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Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: New "Brutally Honest Critiques"
By Mr_Microphone 53
It has been quite a while since "The_Critical_One" hosted Brutally Honest Critiques. It was my favorite stop on SingSnap, so I ...
51 replies
Closed: searching for a recording..
By kerriejp1 7
This is the information number Information for #c8d28fca It is a ...
4 replies
Closed: Singing
By Sunny5797 3
Can i sing?
8 replies
Closed: vocal coach wanted
By angelicbrat 74
Hello anyone willing to help and give me some vocal coaching, so I can reach my voice higher and sound better please? I would l...
8 replies
Closed: honest opinion appreciated
By angelicbrat 74
Alright am no Sarah Brightman and haven't had opera training but any honest good/bad/keep the day job feedback would be welcome...
No replies 237
Closed: New Deep Voice
By RogerC7642 8
Looking for some songs for a very deep voice. Prefer Country.
11 replies
Closed: How to cope with a low voice
By Reeseblock 8
If your voice is very low don't worry pick a low song no one will know the difference
2 replies
Closed: Want a tip? Sing like this...
By InvestInPolitics
This is just...OMG...just...flawless.
9 replies
Closed: Mic and audio problems
By Lexor 47
I have a problem with my Microphone and audio>>>>>>.It tells me that no sound coming from my Mic and also no ...
1 reply
Closed: Anyway I could ask for some opinions?
By wishfultune 4
Hi, Just wondering if there would be any chance I could (somehow) post a little recording of me singing and ask whether people ...
1 reply
Closed: Song Writing Partner
By keithe3255 6
Hello: I have a great many "poems" that I have written over the years that really should have always been songs. To sustain the...
1 reply
Closed: Wow! This is what happens when you stop singing...
By music_junky7 43
Okay, I did not record anything on SingSnap or do any vocal workouts for about two months or so because I got busy with another...
2 replies
Closed: Optimum distance form iPhone mic?
By Michael44NC 18
I'm using the mic on my iPhone. Any thoughts on the optimum distance from my mouth for the best quality?
2 replies
Closed: Needing your opinions!!
By KimberlyKay27 4
I dont sing in front of people but i hear my voice when i sing and id love some other opinions and or advice to get better!! Th...
17 replies
Closed: Improved?
By goodiest82 39
Hey, I posted a while back, asking for a crude and honest critique of my singing.. and I have since sang probably a few hundred...
8 replies
Closed: I sing in a very broad Yorkshire accent - Does ...
By RichAllen 76
Topic. A few folk on here have listened to and commented on some of my recordings, most comments have been pleasant. I just won...
4 replies
Closed: Lounge Act
By keithe3255 6
I am retired and have decided to become a "lounge singer," for want of a better term. I have been around karaoke for many years...
11 replies
Closed: RARE Karaoke songs
By TonyL3552 3
I want to own a few old songs off the market that are not yet publicized as karaoke, how can you help me? While I own these few...
2 replies
Closed: Voice type help
By Bel-Jay 89
Could anyone recommend someone who could give me a brief voice appraisal. It is not a critique of a specific song, more that I ...
7 replies
Closed: Singing experiences
By daveiw 56
I wonder who has had a situation when they sang with others, or to others and really got a lift ? We all like singing so how ha...
7 replies
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