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Closed: trouble saving songs
By sfty40
I am having trouble saving my recordings. it comes up error, it won't save it. please help. sfty40
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Closed: Having problems saving??????
By CynLyn711 15
Is anyone besides myself having trouble saving songs???? My gosh it takes 3 to 4 minutes sometimes. Then my connection gets dro...
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Closed: HAHAHA
By ConnieG 96 +1
Soooo.. I go to duet this song.... This one which is suppose to be a tv theme threes company but when ya go to duet it.. Tie ...
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Closed: server lagging..?
By annie44 10 +1
I dont think its my computer..the server is really really slow took ten min just to get to this topic..whats up? i couldnt get ...
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Closed: No rateings no comments
By Ebony_and_Ivory 10
Is anyone haveing problems with the rateing or sending comments? I cant rate or comment anyone . I am new to sing snap can some...
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Closed: Where did all the song comments go?
By peachygurl 65 +1
Went to check on my comments because that is one of the ways I pick who to listen to and POOF they are all gone. They show up o...
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By Tasha 14
I am so frustrated! I just spent $50 on a new mic, $30 on a new driver, all because something was messed up on my computer and ...
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Closed: Recording won`t sended.
By Silliana 4
I have just waited and waited for my new recording to get sended.....
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Closed: SHOUT!
By kking 2
Shout to the Lord under "Praise/Worship" errors out after recording! i did really goo don it, (i think) and when i went to save...
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Closed: No Music !
By MaryJean 1
Hey Guys, Where'd the music go ?? :(..... Is the jukebox broken !! Help..
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Closed: Mixer Settings - Riviera Sound Card
By Twelvestring_Guy
Does anyone have a Turtle Creek Riviera sound card? If you do and have it working well here in SingSnap can you email me screen...
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Closed: Okay who changed my font & how do I change it b...
By lorilyn38
I got a comment on one of my songs & suddenly all of my font is this HUGE funky orange color...even in my private message boxes...
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Closed: VIA Vinyl Audio
By Tasha 14
I can't hear any background music on my recordings. I really love this site. I'm going to be really depressed if I can't use it...
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By kking 2
When i record a song (and try really hard on it) only to sit for what seems like hours on the "SENDING RECORDING" sign! after (...
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Closed: Favorites disappearing?
By TheSongstress 11
This has happened to me once and to a friend a few times. When we flag someone as a fave, and they're on our favorites, we chec...
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Closed: Can I Change My Username?
By Tasha 14
I know this is reallly annoying, but I just noticed my first name is not taken, is it possible to change this accounts username...
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Closed: What's going on?
By the way this is NOT an April Fool, and it's bugging the hell out of me. Since yesterday some weird things have happened. Whe...
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Closed: No music no sound.
By dembe
I can't seem to get the music of mic to play on the recording. Does any1 know why?
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Closed: Cant Upload Profile Pic
By suzzzzzie2u 16
I am new to Singsnap and have tried several different ways to upload a profile picture. It takes me to the "Web Page Cannot Be ...
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Closed: chat room
By Kazz 5
For some reason i cant get into the chat room anymore. It keeps telling me that i have entered a wrong user id and password, bu...
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