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By DanielG8235 60
Is there a page to list some songs you'd like to see uploaded? I know lots are upload by members which is fine. As Coldplay and...
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Last by jcaldwi3 29 5 months
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Closed: Trust In Jesus Uploaded Gospel Songs
By CateyesJan +3
"Hello Sing Snappers" Our Uploaded Gospel Songs (Trust In Jesus) Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (O...
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By 4848 38
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Closed: Add Spme Songs
By BigCountry68 46
If I Had You - Alan Jackson Dreaming Out Loud - Trace Adkins I Cant Go There - Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw Fighting For You - Th...
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Closed: Mike Shinoda
By Sharksgirl04 22
Any chance any of Mike Shinoda songs from Post Traumatic can be uploaded here? I don't know how you do the uploads but I'd love...
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Closed: Someone my friends
By __Angels__ 108 +12
Can upload : Secretos by Alejandro Lerner Thanks in advance !!! Hugs and blessings <3
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Closed: KellyAnne's Classic Rock
By KellyAnne4Peace 108 +26
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin Love The One You're With -...
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Closed: a stevie nicks song
By spellbound1956 59
If anyone in here can please find a way to get this karaoke version of stevie nick's The highway man please do I have requested...
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Closed: How to add songs to SS
By Clarelola 65 +7
Hi all! I was wanting to do a song that is not on SS. It's on YouTube. I have noticed that members can upload songs - where are...
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Closed: Terri-Anne's FILM/STAGE/TV CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 86
Terri-anne's FILM/STAGE/TV Genre song Uploads 1. What If - Kate Winslet (From A Christmas Carol) 2. Golden Eye - TinaTurner 3....
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Closed: Add songs
By Libertygentleman 39
Can you add these two songs? Tips of my Fingers - Eddy Arnold Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
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Closed: Alabama song
By Merlin 32
I have requested a download of "Lift Me Up" by Alabama. Is there no one who has this song?
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Closed: Terri-Anne's R&B/SOUL & DANCE/ELECTRONI...
By Terri-anne 86
Terri-anne's R&B/SOUL & DANCE/ELECTRONIC/CLUB Genre song Uploads 1. I Turn To You - Mel C 2. Moving On Up - M-People 3. A N...
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Closed: Uploads with changed Pitch settings
By MikeIII 106 +2
Hello, fellow uploaders. Please notate your uploaded song if you have changed the pitch settings on your personal copy prior to...
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Closed: Cherokee92's Community Songbook Uploads
By Cherokee92 66
1st Attempt.. Needs so Tweeking but I'll get there..
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Closed: Cherokee92'sCommunity Songbook Uploads
By Cherokee92 66
Ok here we go for 2nd attempt at posting this Topic.. #1 Spring Fever- Loretta Lynn
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Closed: Heywood-Monkeys Uploads
By Heywood-Monkeys 85
New to uploading and don't know how to get the link The Miracle Song.......Neil Sedaka Fly On The Wings Of Love......Olsen Brot...
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Closed: Please upload
By Norge777 53
Please upload “Sweetheart” by Thomas Rhett. Thanks so much in advance! Norge777 (Glenn)
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Closed: Grace
By Vic 81
I have just uploaded the Irish song Grace by Jim McCann I hope you enjoy singing it.
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Closed: New uploads
By CateyesJan +3
Howlin Wolf (Who's Been Talkin) Blues 1962 Connie Francis (Whos' ...
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