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I have a bad problem with Sound and Video being on together. The site gives me the same error as yahoo does telling me that I've exceeded USB Bandwidth. I can't hear any sound when this happens. Can anyone help me understand why this is and how to fix it? I'm new to the site and can't even record the first song

Thanks so much!

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No, nobody can help you, you are doomed!

(just kidding!)

Found this...

"USB host controller bandwidth exceeded. A device request for allocation of bandwidth has failed because the USB host controller is in full use and has no spare bandwidth. Typically, devices support several settings at various levels of bandwidth. A device tries to allocate the highest bandwidth, progressively metering itself back after each bandwidth allocation fails. Repeated requests trigger an error condition.
It is recommended that you close some applications that are using USB devices that use bandwidth. In Device Manager you can view the property page for the host controller to see bandwidth status. Pressing Refresh in the dialog box after making any changes updates bandwidth data to show whether bandwidth is freed."


"The transfer rate on anything is limited and when you reach that limit then you can't add any more devices. With USB 1.1 it is limited to 12 mb. You can attach multiple low speed devices like keyboard and mouse but only 1 high speed devices like microphone or web cam. You have to use another port for additional devices. Your system should have at least 1 more port and many systems will have a total of 4 or even 8 ports. Also if you system is newer it will have some USB 2 ports which are 480 mb speed."

Is your mic USB as well as your vid?

Do you have USB2?

Personally, I would never get anything USB unless there were no other choiced for interface. I just hear too many funky problems with it. Having scanner problems with mine right now.