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Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: My Grandaugher Doreanne
By rosearose8 94
Can I get an honest opinion,on her voice,please one thing I do know,grandma knows that grandma,can't sing comments would certai...
9 replies
Closed: Write then Sing it can be fun
By cwang50 65
THE SONG WRITER'S CHALLENGE I was sitting under the pecan tree in the shade, wondering what could we do as a challenge, that wo...
1 reply
Closed: Ways to Cope with a Voice Lesson Budget
By educatebreakable 4
My daughter is celebrating his birthday this month. She has a dream to improve her singing career. I want her to pursue her voi...
10 replies
Closed: Feeling very Lost and Defeated
By NoOneImportant 4
Hello everyone, I'm new around these parts. I've been trying sing for about 4 years. Even with practicing and trying to record ...
8 replies
Closed: Head voice beginner
By jesgan 11
Hello singsnap!, Its been a long time since i been on here. I have a question. so i'm trying to learn how to sing the song, "se...
2 replies
Closed: Sing
By Kylie_2005-singing 8
I am trying to sing like a pro
4 replies
Closed: Does this style suit my voice?
By singinsteve 33
Http:// Any advice is welcome!
2 replies
Closed: Which song suits my voice best (for my audition...
By semz 7
Okay guys, I need some help! I CANNOT decide for the life of me which song to use for my musical theater audition! I would pref...
7 replies
Closed: I have recorded a song I wrote, can I put it on...
By rosegarden7 6
It has been recorded for years and people seem to like it and I was just wondering if I could post my own song?
2 replies
Closed: Audition For a Band
By pls8xx
There are a lot of talented singers at SS. Some of them have real stage experience at a karaoke bar. This is for those that hav...
4 replies
Closed: Hey, looking for critiques! :)
By JJPP123 3
Hiya, I am 20/M and a beginner, I am looking for a critique on where to go with my singing and if there are any real major issu...
2 replies
Closed: Feedback Vocal Tips
By BlakeC1315 6
Hey Guys, Could you give me some Feedback on the videos below. I have been singing and playing guitar for about 8 years. I wou...
4 replies
Closed: 4 octave range
By angelicbrat 73
Hi I wonder if anyone else here has a 4 octave range because I find I have and it's apparently rare? I guess this isn't singing...
153 replies
Closed: Please help
Wanting to sing as part of my retirement. What do you think?
3 replies
Closed: I wanna find out which songs suite my
By LayalA7489 4
Plz answer.. How?
8 replies
Closed: Looking for 1st , 2nd tenna
By jimmycook 7
Hi, My name is Jimmy from the Palm Beach county area in FL. We are looking for a 1st, 2nd tenna to join a 4 person group. We ar...
11 replies
Closed: does anyone else feel physically sick when your...
By BritMontoya 30
I always get such butterflies that no matter how much I try and fight it I feel ill and have a hard time projecting my voice......
8 replies
Closed: feedback please
By audreyb5647 47
Please listen to my recordings, give me feedback I have not been singing publicly long as I used to be told off for growling. I...
3 replies
Closed: Harmonize
By ncarolina 39
Well, that was a fun thing to do, harmonize with myself, i can't even keep up with myself, lol. But just wondering how others d...
5 replies
Closed: I need honest opinions! Please critique!
By semz 7
I'm prepping for an audition and honestly, although I've been told I can sing, I don't really like my voice. I don't know what ...
19 replies
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