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Song Requests
By -Chez-
Request songs to be added to Songbook here. Any member may fulfil your request.
2,156 replies
Last by Laci 109 +1 2 days
2 days
downloading a song
By steven1003 48
I do not know how ...if anyone could possibly download Jeff Bates' song …"If I get drunk tonight"... to make available to karao...
2 replies
Last by RichAllen 75 2 days
2 days
Kriss ' community songbook
By Kriss_inmusic 80
Http:// Welcome! Here is a list of my uploads for the community song book! Have...
1,818 replies
Last by Rich66_ 70 4 days
4 days
More songs from Joseph and His Amazing Technico...
By RichAllen 75
Hi all. The Mods allowed bme back on the forum this morning, one foot out of line though and I'm back on the naughty step. Anyw...
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CateyesJan's Community Songbook Uploads
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" My Uploaded Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORGANIZED) SHOULD YOU HAVE ...
252 replies
Last by CateyesJan 8 days
8 days
Heart_full_of_Music's Song Uploads
By Heart_full_of_Music 71
Hello Singsnappers, I would like to present you my song uploads. There are not so many yet, but there will be some more in the ...
9 replies
Last by Heart_full_of_Music 71 9 days
9 days
Closed: Sweetsuejustyou's Community Songbook Uploads
By sweetsuejustyou 85 +1
This is where I will posting karaoke tracks that I have uploaded to CS. I do mainly oldies and classic country and a bit of int...
610 replies
CateyesJan's Created Duets
By CateyesJan
Eddy Arnold (I Really Don't Want To Know) "Duet Version" Country 1960
22 replies
Last by CateyesJan 12 days
12 days
CateyesJan's & 1957 Trust In Jesus Gospel C...
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" Our Uploaded Trust In Jesus Gospel Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORG...
94 replies
Last by CateyesJan 15 days
15 days
April Music Uploads
By April-LadyKira 98 +1
Just a place to find my upload links & recordings of those songs for reference. Thx
41 replies
Last by April-LadyKira 98 +1 27 days
27 days
Keith Urban songs
By GloriaDarcy 63
If anyone can post Keith's songs from the past year, I would so much appreciate it. Especially When God whispered your name. Th...
No replies 40
My Town by Glass tiger
By SouthKaraokeman 7
Searching for the karaoke version of My Town by Glass Tiger Sunfly have a version available but it is only available in Austral...
2 replies
Last by Time_Passages about 1 month
About 1 month
Upload Request
By edgar 57
Could someone please upload : Shut Up - Madness Cheers Edgar
No replies 65
Take My Hand Lord
By dick5463 9
Take My Hand Lord, and help me thru the day Take my Hand Lord, and help me not to stray I feel so weary that I can hardly see s...
2 replies
Last by dick5463 9 2 months
2 months
Uploads from soundchris
By soundchris 94
My very first upload called Footsteps by Bobby Curtola: Hope it...
30 replies
Last by soundchris 94 2 months
2 months
Closed: Spencer's Community Upload Songs
By Spencer-
Oldies 50- 60s - Country - Old & News - 80s Pop and etc.
292 replies
Mar's Community SongBook
By starsearch 107 +1
Ownership rights belong to the original artist's recordings and written songs which include ownership of any copy rights. . I h...
100 replies
Last by Luvnmyheart 64 +1 2 months
2 months
A Newbie:)
By Roarie 62 +4
Anyone have any Shanley Dell songs available especially like Own Sweet Time:)))
No replies 73
Pop music
By Nelisha 4
Ariana grande songs
1 reply
Last by tigers12 93 +3 3 months
3 months
Who fights for you spiritually
By mlovet 15
I believe the batle is of the lords and he will always Lee us at the top so should we do a song on God my fighter
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