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Need male vocals for grace and g-eezy tune.
By nightengale38 38
Http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b5a417727 You don't own me by grace and g-eezy male vocals needed to complete the song...
No replies 8
Old Gospel Songs...singing harmony
By bethybug138 +3
I am listing just the gospel duets here to be able to find them easier. I would love it if you would put your link on my open d...
35 replies
Last by bethybug138 +3 about 21 hours
About 21 hours
Need a duet partner...
By n8tsgal 51 +2
I'm looking for someone who would be willing to be a semi permanent duet partner for contests and such...must be a male and you...
4 replies
Last by stinger381 23 1 day
1 day
Looking for Paula?
By MT-01 43
:) Could you be my Paula? If so, please join in with this Duet, sing along and post a link... http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r...
8 replies
Last by MT-01 43 2 days
2 days
It Takes Two - Open Duet for Male Partner
By Pepsi_3369 +5
Feature Page song for today - Open Duet. Come on gents come join me on this fun duet song. Just click on the banner above or o...
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wow what a voice she had
By CarstenS7445 60
Listening to that voice she had brilliant wow http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/ac617ec5f
2 replies
Last by CarstenS7445 60 4 days
4 days
Open Duet
By RegC8210 49
I would like to hear some beautiful voices joining me in harmony. Join if you feel the urge. Feels So Right - Alabama. http://w...
1 reply
Last by Archer400 57 5 days
5 days
2 Open Duets
By annalea 54
I sometimes join others in their "open duets", but I've rarely initiated any. I sang two "open duets" last night, and I'd be pl...
1 reply
Last by ImaChristian2 91 +17 6 days
6 days
I need a male
By KittyOK 14
I need a young male to help me with these duets. Please put the link in the comments if you choose to do a duet with me. Thank ...
1 reply
Last by KittyOK 14 7 days
7 days
Feamle Partner?:)
By Becca41 30
Becca41 Does He Love You/Reba McEntire & Linda Davis http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/bb99653cb
1 reply
Last by KittyOK 14 7 days
7 days
Have You Ever Been Lonely?
By MT-01 43
Still looking for Patsy to sing along with me on this great song ... :) http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/bd94f15bf
6 replies
Last by MT-01 43 9 days
9 days
Post Your songs here if you like
By starlightangel_1 +4
Post your Duets songs, or your Singing alone songs here ,if you like too.I will start and post one.It is not a contest just a p...
111 replies
Last by Crooner1 11 days
11 days
Harmony Part First OPEN DUETS (not gospel songs)
By bethybug138 +3
I am separating my open duets and have "Old Gospel Songs singing harmony first" under DUETS on another page here. I would love ...
23 replies
Last by bethybug138 +3 11 days
11 days
Need Female- I'll Never Tell -Buffy Once more w...
By Lolindir_Fox 14
Http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/record/record?song_id=ac1c1b8 Would love to have someone sing the female part, it's one of my f...
2 replies
Last by Ivory1825 33 12 days
12 days
Coconut Dave's New Private Duet Lounge
By dorkndorkette 15
CoconutDave has turned his private forum & chatroom, The Coconut Lounge, into a 'singles bar' where duettists can hook up and s...
8 replies
Last by dorkndorkette 15 12 days
12 days
Duet partner needed for Summer Nights (Male)
By ElleMae04 8
New to this, so be kind! I'd love to have some people come sing with me! <3
2 replies
Last by Pepsi_3369 +5 13 days
13 days
Need a Partner for "Let it Be Me"
By GusHatzi 51 +1
I need someone to join me on this :) Thanks Let It Be Me By GusHatzi 51 in the Style of Jackson Browne & Timothy http://www.si...
1 reply
Last by WendellB 66 13 days
13 days
Picture need female for duet
By dhazeman 32
Http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b76f140d3 Looking for Cheryl Crowe thanks so much.
2 replies
Last by kimmie1976 19 13 days
13 days
guy part for the closer i get
By PhyllisG1985 65
Need a guy to sing with me on the Closer I get to you... http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c1bc08923
No replies 26
Tina Turner/Barry White - Tina Where Are You??
By MichelLuke 45
Hi all, i've just recorded this great song. It's a duet of Barry White and Tina Turner. The song is called In Your Wildest Drea...
14 replies
Last by MichelLuke 45 14 days
14 days
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