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Closed: Diaphragm and how to breathe with it
By Susan35 6
Most people have "unlearned" how to breathe correctly. Remember the times when mom or dad told you to stand straight, shoulders...
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Closed: Who warms up before Singsnapping?
By emhams
Who warms up before Singsnapping? Anyone? I tried it for the first time today using a very good tutorial on youtube - if anyone...
15 replies
Closed: A bit of advice re: singing tips, given with th...
By Livvie 23
I know that there are lots of people that are willing to give their time giving critiques and advice and I think thats a though...
15 replies
Closed: my tube video on singin tips to ppl
By socomicefox 43 +4
Hope u like :) any questons plz let me kno http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIB7WzGBcyQ
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Closed: breathing when singin simple trick
By socomicefox 43 +4
Lay down on ur back & relax>>> ok now breathe in & out when u is relax ok now take book & sit it on u stomach see the...
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Closed: have u always wantd to hit high notes?????
By socomicefox 43 +4
I goin to let evryone kno secret on hit high notes easy >>>>> reverse thinkn when u sing what do i means when i ...
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Closed: i will not critiqe u but i will listen u & ...
By socomicefox 43 +4
Hiiiiiiii evryone i is not be critiqe >>> but i will help u & give u tip on how to be good singer :) i have win singin...
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Closed: true honest & what i think of ur singin >>...
By socomicefox 43 +4
Thats right post ur song & i will tell u what i think of ur singin i love to sing & i enter in lots of contests & i have win co...
73 replies
Closed: what is the truth bout vocal critiqe
By socomicefox 43 +4
Well in my eyes >>>> i think vocal critiqe is not good i means yea u have ppl who want to kno if they is good sing...
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Closed: how to breathe when u sing
By socomicefox 43 +4
Ok lots of ppl who take singin lesson is learn this >>>>> u have to have good breathe when u sing control when u...
4 replies
Closed: Kelsaroo needs help.....lol
By Kelsaroo
Do I suck ? Is there a point to pursue a singing-type career? Please check out my profile.. I think I sound OK some people tell...
6 replies
Closed: please judge me
By summeroo3 1
Hey i want people to tell me what they think of my voice so please stop by and listen
8 replies
Closed: Rate this country song
By mikeydale 20
1 reply
Closed: Need Honest criticism.
By techguy 2
I've been asked to sing this song at a friends wedding. What do you think? Please be honest.
8 replies
Closed: NO VOICE
By TuttiFrutti 20
I can hear the music fine, but cannot hear my voice. Tried a regular mic and head phones, still no voice. Anyone out there, can...
11 replies
Closed: Honest Critiques...:)
By beverlybalentine 2
I'm an honest person willing to let you know what I think. I'm not mean, because I can find good in anyone, but I will give you...
34 replies
Closed: Pitch question
By topgun68 4
I seen bunch of good singers on here and i was wondering how they able to change their voice to match the voice of the artist t...
2 replies
Closed: Karaoke Contest in my home town
By miss_american_idol
So, i was in a contest last weekend, and I had to choose the song hero from mariah since that was the only semi good song that ...
1 reply
Closed: warm up tips to help u sing bettr
By socomicefox 43 +4
Ok hi ppl this is good tips to warm up & sing you always want to be ready to sing any note if you can hit it or not >>&g...
3 replies
Closed: Criticise me?
By Monken 19
I have posted on some of the other critique threads but I think it is good to get critique from different people since everyone...
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