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Closed: Honest Critiques ,In the Spot Light
By justadreamer
Hi, I just thought I'd create another critique thread here.. There are several critique threads on here where the host is eithe...
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Closed: Well ... how's my little voice? Okay, so it nee...
By music_junky7 42
Hello SingSnap, Yes, I have finally done it! I have made a recording! But ... alas it has come up unsatisfactory, at least to m...
15 replies
Closed: Help me get better, I beg of you.
By goodiest82 39
If anybody is willing, I would be really appreciative if you would listen to a song or two and give me some crude honest advice...
9 replies
Closed: Honest Critique
By LydiaM6799 33
I've been singing at home by myself and with my mom since I was a little kid. I've taken choir in school for one year and a few...
3 replies
Closed: Honest Opinions
By LilacRoses 25
Hi, can I have honest Opinion please? I have been singing my whole life but have never had any lessons and I know nothing more ...
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Closed: thoughts please
By angelicbrat 73
Hi would love some honest critique on this song. It's one am always trying to master
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Closed: Meds and Music
By Angelfly73 15
I have fybromailgia and the meds I have to take leaves my voice flat or dry... Does any one know a home remedy to help ... I kn...
4 replies
Closed: loud wind on recording
By duckfan 50
Where does the wind come from and how to get rid of it? Thanks
2 replies
Closed: How can I improve?
By BrokenSilence 49
Hey guys. I have been singing since I could talk. I had vocal lessons all through childhood and sang opera in high school and u...
8 replies
Closed: Can't Sit Down Singing
By ncarolina 39
Well, this took me awhile, finally figured out since i've been singing in karaoke world 10+ yrs, i can't sit in one spot & sing...
6 replies
Closed: How do I sound?
By aml782 18
I would love it if someone would listen to some of my songs I've recorded and provide me with some honest feedback! I know I'm ...
1 reply
Closed: I Hate My Voice But Love to Sing
By DianesMelody44 31
I sound good singing a long, but on tape, I sound like a squelching mule with his leg caught in quicksand. At first, I thought ...
3 replies
Closed: Need Some Constructive criticism
By meray25 47
I'm73 and trying to teach myself how to sing. How am I doing? Was I singing harmony?
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Closed: 0-10? And what to improve.
By ylletrojan 6
M22. Can't read notes, don't know how to breathe properly, have no clue about techniques whatsoever, I work on the road where I...
10 replies
By TheYoungTenor 4
So, before I get started, I want to introduce myself. I am Jamie, I am 13 years old, about to be 14 on April 1st. As you may ha...
5 replies
Closed: How is my singing voice?
By W772 5
Hey guys, I was hoping to get some feedback on my singing voice. I've always been curious to know what type of voice I have and...
14 replies
Closed: Critique Me Maybe?
By ForTheWows2376 7
I need some help deciding whether or not im good enough to try out for my high school show
3 replies
Closed: Performance
By deathsong 27
So last time you said to give more enthusiasm and power to the thing, so what do you think about this one? http://www.singsnap....
3 replies
Closed: How is my voice?
By deathsong 27
Well i did a few recordings, im looking for sone feedback on it, just to see if people like what i do and if i can do better
6 replies
Closed: Vocal Help for Singers / Acting
By Annie_Music 104 +1
I'm going to post an idea here either for helping singers to sing better, (novice or experienced) or for people who would prefe...
18 replies
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