered. And listening to others is a pretty good way to find new friends too.

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Hello SingSnap! Make it a GREAT day!

Welcome to SingSnap!

We hope you'll come to enjoy the site. As the above members have mentioned, there are a few different ways to find free songs. If you are doing a "search" there is the box that allows you to show free songs first, to save you time. Also, if you're browsing, as Katie mentioned, looked for the ones with the bright blue "free".

You have access to approximately 1,000 songs. You can sing and record as many as you'd like but you're only able to store 100 at a time. Should you reach that, you can just delete some and make more room.

One thing you could do is sign-up for a Free 10 Day Trial. ( http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/store/trial ) You can sign-up and then cancel anytime within the 10 days and you won't be charged at all. That way you can enjoy 10 days of unlimited access to everything on the site to see if you want to invest at a later date

Hope that helps! If you need any help, scroll to the bottom of any page and you'll see a "Contact Us" link ... We'll be happy to assist!



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thanks all for your suggestions. I suppose that the price for the gold membership is worth it because there are so many great music choices here in this site, and the fact that $15.00 is about what I would pay just for a karaoke single cd. Thanks again for taking time and replying to my frustration LOL.

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You have to learn spanish though, to be able to sing the entire list of free songs. I'm just gonna ride this horse to death! LOL

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LOL Ruger!!

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Hi Paul!!! Just cruisin' through and saw this, and you know me.....always here to help the newbies with my keen insight.

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muy bien Ruger (I been tryin the spanish songs hahahha)

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Me too...but I'm a poor pendehjo!!