Singing & Songwriting Tips

Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: Critical Critiques
By Gnarly_Old_Dan
Hi, you can call me Dan. Let’s start off by saying that I’ve seen many of these critique threads on SS come and go. Some are ...
944 replies
Closed: Tone----Improve
By DebPG13 21
There are ways to improve your vocal tones be it lower or higher. . For those who might not understand what tone means: http://...
5 replies
Closed: How to
By Nancy52 35
How do you post a recording to this forum?
2 replies
Closed: Feedback/critique on your singing
By BenBacon 54
I will give you honest, helpful feedback/critique on your singing.
186 replies
By littlevamp 6
I need serious help lol. I know my voice isnt that good , theres not much I can do about that, but my recordings always have a ...
8 replies
Closed: New to Singsnap
By kybeauty
I have never had vocal lessons but really enjoy singing. I really want to hear from people on some pointers and just good advic...
5 replies
Closed: Critique please!
By shannonwooten 1
First recording.... just wondering what everyone thinks... would greatly appreciate all input, good or bad! http://www.singsnap...
22 replies
Closed: Breathe when you sing- My advice/tips :)
By socomicefox 61
I have one simple tip I use when I sing. I hope my tip can help someone but anyways. I am sure everyone has heard of A vocal co...
3 replies
Closed: Help, but please be gentle ;)
By Mishileena 2
I have a problem...when I sing, I can only sing certain kinds of songs. On top of that...while I am singing, it sounds from my ...
10 replies
Closed: Looking for New Song Selections
By priceless_jenn 15
Hello all interested parties :) Glad you stopped by. I find myself in a rut and would like some suggestions for songs. Usually ...
9 replies
Closed: Unwell by Matchbox Twenty vocal cover
By Leon1242
Hey guys, im new, and was wondering how this sounded. --loving this place, the chat room is pretty intense as well (like the ci...
1 reply
Closed: Okay. I know I have weakness, so batter me and ...
By Cari_Dukes
9 replies
Closed: Give me your best shot!!!!
By Midasman 89
Wanted to know how I stand with what I think is my best performance. You can post it publicly, no problem I can it. I know I re...
3 replies
Closed: How to pick good songs for my voice?
By Layla-Jade
I have a strong, loud, powerful singing voice. I'm no Xtina or anything, but I've got a bit of lung power. My problem is I'm a ...
8 replies
Closed: Village Voice chat
By jw81457 5
Team contest --village voice team chat
482 replies
Closed: You tube demonstrates vocal warm ups
By rainshine 22
Http:// click here to find a variety of helpful hints that will answer a lot ...
No replies 458
Closed: i need advice!?!? please help
By AmandaMLynn314 3
Hi there, Im fairly new to singsnap, and i have been using my husband's headset to do my recordings. Which aren't turning out a...
10 replies
Closed: Be Special - the art of the soft and gentle
By angelicbrat 66
After running several contests underthe name Be Special (there's another one running this next weekend for your info with a sur...
6 replies
Closed: Head voice
By mel 19
I'm trying to find my head voice. Any note I sing seems to resonate far too low in my throat, or even my chest. I tried differe...
14 replies
Closed: Karaoke Singing and Vocal Fatigue
By Malya
Karaoke has become incredibly popular - people love to sing and with the success of shows like American Idol and America’s Got ...
13 replies
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