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Hi fellow snappers, was just wondering if it takes like forever to receive and send back a PM I am falling asleep at my keyboar...
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Closed: Clock not accurate
By bbetty 46
I noticed that the clock time on songs doesn't seem to note the correct time that the song was recorded....????
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Closed: Wacky problem...
By agamoto
The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator. The following inf...
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Closed: HUH?????
By Tellisa 22
Whats with someone singing and it posting 3-4-5 times????On every one of her songs????
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Closed: Pic's
By HarryHornet
Please Help!!! When i go into watch and listern page i dont get 2 see the pic of the members. Can some1 Help me so i can see wh...
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Closed: MY recorded song is stuck! for me only
By Lovetoloveu36 7
Ok my player for some reason is getting stuck on one song and wont let me listen to it.. it worked fine yesterday but today its...
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Closed: problems recording today
By angelfire07
Is anyone else having trouble recording today? On my lunch tried to record a couple of songs...wasn't recording although it sai...
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By Novella 111 +36 +10
Do Y'all notice the comments are being way screwy lately? Posting in the wrong order?
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Closed: Cam Freezing
By desdinga 41
G'Day Sing Snap Techs..Please advise, is there anything I can do to help the video from my end ? It's incredibly frustrating.!!...
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Closed: Cam Problems
By HeatherMarie1979 7
Okay sing snap has detected a camera hooked up to my pc because i can play with the effects. however I have a black screen. No ...
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Closed: Cam freezing
By Delia 32
Hello,singsnap staff,i have a problem with my cam also,everytime i record a song it's always stop.I don't know what to do,plz h...
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Closed: Singsnap Messing with my eyes.......
By MmeOdileC 34
Hey singsnap I dreaming or did I just see...lani's pic of the week up...then a few minutes later...back to Janis Week....
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Closed: Is the sound messed up?
By Glizzie 7
This sounds strange, but it's hitting me that just lately I've listened to several singers who I've never noticed being out of ...
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Closed: WOAH SLOW...
By Novella 111 +36 +10
Is it just me, or is this site moving sooooooo sloooooooooooooow today?
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Closed: Saved Pics
By scarlettohall 62
On alot of my songs/videos I had taken a picture and now they're gone and replaced with my default pic. What happened to the ot...
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Closed: songs loading
By ConnieG 96
Is it my connection or is anyone else having probs listening songs... 10.36 am I keep trying to reload no joy :O(
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Closed: Date Recorded on Favorite Recordings
By Akaraokelover 36
I have noticed something very peculiar when I look at my list of favorite recordings that I have previously flagged. The site ...
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Closed: better lyrics syncing
By WebAndNet 1
I've noticed since starting about 6 to 8 weeks ago, that the lyrics have sporatic momentary delays, affecting the syncing with ...
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Closed: Songs Not Playing
By janelle 5
In Sing & Record mode, selected song never problem?
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Closed: Lyrics show up after music!!
By TheAvonLady 56
I need help! I got my mic to work and figured out how to record, now when I try to record, the lyrics are slower than the music...
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