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Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: You Want The Truth? Can You Handle The Truth?
By rocknrollniglet 14
I am by no means a vocal specialist but I do seem to have a good ear for music. I will rate you on a scale of 1-10 and that wil...
207 replies
Closed: Critique Corner
By BritCrit
Submit your efforts for a critique. I don't know you. You will never know me. It's not personal. I have worked professionally i...
348 replies
Closed: singing
By jacksnowing
I love trying to sing here and some songs i can do but others i need help on
No replies 249
Closed: Male Voice... Working Top Range/SinginOut of Ra...
By UFOz8MyGoat 3
I do this sometimes... here's some examples... Just kind of wondering If it will hurt or help
37 replies
Closed: Patsy's Review
By Justsinger 44
Hi There I am willing to offer any one real advice on their songs or ability to sing most anyting except hard rock, or Hop Hop....
2 replies
Closed: u want the truth bout ur singin? post here lol
By socomicefox 50
I will tell u the truth & what i think of u i is honest >>> i will give scale 10 so 1/10 is horrible & 10/10 is amazing
66 replies
Closed: Straight Up Vocal Critique-revised!-Now Closed-...
By June_Buggy 3
Note: This thread is closed for critiques.
175 replies
Closed: Straight Up Vocal Critique - Now Closed - Viewi...
By June_Buggy 3
Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that there have been many posts in regards to vocal critique here. I really enjoy listening to and cr...
873 replies
Closed: Do you want an honest opinion of your SingSnap ...
By Blaze909 27
This is a thread for total honesty. It has nothing to do with who your friends on SingSnap are. TOTAL HONESTY. Post your latest...
156 replies
Closed: Honest opinions please.
By senna1976
This is my first recording, and up until listening to it I didn't think I was that bad (although definately not good) but since...
7 replies
Closed: ok seein how ppl like the truth >>>>...
By socomicefox 50
Now i have see that lot of ppl is like the truth >>>> well if u want the truth post up i will give u the truth of ...
32 replies
Closed: Breathing tips
By DevaM 3
I have copd, a mone marrow disorder & heart condition. I am on oxygen and stopped singing for almost 3 years due to depression ...
4 replies
Closed: Any requests?
By amyrosem 5
Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could look at my songs and suggest a song for me to try next :) Thanks x Love story- Taylo...
2 replies
Closed: Does this song suit my voice?
By amyrosem 5
Hey I tried to sing The Climb Miley Cyrus comment on it telling me if it suits my voice or not thanks x
1 reply
Closed: I Need Some Tips on Singing Live...
By Lillia 36
Hello Singsnappers! I've been doing a lot of talent shows and fairs lately but it seems that when I get on stage I have trouble...
16 replies
Closed: Please give me some advice
By amyrosem 5
I joined this wanting some adive on my singing. I know im not the best singer but its something i love doing and want to get be...
1 reply
Closed: Hey, if you need help......
By Gingersnapper 7
I am not going to say that I am the greatest singer in the any means BUT I have a great ear soooo if anyone wants t...
8 replies
Closed: Voice Lessons
By helendiva
Hi everyone. I live in Central London and give Voice lessons in London and Sussex and run voice workshops for groups of people ...
2 replies
Closed: In need of a little help
By singingcountry48 31
Please view my songs and tell me what In doing wrong.. I am getting several views, but very little comments.. Thank You For You...
1 reply
Closed: Anyone that needs vocal tips and training...
By singingmadesimple
There's a great vocal coach, that is my mentor and he has training videos online that you can access for free. Just google Rog...
3 replies
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