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Closed: Sing & Record Favourites
By TheWitchDoctress 24
I remember I used to be able to get rid of a song/artist out of my favourites by unhighlighting (is that a word???) the flag an...
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By -Data-
Ever since you changed the favorite songs to sing and record into a drop down menu of artists and songs, the little flags have ...
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Closed: disorder
By folkyron
No admins in room obsenities in text and spoke i wil never go back in that room again ronald laird
No replies 412
By Nikkie
Between 4:00am and 4:30am EDT today the font in my PRIVATE message box doubled in size. All previous messages dated before Janu...
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Closed: Flash Player
By Pinoy48 101
My Flash Player just dissappesred? Now I can't record or adjust the mic volume.. pinoy48
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By mel 19
I just tried recording DON'T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH - it's impossible! The lyrics are so completely wrong (text and timing!) ...
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Closed: Member Page
By Jenster 2
Hi I have checked out various member's pages and some of them look cool. How do you customise your page. Thanks
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Closed: Chat Room...Help!!!
By JP_FL 2
Hi, Just joined the chat room last night and created a userplane account.. When I tried logging into the chat room today, it ta...
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Closed: STATIC
By -Data-
Where does this damn static come from? I never had it before today.. but have heard it on many peoples recordings. Everyone app...
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Closed: all
By spikey1 9
Why will it not let me save or do any think on this sight but it will on otheres
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Closed: Still so slow
By MarilynDavid 3
The site is slowing down to a crawl. singsnap is aware of it. I just wish they would tell us when they will be able to handle t...
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Closed: Wont load
By lil-leah22
Ok well all of a sudden the listening box and the recordning box wont load, and I dont know why, I tried deleteing the cookies ...
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Closed: New Look=Great. Video Playback=BAD!
By KaraokeBankers 6
Hey. The new upgrade looks cool. However after it was implemented we cannot record video smoothly anymore! The video gets stuck...
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Closed: how do i change my picture
By Tamsin 22
I was trying to upload a picture of here and now i cant seem to change it, does anyone know how, as i have found a better one b...
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Closed: My Web Page duplicates itself during editing
By llamiguana 27
I've tried to update my profile on several occasions, but... each time I do so, I have to either delete the entire profile and ...
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Closed: First Recording is always deleted
By mel 19
Since yesterday, the first recording I make is always deleted. Having completed my recording it will always say "Sorry, please ...
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Closed: DNS Error
By llamiguana 27
About 10 am EST, viewing pages... all of a sudden a DNS error occurred. Then after several attempts to get back in, it wouldn't...
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Closed: Chat Room
By Flippenferdinand
Like three hours I could get into the chatroom now I can't??
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Closed: songs not sending
By Paganlady 19
My songs record but wont send for preview...any ideas ?
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Closed: Stalls in the song play
By WebAndNet 1
Quickly after the drop-down menu fade-in feature was implemented, I began to notice that 5 to 10 % of songs had a slight 2 seco...
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