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By Bradgravestone 58 in Promotion
Shallow? Check out this recording of Shallow on #SingSnap #karaoke
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Scary Movie Mania
By This-Gal in Contests - Auditions
It's that time of year when everyone enjoys watching scary movies as Halloween approaches. Horror movies always have more impac...
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Last by sweetangel226 63 about 1 hour
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I'm praying for a Sponser so I can remain GOLD
By Bear50 91 +4 +6 in Sponsorship
Hello all*S* I wasn't expecting to be here but my GOLD will expire on the 27th of this month and I'm praying that there might b...
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Last by Bear50 91 +4 +6 about 9 hours
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One Hit Wonders rd 3
By sjb9031 61 in Contests - In Prog...
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Last by pennyd1824 62 31 minutes
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Down Under
By GloriaDarcy 58 in Contests - Auditions
[b]Welcome! Bring any song! Gender-benders, harmonies, duets, pre-records allowed. Community songbook songs are welcome! Just p...
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Last by lindaro 71 30 minutes
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Robbg's Sing Your Favorite Song Contest
By RobbG 56 in Contests - Auditions
Hi there! Welcome to Robbg's Sing Your Favorite Song" contest. You may sing any song on singsnap that is licensed to be heard i...
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Last by TWEENYPAULINE 73 about 1 hour
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Johnny Tillotson Final Round
By soundchris 92 in Contests - In Prog...
FINAL ROUND Rules: 1. Must meet all deadlines 2. No pre-records 3. No drama 4. Keep in contact 5. Ask questions when needed 6. ...
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Last by littleeva 87 26 minutes
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Books and Authors
By cannotsing24 104 +2 +5 in Games
This Game is Name any Books you read and give it's Author's name with it just like I will give you a start. No Quoting on the T...
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Last by Bear50 91 +4 +6 about 7 hours
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My All Star Friends Team Competition Round 4
By oocindylouwho in Contests - In Prog...
Welcome to Round FOUR ~ DUETS. In this round the designated DUET singers from each team will bring their best performance! An...
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Last by ImaChristian2 35 minutes
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What r u wearing
By rokin1 46 in Off Topic
Tell the have recorded in your PJs Haven't you !
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Last by SoloSongstress 102 about 10 hours
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Feature Page Suggestions for October 26, 2018
By Novella 109 +7 +38 +1 in General Discussion
Post Your Feature Page Suggestions/Requests Here! Do you have a song you would like to sing on Friday and have it posted on the...
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Last by __Angels__ 107 +2 +5 about 19 hours
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