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Closed: Dressing up web page
By spoon 25
Does anyone know how to dress up web page? I want to add pics.and backround Images to my page. Chris
7 replies
Closed: Wrong Song Name
By LaNell 33 +1
On the Eagles' song, One of These Nights, it is listed as One of Those Nights, in error. Thank you.:)
4 replies
Closed: Chatroom login
By mel 19 +1
I can't login to the chatroom ... can't chat anymore ... anybody can help me with this? what has changed??? ps: if i use my - c...
8 replies
Closed: saving record problem
By sp00ky_singer
After recording a song, and i click the preview buttom my whole browser shut down? can anyone help me with this?
5 replies
Closed: * * * ADDING A PHOTO * * *
By MotownSinger 94
By ading a photo I need to "crop" the photo to a ...4:3 width to height ratio (640x480, 800x600, etc). Now, does this mean for ...
2 replies
Closed: How does this duet work?
By sprstr7427 7
Is there a specific way I have to record it? I'd like to do a female part of a song, but not sure how I'd get the male?
4 replies
Closed: deleting private messages
By Darlen
Just curious as now to delete some private messages, a few have gone on to 2 or 3 pages? How do I delete them? Thanks, Darlene ...
1 reply
Closed: Slowwwwwww......
By Soulrebel1 7
Is it me, or is everything running r e a l l y slowly today on singsnap? I've also had to give up on doing vids, cos it takes a...
11 replies
Closed: A couple of us just got in the chat room - 12:5...
By Glizzie 7
Hey, it's working at the moment if anyone wants to join us.
No replies 648
Closed: 2 accounts
By berille 26
Dear singsnap I am experiencing a lot of trouble with the site. The trouble stems from the fact that my wife (berille) and I (e...
11 replies
Closed: same computer
By slim
Can different people sign in on the same computer but with different names and different email address. Even though it is the s...
3 replies
Closed: Video Camers setup
By Locustthorn 23
I posted this earlier and don't see it on message board. I have problem that on my video the words aren't in sync with the song...
2 replies
Closed: Adobe Flash message
By dydy 20
I am new to this site and I love everything about it but the one and only one thing that is anoying me is this confounded adobe...
3 replies
Closed: Exceeding Bandwidth
By Myr3dmont3carlo01
I have a bad problem with Sound and Video being on together. The site gives me the same error as yahoo does telling me that I'v...
1 reply
Closed: Deleting read private messages
By Sparky 7
I have WAY TOO many messages in my private message place. I read them, would like to keep some, but delete MOST. I see no way t...
9 replies
Closed: How do you put Pics and Gifs in the Feedbacks
By Pilzbert 2
`Can anyone please tell me how to put those Pics and all the other cool stuf in there?? i must be dumb or i just overlooked som...
2 replies
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