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Linda-CaLEVEL 10

Post by Linda-Ca

I have AOL and have had problems with KSolo, SingShot, Bix and Ksuper as far as being able to listen and record. I have had to close out AOL and access through internet explorer. I used to be able to access without any problems. Now I am having some problems with SingSnap, I can record a song but I never get a play back preview. I was wondering what servers you had..Verizon, Earthlink etc and what problems you have or haven't experienced. I have had a few other friends with AOL complain about this and want to narrow down the culprit...

GlizzieLEVEL 8

Reply by Glizzie

I've had problems in the past (more with other sites but a few times on here) and I'm in AOL. Usually if I'm having a problem here, going into IE doesn't solve it, so I haven't noticed there being an AOL-specific problem yet, as far as I can tell.