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Lee - you may want to try using both the old and new wizards and see if there's any difference.

If you have 32 and 64 bit browser versions you may want to see if it works with the 32 bit browser.

~ Chris

That is the version i have. ~It works fine on the mac but the SS wizard will not find it as a cam.LeeRogers

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Thanks Chris, i will give this a go:)

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How do I get a Toshiba notebook to allow the wizard to access my microphone and camera?


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Try the following:

- log out of Snap

- Clear the web web browser cache, cookies and temp files - here's how to do it if you're unfamiliar:

- Clear the Adobe Flash website settings - go to: and click on "Delete All Sites"

and and click on "Delete All Sites"

- Then log back into Snap and re-run the wizard, making sure to click on the blue "clear settings" button before running the wizard:

- and make sure to click on the green "save settings" button when finished.

Note: When running the wizard you get the Adobe Flash Player Settings Box make sure "allow" and "remember" are both checked and click "close" to continue.

~ Chris

How do I get a Toshiba notebook to allow the wizard to access my microphone and camera?ImaTwanger

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How do I enable music after I have recorded a song?



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HI Katymay
You can find the "enable music" feature located on the singsnap mixer.
When using this feature ,be sure that you have recorded only your vocal track.Once you click on the "enable music" this places a fresh music track alongside your vocal track,which enables you to adjust he differences between the volumes of the music and vocal.If the voice and music have already been recorded together,then "enable music" is selected,then this will result in 2 music tracks,slightly out of sync with each other,creating an echo to the music.
(time to update my,but you will get the idea
If you need to set your computer to record ONLY your voice ........Go to the "recording support" profile page and select the tutorial that applies to your computer's operating system
"recording using XP" OR
"recording using Vista and WIndows 7"...ect
You will find the tutorials here

If you are still having problems,please fill out a "help ticket" at the bottom of the "recording support profile page and someone from the team will be there to assist.

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here we go I have a shure PG-48 and a Sony F-V320 and both record but I sound like I am in an empty hanger it's just plain not acceptable. I also have a Logitech mic and headset I originally got for skype and when I use it everything is super. What gives with the mic and speaker set up? I have gone through the whole routine about setting mic and wave etc and can NOT lose the echo and it ruins what I try to do. Any ideas short of buying a audio console?


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I know my microphone works, but I don't register on the meter on downloading the wizard to get ready to record.


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your site is not user friendly at all what's the deal?

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if you are having problems recording or have site questions in general...please click on the 'help desk' tab at the top of your page..or the 'help desk' tab at the bottom of your page...Let us know EXACTLY what issues you are experiencing so we may assist you.

Thank you.


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Hi there my friend thanks for all your help on my singing margie this is great

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hello -I just got an HP 2000 notebook-windows 8 ..I am wondering about my settings I can hear the sounds with built in speakers also I use head set. but what about the mic? and settings? I know nothing of the tech stuff- hopefully I can get this to work!- my main computer went haywire so now I am on this new laptop notebook. Do I have to use a realtek mic? thanks so much for your help!

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I just go a new IMac and the computer itself is awesome. But when I record the voice and music are nowhere even close on the timing. I really have to move the voice to fit the music. Any suggestions?

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I have just changed to a different browser because of a flash player problem effecting the recording of my voice and had my PC at the technicians for a week, never had this timing problem before just cannot match the voice to the music Recording through USB audio interface at the moment. I have turned off all the icons and programs I can but to no avail help???????????????

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I'm tearing my hair out over this problem so any help appreciated.
I have windows 7 on my PC and use both Chrome and IE browsers on singsnap which I have done for years.
I use webcammax as my default webcam and it is working fine with everything except Singsnap where it will work in IE but it is not detected when I run the wizard in Chrome, my preferred browser.
I've tried everything I can think of including much of what has been suggested above but still can't get the SS wizard to detect my camera in chrome. I use the dropdown menu to select webcammax but when I try to record all it shows is a green screen.
I've reinstalled both webcammax and the chrome browser and have checked drivers for the webcam are up to date.

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Ive reverted back to flashplayer 11.5 and everytime I try to record here it installs 11.6 I cannot record with this one as it makes some horrible noise and all I hear is a crackly sound and no music or anything else how can I fix. Or is there a patch for 11.6 yet?


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Ive reverted back to flashplayer 11.5 and everytime I try to record here it installs 11.6 I cannot record with this one as it makes some horrible noise and all I hear is a crackly sound and no music or anything else how can I fix. Or is there a patch for 11.6 yet?PuddyKat3

When you installed 11.5, you should have checked "notify install updates", so it won't update automaticly...

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I did that as well
but ty will keep trying


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I did that as well
but ty will keep tryingPuddyKat3

Oh thats really strange, I think you must have done something wrong with uninstalling 11.6 and installing 5...


Reply by greeneyes56GOLD

Did you do exactly what's explained here?




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