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By TWEENYPAULINE 76 in Recording Help & Tips
Hello, does anyone know how to connect Tc Helicon voice tone create. I would like to use it , but not sure about connection.ple...
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Countdown to 100
By ZZ-Ed 67 in General Discussion
Last year about this time SS had a great deal on one year memberships that was hard to beat. Mine is running out soon and unles...
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What gear you running?
By painkiller 41 in General Discussion
I know this has been discussed before in a old post (well i think it has) but just wondering what gear you all are running?
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Last by RichAllen 73 about 7 hours
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Picture anybody?
By Bradgravestone 58 in Duets
Check out this recording of Picture on #SingSnap #karaoke Sent f...
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Shirl & Bugs Wild Card Country
By sjb9031 64 in Contests - In Prog...
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Last by Bug 65 about 1 hour
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***SIGN-UP SESSION***J&D's CG@H#104***
By SingingRainbow 107 +3 in Contests - Auditions
Hello ladies and welcome to J&D's Country girls @ heart #104. This edition is called Legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow. ...
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Last by SingingRainbow 107 +3 11 minutes
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Announcement: SingSnaps Got Talent!
By Novella 111 +16 in Challenges & Theme...
SingSnap Is Having A Talent Show! There's no doubt about it - SingSnap is full of talented singers! But what else can you do? J...
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Last by SamuelM3208 42 4 minutes
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Feature Page Suggestions for November 22, 2019
By Novella 111 +16 in General Discussion
Post Your Feature Page Suggestions/Requests Here! Do you have a song you would like to sing on Friday and have it posted on the...
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Last by agrabler 47 about 7 hours
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