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Closed: I hate asking this...
By JustLeannan 24
I have gotten a gift of gold a long time ago, and I got to use it at the time, but I am still broke, and my anxiety is going th...
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Closed: In need of Help Being A Gold Member before Pri...
By SherLou 44
Hello all I Hope you are all well as possible!! and that you will consider helping me to become A Gold Member again... Its been...
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Closed: Hard times
By 1beauty2sing 45 +2 +2
Divorce is my situation And fostering a10 month old baby By myself. I just dont have extra money I love to sing.ik im not great...
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Closed: To all my SS friends.
By horse-gal 64
I hate with everything in me to do this, but if I wanna stay on here I have no other choice for the moment.... I love to be on ...
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Closed: All My Recordings are Gone
By GloriaDarcy 63
Hi everyone. Due to financial constraints, I could not pay for my gold membership last month and most of my recordings are gone...
16 replies
Closed: Sponsership Needed
By buc619 25
I love to sing and record songs free song list is limited....would love to have access to any song choice...unfortunately at th...
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Closed: Woe is me!!
By BellaHush 38
Hello all and Happy 2020!! I sadly cant afford a membership for February !! If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I...
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Closed: Looking for a Sponsor :)
By jlh1987 24
Simply can't afford gold membership right now with going to school, working, and being a single mama. Singing is therapeutic fo...
2 replies
Closed: All I Want For Christmas Is????
Hi Snappers, 1st off hey i'm Darren ;) i regularly scout the sponsorship message board and choose snappers that for some reason...
33 replies
Closed: I Need Help For December
I have I have $1.69 is all I have right know my laptop died on me And took all that I had this is coming from my tablet When I ...
2 replies
Closed: A little Helping Hand
Hi there right now I'm Gold but after Nov. 10th it expires right know it's kinda hard I live in an assisted living home all my ...
5 replies
Closed: trying hard
By SamanthaR4115 8
I used to sing alot on here but i had some issues with my throat that are now much better and would love to start again but mos...
2 replies
Closed: Art's Karaoke Cafe BLUE FOR GOLD CONTEST
By arthur1961 63
Http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/forum/topic/b21d0db0 FOR ALL THE BLUE MEMBERS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR SPOSORSHIP HERE'S A CONTEST ...
4 replies
First time Request. I've never received help but I'm reaching out to anyone who might be able to help me. I can't afford to go ...
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Closed: Free Gold Membership
By ArthurAlbright 56
I have a one month Gold Membership FREE that I will give to the first SS Blue member who contacts me
13 replies
Closed: Looking for sponsor
By NikolaZiwic 36
Greetings everybody, my name is Nikola and today l am here to tell you that l am a big fan of singsnap and all my loyality l de...
2 replies
Closed: Divorce.!!!!
By 1beauty2sing 45 +2 +2
I have been here a long time I am still going through a divorce and Lost everything I have enjoyed this site Just can't afford ...
6 replies
Closed: My 6 year boy wants to sing
By hottie981 17
Hi Everyone, I used to sing here back in 2008 which is a crazy long time ago and today we were just watching some of my old vid...
6 replies
Closed: Possible Sponsor?
By SongBird729
Oh how I missed this site! I came back to hopefully get back to singing again and spread my passion that I have kept inside me ...
3 replies
Closed: Please?
By GloriaDarcy 63
I have been going through some very hard times these days. I had to cancel my gold in August and I again can't afford it this m...
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