Do you need help going Gold? Share your story here!

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By sweetangel226 73
Http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/forum/topic/b41ae49c PLEASE SPONSOR ME Gold Goes On Sale! Starting Sunday afternoon (we're keep...
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Closed: Sing Snap Lifts me up
By KellieH5672 50
I would love to be sponsored for a gold membership because singing brings me great joy and peace. I am usually cooped up at hom...
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Closed: help me go gold plz
By laura-sings 40
I am asking if anyone can gift me gold. for one month. Thanks in advance
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Closed: Seeking sponsorship <3
By destinyboyer6 14
With the holiday among us, and 5 children to take care of, money has been very tight, so I ask if anyone out there is feeling g...
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Closed: asking for help for a sweet friend
Kinsullivan 7 had to close her gospel site The Chateau because she knew she was going blue and just couldn't afford it this yea...
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Closed: Help me please due to medical & death
By OneOleShortMaw 55
It'd my CHRISTmas wish to get sponsored. 2018 has been a really bad year for me and my son. I've been sick a lot and the depres...
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Closed: My Prayer
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
Dear God and Jesus , As you know I enjoy singing very much and needing somone to sponsor me for at least one month or 2 . You k...
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Closed: Thanks For this Idea
By PaulMason 104 +2 +2
A lot of people fall on financial Needs , its good to see that People are willing to help another out in there time of needs .....
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Closed: Help thru the holidays
By AliceFayeNelson 65
Yes I hate asking ,but I'm needing help for this month...Id like to get my hold back ..it has been since mid spring I think tha...
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Closed: Help me please due to medical & death
By OneOleShortMaw 55
Please and Thank you . If you know me and would like to see me Gold again please sponsor me. Its' been really tough on me for t...
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Closed: Sharing my love for music
By Troy82 36
Hi everyone, I’m writing because I have stumbled on a hardship. My husband and I were slapped with 2 huge utility bills. Due to...
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Closed: Goodbye Love To All
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
I tried Thanks Shttp://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c275ee3a3ingsnap. Rob and Novellia you've been great xx
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Closed: Sponsorship
By -Angeela- 29
Can someone sponsor me please, I would love to sing the song by Miranda Lambert , To Learn Her . Thank you for your time Angela
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Closed: Need A Little Help!
I know everyone seems to be in a financial bind right now. I know I'm in one of the worst I've been in for a long time and it h...
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Closed: I'm praying for a Sponser so I can remain GOLD
By Bear50 97 +2
Hello all*S* I wasn't expecting to be here but my GOLD will expire on the 27th of this month and I'm praying that there might b...
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Closed: Please Help
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
All the songs I want to sing are Gold and all my friends ask me where I have been. I've been standing up for family violence an...
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Closed: Long Time Contest Runner Needs Help!
By GloriaDarcy 63
Hi. I was a gold member for over a year and ran many contests, which were very popular. My recent move to Vermont and the long ...
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Closed: Haven't been gold needs a sponsor...
By Sam1324 24
I would like to be gold but thought I should have a sponsor... Would anyone be my sponsor? Private MSG me ASAP
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Closed: Seeking Gold for my friend
By Texasirish 45
I would like to offer up my friend BohemianHeart for sponsorship. I would love to do it myself but am losing my Gold soon. If a...
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Closed: plz.sponsor
By AliceFayeNelson 65
Since school started 4 my son,i've been strapped atad these past few months.. I'd appreciate another month ,because without sin...
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