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Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: Can you tell me what you think of my singing?
By Dorcoolio 6
Http:// I'm 20/M. I've barely started taking lessons, and want to get better. What can I improve on?
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Closed: Anyone willing to "vocal coach"?
By Crashtestdummy 68
Through singsnap original recordings lol. Or google/skype/whatever. Just a thought. Thanks in advance.
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Closed: Honest feedback
By SavrinaCarpentar 19
Please check out my profile and listen to my songs. I would like some honest feedback on what you think. Thank You
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Closed: Honest critique pretty pleased
By Sadielynn 27
Please listen to my recording of girl crush...yes it's super quiet and I'm really close to the mic because I was trying to not ...
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Closed: Harmonizing
By -Gina- 89
I've read some posts on duets and singing with people and the thing I read the most is "theyre just singing along, that isnt ha...
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Closed: Need help? About warming up.
By Crashtestdummy 68
Hello. If anyone's interested I posted a thread on warming up in general discussion. Give it a read if you want. Thanks! http:/...
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Closed: What do you think?
By h3atherm 56
My son, Alex, is singing in a competition at school. He has chosen to sing "If You're Reading This" by Tim McGraw. I have helpe...
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Closed: Honestly critique me please
By Sadielynn 27
Ok so I did a video on Jeannie C Riley's Harper Valley PTA....the video is upside down because my iPad flipped without me knowi...
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Closed: music
By lawre19 3
My name is lawre,19 years old, i have talent in singing,i have written my own songs,but the problem is money to produce
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Closed: Honest feedback
By HeatherWatters 12
Would like honest feedback as well as any tips or suggestions. Thank you.
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Closed: Honest critiques please!
By Spankylefew 25
Hi, I have never sang in front of anyone or let anyone listen to my recordings.. So, I have no clue of anything I can do to imp...
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Closed: Critique my Songs!
By Greeneguy 34
Hey guys! My name is Ryan, and I'm in an a cappella group at my school. I've been with them for 3 years, but I'm about to gradu...
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Closed: Weight versus voice?
By Lightningblue
Hi all - Im losing weight as part of an exercise and weight loss programme right now. Have any of you had experience of changes...
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Closed: My singing Career
By AsamiMizuki 19
Hi guys! My name is Asmai and im 14 and i am planning to get rid of my stage fright of singing in front of people ... yup that'...
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Closed: Honest feedback....
By bluesguy63 8
Looking for honest feedback...thank you!
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Closed: Voice lessons
By Queen_ivy 9
I think the really good people should give voice lessons,here let me explain. Just do a random song and turn the music volume d...
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Closed: How do i record?
By LayalA7489 4
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Closed: Help me pls!
By thorned 11
Hello, I'm still 14 and i just recently joined this site. I would like an honest critique for my recent and first (maybe only) ...
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Closed: How is my singing voice plz tell the truth
By Kaylacaldwell 10
I love to sing but it's hard to know how good you are so plz leave a comment
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Closed: Christmas Songs
By Sngbrd07 3
Songs of Chistmas.
1 reply
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