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Closed: changing keys
By dee_2007 2
Is there any way ,you can chane the music to the key you sing in, like if its say e can anyway you can chang it to a. i notes l...
8 replies
Closed: Need help!
By JakkiBrown
Hello- I'm new to Singsnap, and I'm trying to put some harmonies into a song, can anyone tell me how I go about it?
4 replies
Closed: to much volumn on mic
By rontex 2
Hi im new here and am having trouble with my mic, its a usb mic plugged into the usb port on my puter, i cant seem to adjust th...
1 reply
Closed: Voice whistling
By JakkiBrown
A rare thing to come across! Who can do it?
10 replies
Closed: Auditioning for Musicals
By ItsBakerTime 19
Hey Everyone, I'm planning on auditioning for "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" in early May. I am really inte...
5 replies
Closed: singing with the singer...
By mana5 3
Why is it when I sing with a song ( like with the singer) I can hit certain notes, but when it's just me I can't for the life o...
18 replies
Closed: Fundamental
By rauleladio 20
Pick songs in your key. I guess some don't know that a soprano might not do well trying to sing Old Man River as done by Willia...
3 replies
By jodylee 55 +2 +2
Hey everyone I am in a local contest in Vermont here where I will be singing on May 6th and I need all of your guy's help to vo...
5 replies
Closed: After surgery...
By kimkimcherie 25
Any tips about recovering from throat surgery. (Parathyroid tumor on the vocal chord nerves, plus took 1/2 the thyroid gland). ...
15 replies
Closed: profile page
By Bluegrass308 3
I was just wondering if someone could tell me how to put one of my songs on my profile page?
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Closed: Pratice singing everyday???
By juliesweet
Does anybody know anywebsite or program that for training everyday to sing like a pro. Like mimamo or something like that?
9 replies
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