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Extracting compressed files on Chrome OS?
By RichAllen 55
Topic. Been sent important documents of a personal nature from my social worker, as per Sheffield City Council policy the files...
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Why do people listen to you song and then don't...
By beachbum79 41
I believe that it is somewhat rude to listen to someone's song and then not leave some sort of comment, and it happens to me al...
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Last by socomicefox 52 about 6 hours
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This is so awesome!
By Piper8 +2
I just love this guy's outlook on life and how he inspires others to be their best and to not give up. More people need to watc...
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What's the deal?
By rokin1 43
In the US it seems cops against minority or minority against cops or who the heck is the minority? OMG a serious post from me.....
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Would you rather
By Mattison7075 6
Would you rather kiss a bee or get fired from your job
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Who met on Singsnap?
By PinkAngel 8
The reason why this is in the "Rant and rave" section of the message board is because finding that special friend or that speci...
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"WARNING: Goosebumps to follow."
By MisterCanning 45
One web site said about 'Forever Country' - "Set as a medley to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, Willie Nelson’s “O...
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Happy First Day of Fall
By ZZ-Ed 56
Today is the first day of Fall (Northern Hemisphere), also known as the equinox - when the length of night and the day are near...
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Last by Canadian_AnGeL 39 1 day
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Song was substituted?
By ncarolina 36
I was practicing Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts in the originial version, i go back later, it's been substituted by "House Ban...
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Last by ZZ-Ed 56 2 days
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Songs cut from the original movie greats
By pawells900
Having fun I'll give you ten movie's and songs at the last minute were cut from the soundtrak funny is good maybe you can add y...
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Last by RichAllen 55 3 days
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Rate the last movie you saw
By RichAllen 55
This kind of topic is popular on other forums I frequent (and frequently get banned on) so here goes. Creed 8/10, a kind of fol...
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Last by RichAllen 55 3 days
3 days
An Explanation.
By The_Holy_Mole 53
... as to why I'm not around so much. Cheers M'dears.
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Last by Bel-Jay 66 +8 3 days
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Physical or Spiritual
By cwang50 47
"how does someone see Jesus in toast?" I don't do politics as a norm...however, I have embraced what the current president have...
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Mac Lovers Hang Out
By JCD 96
. . A place for SingSnap Mac users to hang out, help each other, share tips and tricks they have learned, and discuss what wor...
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Last by Madleine 5 days
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If I wave at you will you wave back :D
By -Bev- 89 +1
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Last by socomicefox 52 5 days
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You all sound so good
By JohnCharles 7
I lost my voice a few years back so no more singing for me. Oh, and a side note, if you live near Midland, NC do not take your ...
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Last by RichAllen 55 8 days
8 days
I love Justin bieber
By Ellielovesjb 8
I love Justin bieber
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Last by Nionlights 11 9 days
9 days
Where were you on 9/11
By Nazzo 86
Feel free to share with us all, where you were and how you heard of the events of 9/11. I was over 10,000 miles away in New Ze...
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Last by Nionlights 11 9 days
9 days
Alzheimer's: Best news for dementia in 25 years
By MisterCanning 45
Alzheimer's Breakthrough The results ^ of that clinical study of an antibody drug tested in hopes of finding a cure for Alzheim...
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Last by Kylie_2005-singing 8 9 days
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