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Closed: Site help
By 8stringer
Hi, Iam using firefox,and can't log into chat,
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Closed: picture for recording is orange
By MmeOdileC 35
The recording works fine..but when it says take a wont let me take my picture or just shows up orange...
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Closed: My heart will go on...but it wont record
By LadyLexx 4
Tried recording this song twice. Seems fine until I press stop and then it hangs on the "saving recording" bit. Disappointing w...
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Closed: doesnt give me the option to review recordings ...
By jeni 4
Hey after ive recorded a song and i hit stop, im not getting the option to review what ive done and so im not managing to save ...
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Closed: Wizard
By songbird711
Anyone download the wizard having problems now? I AM getting music but no lyrics sounding.
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Closed: No Skin
By Shane_Car 1
I have no skin displayed ( not the epidermis type) the Playback/record skin anyone else having the same problem ?
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Closed: Watch & listen section
By precious_memory 9
Is anyone else having problems with the watch&listen section? Everytime I click on it to go to says an error has occured...
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Closed: Plea for peeps to remember to take their chill ...
By peachygurl 65
I came to check on the msg boards because my song freeze thingy was back again. Rather than get my knickers in a knot (okay, so...
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Closed: My IE,Foxfire & Maxthon Browser Crashes Are Now...
By GaryGManDMaule 1
Tahhhhhhh Dahhhhhh !!!!!!! finally I figured out what was wrong with my assorted browsers crashing. It was Tunebite DRM Recorde...
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Closed: Difficulty bringing up the site
By Glizzie 8
Just FYI, I've been having trouble today bringing up SingSnap. It's very slow the first couple of times I try, and then usually...
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Closed: Songs sticking AGAIN!
By peachygurl 65
Here I sit with a toothache and can't see the dentist until later. Was gonna listen to some songs to make the day better. But N...
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Closed: no music
By KaraokeJim 39
Sorry to bug...when trying to record...I have no music being recorded. I can hear it when recording not on the record. I have a...
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Closed: Site not working
By mel 19
The whole site loads so slow, it's impossible to listen to a song (trying to load one for 30 min now), pics won't load either ....
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Closed: I can't preview songs
By bigm1978 4
Does anyone have any idea why I have not been able to even preview a song after recording it all day today. I have rebooted, cl...
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Closed: website crashes
By yemaj6
I love this website but lately it has not been running smooth. every time i record a song, it just takes forever to allow me to...
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Closed: Problem with deleting favorites!
By Scarlet 2
Hi there! I've been noticing lately that it's nearly impossible to delete anything from my favorites -- whether it's a song, re...
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Closed: Harmony
By Lani 5
The only way I can get my recordings to work is to use harmony- the first one records.. blank- but it saves- i hit- create harm...
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Closed: i can hear my voice in the recordings
By blueribbon1125
But no music. I can hear the music when I am recording, but when I try and listen all I hear is my voice. HELP!
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Closed: message board problem
By MmeOdileC 35
I have to keep refreshing to get the recent posting to come up...I got out of browser and went back to message board...had to r...
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Closed: Chat Room
By Angelic_Male
I am trying to go to the Chat Room and I know I am entering the correct information, but I keep getting this message below. "Yo...
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