Wrong Song Name

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LaNellLEVEL 33

Post by LaNell

On the Eagles' song, One of These Nights, it is listed as One of Those Nights, in error. Thank you.:)


Reply by Per

Thanks for reporting, I have added it to our list of songs to correct.


Reply by musicjeni

There is another error on tim mcgraw's "One of these days" The 2nd version is fine, but the first version is actually an emmy lou harris tune... Also, billy joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" cuts off the end of the song... Just thought i'd add what I'd run across too. Thanks!

Soulrebel1LEVEL 7

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Found just a couple;
Can Can-Bad manners--brings up something inside so strong Labbe Sifre.
Chaz and Dawn-Rabbit, should be Chaz and DAVE
Gary Newman-Cars-should be Gary Numan
Sqeeze-Up the Junction-should be Squeeze.

AkaraokeloverLEVEL 36

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Ferry Cross The Mersey by Gerry and The Pacemakers, the music doesn't sound at all like the right music for that song.