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Closed: Where is Dotti
By fccworkinggirl 46
Well Folks this is a page so you can all keep up with me and my travels.....I was asked if there was a place wherer you all cou...
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Closed: HELP!!!!!!
By Ree3 21
I was rescently asked to sing in a wedding and I am looking to learn some great love songs for the occasion. Suggestions would ...
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Closed: the full western experience
By maybird 43
Im doing a bit of research for a trip i am making in the summer . I live in london and as part of a significant birthday year i...
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Closed: Cash Register Receipts
By MisterCanning 46
Anyone ever encounter a problem getting warranty work done or returning merchandise, because the date on the cash register rece...
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Closed: Pet Poll!
By GlaszEyes
What, if any, is your favorite pet and why? Cat, dog, snake, lizard, fish, hamster, mouse,rat, rabbit, spider, etc.? I have 4 c...
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Closed: Commander In Chief?
By pls8xx
This morning CNN reports: (CNN) – It's no secret that President Barack Obama has squeaked out a couple of tunes during his pres...
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Closed: Parents of adult children..
By blaza 36
Do you ever feel that your continuing interest and concern for the well being and success of your children is a one way street?
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Closed: Texas Live Karaoking
By MNM1983 92
So I have a question for anyone in the U.S. and around, or in Beaumont Texas. Me and my fiancee are suppose to be traveling the...
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Closed: Did you know.....
By Joney 32
Wait a mo - gotta say something else first..... WHOOHOOOOOOO OFF TOPIC IS BACK..... Larry can bring his Moose back :D OK - Did ...
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Closed: Hello World
By Per
First post! :)
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Closed: Who's having Haggis tonite?
By Time_Passages
I'm going for a Chinese New Year's dinner...but I am sure there will be some pork, tripe and oatmeal in there somewhere!
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Closed: So.............
By Joney 32
What is the term for an animal that doesn't run from it's enemies?
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Closed: You Will Have Tears Of Joy At The End Of The Video
By MisterCanning 46
A heart warming ending
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Closed: Buddy's Card Trick
By MisterCanning 46
Buddy the card trickster - Pick one of the 6 cards. Don't click on it. Just keep the pick in mind. Look at Buddy. Think about...
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Closed: off topic
By flatduck 43
Try staying on topic
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Closed: and this is how you start a new year
By flatduck 43
If this is any sign of what this new year have to offer me ? I just can t get to 2015 fast enough
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Closed: Roy Orbison v. Willie Nelson
By MisterCanning 46
Ok, SingSnappers, I may be new here, but so what, I'm still gonna ask for your opinions....anyways ;-) Pretty Paper ^ One of th...
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Closed: Whohoooo Snappers! Have a great 2014
By Madleine
We are still partying on Germany, so we send to you all the best!!!!!! Party! Have fun! <3 Right now its 2:00 in the night o...
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By LoisRV +2
Sharing my "Original Poems" that are inspired by a Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Maybe, I'll share my Original Songs's Lyrics, too....
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Closed: Happy Fathers Day!!
By prettykaren 45
For all the Fathers out there I would like to share this blessing.
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