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Closed: Do you want honest vocal critiques?
By AlphaCritic1 1
I've seen others state that they will provide you with honest critiques. That may be true, but I wanted to provide you with ano...
670 replies
By singscout
Straight and to the point. Don't post if you don't want it Honest. I will give points on 1 through 10 in four categories. 1) To...
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Closed: Bournemouth UK-Lessons needed
By andy007
Hi. Any one down here who can help me improve ? Give me a call
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Closed: I need a critic please
By dhazeman 20
1 reply
Closed: worried if someone might find this offensive?
By redelle
I'm submitting a song for the star a like contest but before I enter it I just wanted to make sure no one found it offensive, i...
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Closed: aaa
By Mariealise2471
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Closed: Vocal advice needed
By hexe44 17
Feel free to give honest vocal critique and tips!!! http://www.singsnap.com/snap/watchandlisten/play/b9ed4640
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Closed: Any industry knowledge out there...?
By The_Holy_Mole 48
I'm the singer that never gave up ;) My latest project is bringing the mashups i do on SS to a live stage and glad to say its w...
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Closed: hey there please give me some on opinions on m...
By staceyishere 2
Please go to my songs and check out my voice. private message me to my inbox
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Closed: Feel free to Critique
By unknownsingingperson
Going thorough recordings, and I sound a little different in each one. bad in some and not so bad in some. I'd like to know wha...
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Closed: Helpful Critique
By pip_and_donut75 20
I have a lot of singing experience (have been doing it most of my life). I have taught myself technique and worked very hard li...
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Closed: ok so aftr take singin lessons this is best way...
By socomicefox 46
Ok so when we is all born & we is baby we is all breathe from the diaphram right way but when we get oldr we start to breathe ...
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Closed: Honest critique and helpful tactful tips
By kerika
Someone please give me feedback. Take your pick :-) Diary http://ksolo.myspace.com/actions/showSongProfile.do?rid=1954373&sid=...
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By Quiz 2
I'm not telling my age....but I'm up there. I've been drinking the health product GENESIS for over a year now...and not only ha...
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Closed: back ground noise????
By flatduck 29
I already had this song submit for critique i can understand everything being wrong and it s not very good rendition..........b...
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Closed: Diaphragm and how to breathe with it
By Susan35 8
Most people have "unlearned" how to breathe correctly. Remember the times when mom or dad told you to stand straight, shoulders...
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Closed: Who warms up before Singsnapping?
By emhams 3
Who warms up before Singsnapping? Anyone? I tried it for the first time today using a very good tutorial on youtube - if anyone...
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Closed: A bit of advice re: singing tips, given with th...
By Livvie 26
I know that there are lots of people that are willing to give their time giving critiques and advice and I think thats a though...
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Closed: my tube video on singin tips to ppl
By socomicefox 46
Hope u like :) any questons plz let me kno http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIB7WzGBcyQ
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Closed: breathing when singin simple trick
By socomicefox 46
Lay down on ur back & relax>>> ok now breathe in & out when u is relax ok now take book & sit it on u stomach see the...
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