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Kriss ' community songbook
By Kriss_inmusic 75
Http:// Welcome! Here is a list of my uploads for the community song book! Have...
1,372 replies
Last by The_Geezer 59 about 12 hours
About 12 hours
Song Requests
By -Chez-
Request songs to be added to Songbook here. Any member may fulfil your request.
1,588 replies
Last by MsTake 83 about 20 hours
About 20 hours
CateyesJan's Community Songbook Uploads
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" My Uploaded Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORGANIZED) SHOULD YOU HAVE ...
37 replies
Last by CateyesJan 1 day
1 day
Sweetsuejustyou's Community Songbook Uploads
By sweetsuejustyou 83 +1
This is where I will posting karaoke tracks that I have uploaded to CS. I do mainly oldies and classic country and a bit of int...
469 replies
Last by sweetsuejustyou 83 +1 1 day
1 day
How to add songs to SS
By Clarelola 30
Hi all! I was wanting to do a song that is not on SS. It's on YouTube. I have noticed that members can upload songs - where are...
6 replies
Last by glamazon58 40 4 days
4 days
Closed: Terri-Anne's POP CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's POP Genre song Uploads 1. Unforgivable Sinner - Lene Marlin 2. True Blue Madonna 3. Wannabe -The Spice Girls 4. O...
41 replies
Closed: Terri-anne's ROCK CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's ROCK Genre song Uploads 1. My Immortal - Evanescence 2. Just Like Jesse James - Cher 3. Hero - Chad Kroeger & Nic...
9 replies
Closed: Terri-Anne's FILM/STAGE/TV CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's FILM/STAGE/TV Genre song Uploads 1. What If - Kate Winslet (From A Christmas Carol) 2. Golden Eye - TinaTurner 3....
6 replies
Closed: Terri-Anne's ALT/FOLK/PUNK CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's ALTERNATIVE/FOLK/PUNK Genre song Uploads 1. Luka - Suzanne Vega 2. Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield (Maggie Reill...
9 replies
Closed: Terri-Anne's Country CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's Country Genre song Uploads 1. Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood 2. Don't Put Dirt On Grave Just Yet - Hayde...
45 replies
Add songs
By Libertygentleman 38
Can you add these two songs? Tips of my Fingers - Eddy Arnold Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
No replies 26
Alabama song
By Merlin 29
I have requested a download of "Lift Me Up" by Alabama. Is there no one who has this song?
2 replies
Last by Cherokee92 62 12 days
12 days
Closed: Terri-Anne's GOSPEL/WORSHIP CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's GOSPEL/WORSHIP Genre song Uploads 1. When I needed A Neighbour - Praise and Worship 2. All Things Bright And Beau...
6 replies
Closed: Terri-anne's HOLIDAY CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's HOLIDAY Genre song Uploads 1. See Amid The Winter's Snow - Traditional Christmas Carol 2. In The Bleak Mid Winter...
10 replies
Closed: Terri-Anne's Traditional/International/Ethnic C...
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's Traditional/Classical & International/Ethnic Genres song Uploads 1. The Green Fields Of France - The Fureys (Tra...
6 replies
By DanielG8235 58
Is there a page to list some songs you'd like to see uploaded? I know lots are upload by members which is fine. As Coldplay and...
2 replies
Last by DanielG8235 58 18 days
18 days
Closed: Terri-Anne's Oldies CS Uploads
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's Oldies Genre song Uploads 1. Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals 2. (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry - Darlene Lo...
3 replies
Songbook submissions
By DaBrattt 101 +2
Welcome to my community songbook... I have a variety of additional tracks... Just let me know what you are looking for and I ma...
205 replies
Last by lilAddy 71 25 days
25 days
Closed: Terri-Anne's R&B/SOUL & DANCE/ELECTRONI...
By Terri-anne 84 +1
Terri-anne's R&B/SOUL & DANCE/ELECTRONIC/CLUB Genre song Uploads 1. I Turn To You - Mel C 2. Moving On Up - M-People 3. A N...
2 replies
Uploads with changed Pitch settings
By MikeIII 104
Hello, fellow uploaders. Please notate your uploaded song if you have changed the pitch settings on your personal copy prior to...
No replies 80
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