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Closed: Footloose is 30 years old!!!
By DebPG13 21
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Closed: SingSnap-themed Haiku
By MisterCanning 46
Haiku is originally a centuries old Japanese type of poem. Two ideas/phrases are sort of juxtaposed for comparison in Haiku, an...
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Closed: Neil Armstrong
By blaza 47 +1
I read a story recently about Neil Armstrong. We all know the historic moment when Commander Armstrong set foot on the moon and...
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Closed: Need a Duet Partner
By lily001 4
For contest. Please reply. Thanks.
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Closed: how would you feel...what would you do
By maybird 43
Ok...i know technology can rule our lives but i want to know what people think...or what they would do in my situation.... Most...
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Closed: Were you a kid in the 70s that was not allowed ...
By Gerrit1959 13
70-75 My dad was a preacher who preached against rock roll. Getting the keys to the car to listen to the hits is where my love ...
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Closed: Is paper dead?
By Joney 32
Check this out............... :))
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Closed: Should Marijuana be Legalized in North America?
By MisterCanning 46
This Forum does not have Poll threads with a radio button, whereby a poster can click anonymously to put the 'dot' in the yes o...
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Closed: you stole, what?
By Ahpurruh 63
What was the first thing you ever recall stealing? my daughter, at age 4, wanted a rubber duckie that swam around the pool but ...
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Closed: M.L.C
By maybird 43
..This stands for MID LIFE CRISIS..... OK I will be of a certain age in the next few months and recently I have become interest...
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Closed: Hilarious things we have done
By JesterSings 6
So, what is something that you have done in the past that was absolutely hilarious? Me and my friends like to go downtown in to...
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Closed: What was it like in the "good ol days"...
By blaza 47 +1
I've done a few threads like this before, only in different formats, but,,, dammit,, I miss the good ol days. I miss going out ...
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Closed: country
By banjobill1974 63
Are the good times over for good
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Closed: Your SingSnap username...
By MisterCanning 46
...what does it mean? :-) Click: SingSnap Name When on that ^ page, type your SingSnap username into its submission box. Then c...
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Closed: Amazing Stuff!!!
By DebPG13 21
Do you have amazing stuff to post but nowhere to post it? Well, ya do now!
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Closed: Help! Need ideas for a new username!
By deviantlark 54
I joined SS this jan n just thought of the first thing that popped into my head so it doesn't really resonate with me. I'm look...
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Closed: Stranded on a Desert Island.....
By -Bev- 103 +10
If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you choose to have with you or are important to you and you cou...
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Closed: Out of Work
By Ruger 42
You have all heard the rumors about how many people are out of work in the States, and Trevor has just proven it!! Almost 4000 ...
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Closed: Any Ham radio operators on Singsnap?
By Vic 81
I am G4VYC been licensed since 1984, I operate mainly on 10 meters these days.
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Closed: What Was the # 1 Song/Artist, On the Day You We...
By MisterCanning 46
In your own Country? Have a look at this image to see how easy it is to find out: Click the link below, and come back to tell ...
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