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Closed: Mad World Cover - Please critique my singing
By JakeLee 4
Https:// Mad World Cover Hello, I've recently been very interested in singi...
7 replies
Closed: external sound card advice
By Daniel77 6
Hello ~I plan on buying an external sound card .Hmm,I am looking for a relatively cheap & easy operation one for music only .An...
4 replies
Closed: What genre/style would you recommend for my voice?
By inmyyellowsubmarine 9
Hi! i'd love recommendations of a genre or style of music or even a specific song you think would suit my voice, or an artist y...
5 replies
Closed: Wired Mic
By AJ-Paco 6
I have a wired mic that I have been trying to get to work on my laptop. I have windows 10. I was told by a friend to plug it in...
1 reply
Closed: How can I attain vibrato?
By 16knechtels 6
So I kind of suck right now haha Hey guys! New to singing, but I would really like to try out for my school's musical. Can you ...
3 replies
Closed: Neodrew Video Duet Tutorials
By ZZ-Ed 67
Discovered while browsing SS. Some useful video tutorials on basic SS operation, singing duets and creating harmony. Perhaps yo...
3 replies
Closed: Can I have a critique?
By 16knechtels 6
Hey guys! New to singing, but I would really like to try out for my school's musical. Can you give me some feedback?? Other tha...
9 replies
Closed: Kind & Honest Sharing & Critique
By GlaszEyes
45 replies
Closed: Am I a bad singer?
By -Harpn4fun- 97
I don't sing very often. Mostly play harmonica. Heres a song. Just PM me or leave i...
7 replies
By SkySkyLivingLife 11
So I don't know wether or not I'm good?! can you help me figure out what I can do to make me sound better!take a listen? http:...
3 replies
Closed: someone help me with my singing please
By angelicbrat 74
This is a request for help from someone on forum, I know I ain't that brilliant but I've got a lot of determination. Could some...
4 replies
Closed: Please help me improve
By havingago 83
I have just started singing and recording on this site. I have never sung in public and need practice. I realise I have a long ...
8 replies
Closed: Feedback on my singing
By meray25 47
Family says I sing ok. I need some unbiased opinions.
4 replies
Closed: How to sing. The real answer.
By socomicefox 80
Simple. Sing. Practice singing everyday. Like workin out excercise the more you excercise the strong/healthy you get. The stron...
4 replies
Closed: Good songs to practice rythem
By DaSingingPA 6
So my sence of rythem isnt exactly the greatest if i may say, and i need fun and simple songs to practice it
2 replies
Closed: Critiquing be careful
By nmjtmj82 36
I started recently and I must have been too rough on them ;the person was not happy and they blocked me ; I did not get a chanc...
11 replies
Closed: Looking for critique on a quick cover of Fly me...
By Lazunin 30
Hey, this doesn't quite fit here since I originally posted this in the critique thread of so it's a youtub...
12 replies
Closed: What is this singing tone term called?
By jesgan 11
Https:// can someone please educate me on what this singing style is called. People sing wit...
32 replies
Closed: How to post to get folks to listen to your songs??
By Weazer 42
I would appreciate suggestions...How do I get folks to listen to any of my songs or even leave a comment?? I been on for a whil...
18 replies
Closed: Colorado Girl...cover
By bluesguy63 8
Honest critique needed!!
3 replies
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