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Closed: Upload songs
By jcaldwi3 29
Hello, does anyone have “Call me” by Aretha Franklin? “Soon as I get home” by Faith Evans? I’m looking for new R&B uploads please
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Closed: Greg60's CARPENTERS Songbook
By Greg60 101
Bringing you the best in Carpenters karaoke classics & backing tracks, and many surprise rare 'album cuts', as well. <3 Requ...
10 replies
Closed: Requesting songs
By jcaldwi3 29
I would like to request Keith Washington’s Kissing you. How would I do that?
6 replies
Closed: Songs
By DanielG8235 60
Is there a page to list some songs you'd like to see uploaded? I know lots are upload by members which is fine. As Coldplay and...
4 replies
Closed: Trust In Jesus Uploaded Gospel Songs
By CateyesJan +1
"Hello Sing Snappers" Our Uploaded Gospel Songs (Trust In Jesus) Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (O...
1 reply
By 4848 38
6 replies
Closed: Add Spme Songs
By BigCountry68 47
If I Had You - Alan Jackson Dreaming Out Loud - Trace Adkins I Cant Go There - Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw Fighting For You - Th...
No replies 111
Closed: Mike Shinoda
By Sharksgirl04 22
Any chance any of Mike Shinoda songs from Post Traumatic can be uploaded here? I don't know how you do the uploads but I'd love...
No replies 80
Closed: Someone my friends
By __Angels__ 109 +4
Can upload : Secretos by Alejandro Lerner Thanks in advance !!! Hugs and blessings <3
3 replies
Closed: KellyAnne's Classic Rock
By KellyAnne4Peace 109 +5
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin Love The One You're With -...
144 replies
Closed: a stevie nicks song
By spellbound1956 59
If anyone in here can please find a way to get this karaoke version of stevie nick's The highway man please do I have requested...
No replies 85
Closed: How to add songs to SS
By Clarelola 72 +2
Hi all! I was wanting to do a song that is not on SS. It's on YouTube. I have noticed that members can upload songs - where are...
6 replies
Closed: Add songs
By Libertygentleman 40
Can you add these two songs? Tips of my Fingers - Eddy Arnold Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
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Closed: Alabama song
By Merlin 32
I have requested a download of "Lift Me Up" by Alabama. Is there no one who has this song?
2 replies
Closed: Uploads with changed Pitch settings
By MikeIII 107
Hello, fellow uploaders. Please notate your uploaded song if you have changed the pitch settings on your personal copy prior to...
No replies 158
Closed: Cherokee92's Community Songbook Uploads
By Cherokee92 66
1st Attempt.. Needs so Tweeking but I'll get there..
9 replies
Closed: Cherokee92'sCommunity Songbook Uploads
By Cherokee92 66
Ok here we go for 2nd attempt at posting this Topic.. #1 Spring Fever- Loretta Lynn
1 reply
Closed: Heywood-Monkeys Uploads
By Heywood-Monkeys 85
New to uploading and don't know how to get the link The Miracle Song.......Neil Sedaka Fly On The Wings Of Love......Olsen Brot...
16 replies
Closed: Please upload
By Norge777 53
Please upload “Sweetheart” by Thomas Rhett. Thanks so much in advance! Norge777 (Glenn)
1 reply
Closed: Grace
By Vic 81
I have just uploaded the Irish song Grace by Jim McCann I hope you enjoy singing it.
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