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Closed: message board problem
By MmeOdileC 35
I have to keep refreshing to get the recent posting to come up...I got out of browser and went back to message board...had to r...
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Closed: Chat Room
By Angelic_Male
I am trying to go to the Chat Room and I know I am entering the correct information, but I keep getting this message below. "Yo...
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Closed: can't hear recorded songs
By MyNameIsMeg 27
When I go into a name to hear the singer, it's very choppy and won't play
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Closed: Video deterioration
By WallyGB 65
Looking at some of my older video's! they look dark like a 20 year old worn out VCR Tape!What's Up Soon They Won't be Visable!
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Closed: SingSnap has amnesia this morning
By Glizzie 8
I logged in, went to a page, did something, tried to go to another page, and it took me to the login page again. Tried to login...
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Closed: Help
By Shane_Car 1
Is anybody else having problems stayin on........because i keep get put to the log on screen each time i click on recordings......
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Closed: Help
By Shane_Car 1
Is anybody else having problems stayin on........because i keep get put to the log on screen each time i click on recordings......
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Closed: Can't save recordings
By Mahyze
Well I frequently can't save recordings, it will just say "sending recording" and stay there forever. Sometimes its ok but it h...
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Closed: Removing favorites in personal favorites song list
By WebAndNet 1
I'm fairly certain that the removing favorite song feature in personal favorite song listing isn't working correctly. (My list...
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Closed: Recordings
By Mr_Scorpio
I need a Support tech to tell me why when I record a song on here after playing it back the whole song doesnt play. I can see t...
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Closed: Singsnap crashing when loading song
By joshbtn
When i choose a song and it loads, macromedia asks me to allow to use microphone and then it crashes. If i disallow macromedia...
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Closed: Saving Recordings
By Jason 48
As of the moment right now, saving recordings is causing an error. This is beyond our control at the moment, as one of our upst...
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Closed: Logging In
By maccaj 5
I am having logging issues...Anyone else having the same issue? I can log into singsnap but for some reason after awhile it log...
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Closed: Still not recording
By xKrazyx 4
Seems like every time i come on this site nowadays - i just CANNOT listen to anythin ive recorded - it just sist in limbo prete...
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Closed: email problems
By rudii 2
I have found that i cannot invite many friends because when i send invitation to their email it shows an error yet there email ...
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Closed: New PM's are not showing
By ConnieG 96
Thinking someone had hijacked my account I asked someone else if they got my pm... but my new to them didn't show new on theirs...
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Closed: Problems Playing Songs
By Ryan 41
Unfortunately at the moment there are problems playing songs. This is due to our upstream providers, we are unsure when this wi...
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Closed: Indigestion again for Snap?
By peachygurl 65
I finally have a lil time in the morning to listen to some songs and wouldn't ya know the SAME thing is happening this morning ...
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Closed: Feature Page is not moving.
By Akaraokelover 36
Why is the feature page stuck and not moving?
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Closed: HELP!! Technical Stuff
By ChrisKennedy 6
Hey guys... i'm looking for some whizzkid that knows everything there is to know about guitar pedals and stuff.... I want to pu...
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