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Last Letter is the First Letter
By Laci 107 +2
The last letter in a song title is the first letter in the next song title.... For example: Hello Over the Rainbow The next son...
1,741 replies
Last by cannotsing24 106 +10 2 months
2 months
Rhymes 'n Opposites
By NightWing18 5
Type either a rhyme or an opposite for the previous word. Starting with... BLUE
211 replies
Last by cannotsing24 106 +10 2 months
2 months
2, 3 or 4. The choice is yours!
By Nazzo 101 +1
Divide or multiply the number above by either 2, 3 or 4 Starting with number *7*
26 replies
Last by Lakeman 62 3 months
3 months
Name that tune
By rokin1 46
I cant this but I had an idea that seemed like it would be fun. Maybe someone could do it. Record under American pie. Take a so...
1 reply
Last by KaityBSings 3 3 months
3 months
Yes or No?
By SadieBabes 111 +1
Just a fun game to pass the time. The person above you will ask a question and you will have to answer it with either YES or NO...
2,425 replies
Last by cannotsing24 106 +10 3 months
3 months
Funny things we did as kids
By RayRayCrayCray 11
Post all the funny things you can think of that you did when you were little. When I was little I would climb on the counter an...
1 reply
Last by phondo2 24 5 months
5 months
Question & Answer
By cannotsing24 106 +10
Ok,,,,,,,,goes like this ask a question next person answer it Don't get personal or hurt someones feelings make it a game,,,,,,...
204 replies
Last by cannotsing24 106 +10 5 months
5 months
Closed: Would you rather...
By Bidfig 16
I might ask, Would you rather eat poo and see for the rest of your life or smell with your butt and you'd say which one. Then, ...
111 replies
Closed: Yes OR No?
By Sam1324 24
How this game goes is that say ill ask a question and then you either say yes or no then you ask a question an the next people ...
92 replies
Closed: What Fandom are you in KPOP?
By Sheyn 8
My Answer is im an ARMY cause i love BTS You?
No replies 82
Closed: Word Games
By cannotsing24 106 +10
Doing words ending With ION, and ED Anyone who doesn't follow the rules is deleted , THANK you Examples Called Attention
151 replies
Closed: Statements that Say Something
By Nazzo 101 +1
Type a statement that you've noticed has either helped or hindered people or even had no effect on anyone whatsoever :-D
162 replies
Closed: Song Title Conversation
By Nazzo 101 +1
Enter a song title in response to the previous song title. The thread must "follow the form of a conversation" which makes sens...
10,269 replies
Closed: Truth oe Dare
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
Okay I'll be the crazy woman that starts this game of. I'll go for Dare so someone dare me something then they dare someone els...
28 replies
Closed: Onomatopoeia
By Bidfig 16
So you type in some onomatopoeia like bang or plop. I'll start. Plop
4 replies
Closed: Change add take
By Bidfig 16
A person starts with the word or three or four letter word like tree you can either change a letter take a letter or add a lett...
198 replies
Closed: Prophetic statements in no more than 5 words
By Nazzo 101 +1
175 replies
Closed: Five Words
By mystikangel999 77
Thought it might be fun to learn a little unknown facts about others on here.... can only answer in FIVE words and ON...
1,315 replies
Closed: Lyric Speak
By Piper-x-333
I made up a new game just now. I feel like it would be nice to have more music related games here since this is a musical place...
56 replies
Closed: ONE LINERS...
By MsFiToy 56
I love a good joke, limerick, a funny bumper sticker... Anything that'll make me laugh. Tell me your favorite joke and/or limer...
26 replies
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