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Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Singing high notes
By socomicefox 67
Singing high notes can be a challenge and it is good to challenge yourself! But sing healthy yall I am hearing lots of singers ...
53 replies
Last by Tinypumpkin +15 about 2 hours
About 2 hours
Do you want the truth if you can sing or not? P...
By socomicefox 67
Have not done this in a while and I know alot of ppl like to know the truth rather or not they can sing and I enjoyed doing thi...
109 replies
Last by StephenD2408 33 about 10 hours
About 10 hours
The gardener
By Bradgravestone 58
Check out this recording of SingSnap Original on #SingSnap #karaoke
1 reply
Last by Tinypumpkin +15 5 days
5 days
Honest critique of your song
By RobbG 56
Hi there! If you are just looking for someone to listen to a song of yours and give you an honest critique, then welcome. I hav...
903 replies
Last by meray25 45 24 days
24 days
Rating your voice
By MrsAllAmerican 19
I am in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY a singing/vocal teacher but I do have a pretty good ear for music. Put the links to your songs on her...
6 replies
Last by angelicbrat 69 28 days
28 days
a song I wrote- mortal flesh and bone
By angelicbrat 69
I wrote a gospel song which I set to the houseband's gospel track … I would love peoples thoughts on it
1 reply
Last by cannotsing24 106 +4 +5 29 days
29 days
Pot calling kettle...
By Justjaydance 23
Not going to name and shame or look for an argument but OMG been scrolling through some of the “post me your song and I’ll tell...
39 replies
Last by GGCalifornia 45 about 1 month
About 1 month
Reinke's Edema
By Maura109 63
Have been diagnosed with Reinke's Edema since early this year and can't sing anymore. Wondering if anyone out there has the sam...
No replies 63
What do y'all think of my singing
By Thetrashsinger9000 7
***Link Removed*** Me singing dead and bloated by Stone temple pilots Note: This topic subject has been moderated by SingSnap ...
2 replies
Last by Steve-G 91 +2 3 months
3 months
What do yoiu think of how I sing
By Thetrashsinger9000 7
***Link Removed*** thanks pleasevrate out of 10 Note: This topic subject has been moderated by SingSnap staff.
No replies 88
Rate Singing
By TeenagersOnlyBob 10
Please rate my singing and tell me what you think.
No replies 116
Tell me the truth
By angelicbrat 69
Hi guys, am looking for people who are at least fairly familiar with the song, I'm not That Girl, been rehearsing it for an aud...
8 replies
Last by angelicbrat 69 4 months
4 months
original songs upload
By singingliz 21
I wrote a very short song and wanted to know if there is anyway for me to post an original song here so that I can get feedback
2 replies
Last by Steve-G 91 +2 5 months
5 months
Rate me
By AntWilliams 5
Any feed back welcome and would really appreciate tips on how to improve <3
2 replies
Last by Dannieott 2 5 months
5 months
a song I wrote
By angelicbrat 69
Love your thoughts on the lyrics here, think it's got a country beat that starts slow but moves about a bit - all about people ...
1 reply
Last by JPick 61 5 months
5 months
Closed: musician needed
By kentastic 56
Looking for someone that can take a tune from a song I wrote and write and perform the music for it. I wrote and sung a song wi...
11 replies
Closed: How's my voice here?
By aja675 4
4 replies
Closed: Showing my voice
By P1P4 4
I love to sing it is my best hobby and I want to show it to other people as well.x
1 reply
Closed: Love Me Tender
By joaoj 39
No replies 128
Closed: feedback wanted
By angelicbrat 69
I tried a bit of a challenging gender bender - Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar and would love some feedback http://www.s...
No replies 164
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