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Closed: Statements that Say Something
By Nazzo 102
Type a statement that you've noticed has either helped or hindered people or even had no effect on anyone whatsoever :-D
162 replies
Closed: Song Title Conversation
By Nazzo 102
Enter a song title in response to the previous song title. The thread must "follow the form of a conversation" which makes sens...
10,269 replies
Closed: Onomatopoeia
By Bidfig 16
So you type in some onomatopoeia like bang or plop. I'll start. Plop
4 replies
Closed: Prophetic statements in no more than 5 words
By Nazzo 102
175 replies
Closed: Five Words
By mystikangel999 78
Thought it might be fun to learn a little unknown facts about others on here.... can only answer in FIVE words and ON...
1,315 replies
Closed: Lyric Speak
By Piper-x-333
I made up a new game just now. I feel like it would be nice to have more music related games here since this is a musical place...
56 replies
Closed: Your creativty is called upon here
By Nazzo 102
Fill in the missing word or words that firmly or even loosely apply. Have as many goes as you like. Serious is ok Funny even be...
23 replies
Closed: Hush Little baby
By ConnieG 96 +1
You know the rhyme Simply create and add what you think mumma will buy baby I will do an example after this post Hush, little b...
4,444 replies
Closed: Limerick or a Five Line Strictly Structured Rhyme
By Nazzo 102
Create a limerick by writing one line at a time. Limerick is as follows: The last word in Lines 1, 2 & 5 must rhyme with each ...
726 replies
Closed: Stupid sentence
By Bidfig 16
You basically say a word so you make a sentence out of three words for example I might start with The. Then another person will...
12 replies
Closed: Hieroglyphics Tell The Story
By Nazzo 102
This is the conversation room where no words are used, just an emoji or pic to let the conversation or story flow in the same m...
103 replies
Closed: Geuss my song
By Bidfig 16
You decide a song but don't type it up and then every ten minutes of every time you go on Singsnap, write a line of the song un...
4 replies
Closed: What????
By Bidfig 16
You say three colours and whoever guesses what they represent starts a new cluster of colours. Like red orange and yellow would...
No replies 92
Closed: School things
By Pokemonleah54321 9
What you have to do is name as manny things form school or what you did and see if your thing was side and if it was put it dow...
5 replies
Closed: Zoo
By Princess-leah 8
You have to guess the zoo animal from the zoo Like I have a pic of a lion and I did not know u would have to guess
6 replies
Closed: School
By Princess-leah 8
Guess the school
12 replies
Closed: T or D?
By Queen_Reina 16
Why don't we play the truth or dare?XD I'm hella bored now lol K, here's the rules for this...for T you tell us something freak...
8 replies
Closed: with the release of Mario Party 10
By fanzhou 4
Shortly after the retailer today, which stated that the exclusive Gold Amiibo mysterious sold online orders photography seller ...
4 replies
Closed: The 6 letter Word Game
By Nazzo 102
Either change one letter and/or re-arrange the letters of the word to make a new word, maintaining six letter words only. Firs...
4,615 replies
Closed: True or False
By dove10 8
My " Count on me" by Bruno Mars video sounds choppy
11 replies
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