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By -Bev- 104 +5
Have a safe and good one my dear Singsnap Friends and Family <3
8 replies
Closed: STAN LEE - Dead at 95
By ZZ-Ed 67
The feisty writer, editor and publisher was responsible for such iconic characters as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Bl...
1 reply
Closed: how would you say?
By Steve-Mercenary 28
Hello everyone. I have been debating how to say the following music legends name, and I'm guessing there is no real right or wr...
10 replies
Closed: Help please,,,,,,,,,,,
By cannotsing24 106 +10
Hello ,,,,,,,,,,,mdssfs Can some on recommend me to a good site I used to be on Photobucket but of lately having lots of proble...
6 replies
Closed: uploading to youtube
By RogerK9674 28
How do you upload snapsing videos to youtube?
8 replies
Closed: We'll be back soon
By Originals 66 +1
Sorry we have not been around, we moved house and are waiting on internet fault to be fixed, see you all soon Chez n Paul
1 reply
Closed: What system should I get?
By chek101 7
Hi, Wondering if you guys can help me make a right decision (for a change). I am a senior who has been appointed to get off the...
1 reply
Closed: Goodbye and sorry
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
Whoever reported me for advertising , You were mistaken. But since I am not LOVED by singsnap I'll be fine. Singing is great mu...
19 replies
Closed: Any mathmeticians out there?
By shermhum
I have a geometry type question about spirals and graphs.
15 replies
Closed: Sending you all a sunny smile your way!
By -Bev- 104 +5
8 replies
Closed: tony Sargent and Aaron Sargent give me one reas...
By Aoftoday 5
If you know of guitarman tony Sargent please message me I’m trying to find a song we did together with him playing the harp and...
No replies 83
Closed: seriously
By rokin1 46
If you had your choice of any type voice which type do you wish you had.. Like if your a man ..deep and low like Barry White or...
68 replies
Closed: good morning!!!
By blader712 41
May you all have the happiest of all days!
3 replies
Closed: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
By -Bev- 104 +5
10 replies
Closed: Please Explain
By scarlettohall 61
Has this site become a dating site? Let me explain. I've been away for quite some time due to personal going on in my life. Rec...
56 replies
Closed: Happy 2019-2020
By Sam1324 24
Hope everyone is enjoying happy 2019 almost 2020!! If everyone can tell or say something's they liked about the year feel free ...
9 replies
Closed: R.I.P
By Lisa_Rene 63
R.I.P Mr. Burt Reynolds....aka - Bandit He's with Snowman now.... That's a big 10-4
1 reply
Closed: Greatful!
By LewisT7343 5
Singing Tips, Giving Thanks, Shout Outs, Vox Pop!
No replies 85
Closed: I need sleep
By Ilovebaylie 12
Okay... Im having trouble sleeping at night, any ideas to help me sleep
13 replies
Closed: Hello
By ElizaSchuyler1781 13
Looking for fun people to talk to. Hi
3 replies
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