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Closed: Is the 'comments' section not the place for cri...
By ugleee 4
I never notice any constructive criticism in any song's comment thread. Is this just the way it's done? I was about to give a s...
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Closed: Please tell me what you think of this song :) x
By amyrosem 5
I attempted to sing Lean On Me- Bill Withers as this song bough back some memories and I love it. Please let me know what you t...
10 replies
Closed: Singing for the Young at Heart
By Malya
As a trained singer and voice coach, I studied with a master voice coach for over 16 years who musically taught me many things,...
No replies 322
Closed: Who are the critics in here?
By Effie111 2
I've looked at a few of the threads and it looks like the critics get so much flak from posters that they have to stop critiqui...
10 replies
Closed: New singer, constructive criticism please
By tom223
After a few weeks of scaring myself stupid, i think i'm finally starting to sound non-frightening. i wish someone had warned me...
5 replies
Closed: need honest feedback
By Bigdawg 1
I am interested in any and all comments on my recordings please be honest and dont spare my feelings,ive been on here for sever...
4 replies
Closed: Newbie Here :) Just want some critics
By cariz14
Http:// this are ...
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Closed: have I improved...
By neo_waxworks 5
In the last 3 years??? 3 years ago a month ago
5 replies
Closed: Someone willing to critique my songs? Modern ro...
By Spoolin 3
I'd like to get some oppinions on my recordings. I have always wanted to front a modern rock cover band but until this date do ...
5 replies
Closed: "THE CLICK" peer review for self improvement of...
By moderator
Welcome, I have created this thread for those who would like to improve their singing through honest peer review. We all want t...
1,235 replies
Closed: Not too smart about the new mic i bought
By Buckeyenut2010 34
I have a headset mic i bought i liked but was advised to get a better mic.I bought a CAD GXL 2400 mic on ebay and i received it...
4 replies
Closed: ppl wanttt thee brutall truthh? ok.. posttt ur ...
By socomicefox 56
I haveee not didd onee theseee threadss in longgg timeee but ppl wanttt the truthh its likeee... i meannn singinggg is forrrr f...
12 replies
Closed: voice controls
By mchapman5 38
I cannot get the voice to sound normal....What am I doing or not doing wroing.....thanks Mary
4 replies
Closed: Honest Feedback - Just post your song!
By Honestman
Hi, I am here to give you my honest opinion, I have a good ear for music, have been part of many choirs and singing groups, hav...
55 replies
Closed: Need some help choosing songs...
By PinkJellyfish
I'm very bored and pretty open to any genre. That being said I just can't seem to find many songs that suit me. I have some rec...
1 reply
Closed: Singing well. Anyone interested?
By IanHarrod
I really am not trying to be mean but I go around here listening to people sing and see these comments like 'Wow that was amazi...
94 replies
Closed: SING!!
By Angel-with-Attitude
So, here is the game: U have 2 post a song and I have 2 listen 2 it, and comment on it... I will tell you the good things and t...
26 replies
Closed: ~Ducky's Critique Notes~
By ducky316 18
99 replies
Closed: Would anyone mind critiquing me?
By Natalieeeee
I've been singing since I was around 10, but I've never taken actual vocal lessons. I've been in talent shows, and sang solo's ...
6 replies
Closed: Vocal Range
By DevaM 4
How do you know what your vocal range is? I think i am an Alto but i have no idea.... I feel stupid asking this but how do we k...
27 replies
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