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Closed: Guess the Beatles Songs
By CanadaBlonde
Fun short little game I saw on Facebook. Love these :) What Beatles songs do you see depicted here? I have no idea how many the...
18 replies
Closed: Answer the Question with a Question
By Nazzo 101 +2
As they play on "Who's line is it anyway", have a flowing conversation using only questions. I'll kick it off with .... Do you...
92 replies
Closed: Who Am I?
By Nazzo 101 +2
Guess who we are! Rules: Get it correct and it's your turn. The clues can be given in any way what so ever. Those trying to gue...
34 replies
Closed: a nostalgic quiz for all who want in
By angelicbrat 69
Hello everyone and happy Christmas, and time of memories, magic, enchantment and hopefully happy feelings. In a festive spirit ...
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Closed: It's your line anyway.
By Nazzo 101 +2
One complete sentence is what we're after. The Rules: A) The previous person leaves the last part of a sentence and you come u...
3 replies
Closed: It's your line anyway.
By Nazzo 101 +2
Check the other "It's your line anyway". This one needs removing
1 reply
Closed: IN A WORD/GAME - Archive
By Linda-Ca 10
This is like the psychological test, where they do the work association. I will post a word and each participant posts a one wo...
19,115 replies
By Entantress 2
Ok this is cool lol Try it lol ok all you do is read the last word to be posted and post the first word that pops into your hea...
10,780 replies
Closed: Alphabet Game - Archive
By sassy_sweetheart 25
I seen this game on Who's Line is it Anyway? Start a sentence to another person with ~a... the person that answers has to be wi...
13,589 replies
Closed: Word Association - Archive
Ok, I'll say a word and you say a word that goes with it. The next person will say a word that goes with your word. Example: H...
16,181 replies
Closed: For the aged and the fruitcake
By Nazzo 101 +2
The game's self explanatory. It may work it may not who knows but its worth a go. Check the pick to see how it works and add y...
105 replies
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