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Closed: How to pick good songs for my voice?
By Layla-Jade
I have a strong, loud, powerful singing voice. I'm no Xtina or anything, but I've got a bit of lung power. My problem is I'm a ...
8 replies
Closed: Village Voice chat
By jw81457 5
Team contest --village voice team chat
482 replies
Closed: You tube demonstrates vocal warm ups
By rainshine 22
Http:// click here to find a variety of helpful hints that will answer a lot ...
No replies 456
Closed: i need advice!?!? please help
By AmandaMLynn314 3
Hi there, Im fairly new to singsnap, and i have been using my husband's headset to do my recordings. Which aren't turning out a...
10 replies
Closed: Be Special - the art of the soft and gentle
By angelicbrat 66
After running several contests underthe name Be Special (there's another one running this next weekend for your info with a sur...
6 replies
Closed: Head voice
By mel 17
I'm trying to find my head voice. Any note I sing seems to resonate far too low in my throat, or even my chest. I tried differe...
14 replies
Closed: Karaoke Singing and Vocal Fatigue
By Malya
Karaoke has become incredibly popular - people love to sing and with the success of shows like American Idol and America’s Got ...
13 replies
Closed: Constructive Criticism from Experienced Critic ...
By Aubianne 26
Hey, fellow Snappers! You might say I've gotten sick and tired of people griping at my honest criticism left in their comments ...
28 replies
By cityfemm 8
I listen to a lot of people sing at this site and to be honest I only comment on maybe 10% of what I hear because I know 90% of...
104 replies
Closed: Hello everyone. I need opinions and constructiv...
By pam888
Hello. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago. I have only two songs posted so far. Please give opinions and advice. What do I...
8 replies
Closed: Need a few honest ppl
By Dvmdrake 16
Hey, names Daniel. Looking for some honest ppl to rate/comment my songs. Dont be scared of hurting my feelings, cause I love co...
1 reply
Closed: How do you hit them High n Low notes??
By BopDoWopShooBeeBooDo do YOU hit them high notes or reach down and ace them low notes? Or are you like me, and end up with bumb notes? ...
126 replies
Closed: Is the 'comments' section not the place for cri...
By ugleee 4
I never notice any constructive criticism in any song's comment thread. Is this just the way it's done? I was about to give a s...
5 replies
Closed: Please tell me what you think of this song :) x
By amyrosem 5
I attempted to sing Lean On Me- Bill Withers as this song bough back some memories and I love it. Please let me know what you t...
10 replies
Closed: Singing for the Young at Heart
By Malya
As a trained singer and voice coach, I studied with a master voice coach for over 16 years who musically taught me many things,...
No replies 324
Closed: Who are the critics in here?
By Effie111 2
I've looked at a few of the threads and it looks like the critics get so much flak from posters that they have to stop critiqui...
10 replies
Closed: New singer, constructive criticism please
By tom223
After a few weeks of scaring myself stupid, i think i'm finally starting to sound non-frightening. i wish someone had warned me...
5 replies
Closed: need honest feedback
By Bigdawg 1
I am interested in any and all comments on my recordings please be honest and dont spare my feelings,ive been on here for sever...
4 replies
Closed: Newbie Here :) Just want some critics
By cariz14
Http:// this are ...
4 replies
Closed: have I improved...
By neo_waxworks 5
In the last 3 years??? 3 years ago a month ago
5 replies
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