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I been here a long time have you :)
By angeleyesXo in Off Topic
I been here through good times bad times and paddle times but I love you all ,,;)xo
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36 minutes
**RESULTS**J&D's Calendar girls (July 2019 ...
By SingingRainbow 106 +5 in Contests - Completed
Hello ladies and welcome to our RESULTS!! Well let us just say that this was another DIFFICULT EDITION TO JUDGE. You ladies del...
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Last by BonnieK4506 90 +1 about 2 hours
About 2 hours
Happy Summer ..:)
By angeleyesXo in Off Topic
Hope every one is having a great Summer,,,,,sending you all a smile,,:)
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Last by cannotsing24 106 +2 34 minutes
34 minutes
Key change
By Ryhthm 15 in Recording Help & Tips
Anybody know if you have the option to raise or lower the key when using an IPAD I only see the option when I use my laptop
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Last by cannotsing24 106 +2 33 minutes
33 minutes
Never have I ever
By Truckmaster1 5 in Off Topic
Ok so never have you ever Had a slice of cake said you loved it and got sick 2 hours after you had the cake
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My Mashup Album
By The_Holy_Mole 67 in Promotion
Hi Those of you that know me know that I have a certain penchant for the practice of mashups; the mixing of 2 songs together to...
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Last by The_Holy_Mole 67 about 4 hours
About 4 hours
Geography contest
By Peter_1965 78 in Contests - In Prog...
Please, add this banner to you your song!
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Last by Curny- +1 about 6 hours
About 6 hours