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Closed: Sharing
By PerpetualWoman 47
I have not been on SS for quite some time. I used to be able to share my recordings to facebook/twitter. IS this feature no lon...
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Closed: Flash problem with MS Edge
By Sssjim7 102
Since the newest Microsoft update, I now have to click on the Adobe Flash (video box) on every song and *allow* flash to run on...
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Closed: No "FLASH" plug-in now?!
By YankeeBernice 54
:-( When I try to "Right-Click" to start the Adobe Flash Plug-In NOTHING HAPPENS!! wtf SS?
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Closed: play all radio style
By Blossomia 42
How come it won't continue playing as radio. It play the song once it stops next song comes up but i have to click the song. I ...
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Closed: Getting offensive PM messages from idiots from ...
By RichAllen 74
Above. For some unknown reason I signed back up there last week, and because I changed my posting style so as not to get banned...
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Closed: Getting sick of issues on ss
By daveeeeee 79
Ok for weeks i have had issues, before i get to the end of a song it crashes, with message conection interupted !!............ ...
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Closed: No Lyrics on Review of Song
By sing4fun 79
I haven't been on Singsnap a lot these past few months, but once in a while I log on and record a song or two. I've found that ...
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Closed: Help needed please
By cannotsing24 107 +7
Am on a new Computer ,,,,,,HP Pavilion ,,,,,,,Windows 10 Touch Screen ,,,,,,,,,someone please guide me step by step,,,,,,,,work...
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Closed: Video Timing Out Of Sync
By SoloSongstress 102 +1
I added a harmony layer to a video, and now on the first layer, the video is out of sync with the audio. I tried recording agai...
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Closed: Test
By Rob 90 +16
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Closed: user name
By Nancyf123 12
Who do I get in touch with about my user name..the name that is there is not the name that I use,,I have not been in singing in...
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Closed: to find my recordings
By SHARONP2900 33
How do I find my recent recordings
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Closed: want play but 1-2 songs
By judy20072014 49
About a week or so ago I started having trouble with my listens .I can listen to 1 recording then maybe another .then it freeze...
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Closed: Singsnap vocal volume mixing
By giftedbreath 43
I have tried numerous times to record my vocal volume at many different levels , I have even moved the bar all the way to lower...
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Closed: slow computer......
By jrsings 35
My computer used to show up as a high speed computer. Now it says its slow and the sound quality on the recordings isn't what i...
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Closed: Enabling A/V devices in Chrome for chat
By wonkim00 +1
Add this flag setting to your Chrome shortcut: --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure="" The complet...
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Closed: background pictures that disappear
By greeneyes56 73 +5
Hi, hope someone can help me. Some of my recording background pictures and the one on my profile keep on disappearing. Saved th...
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Closed: Older recording skipping in some spots in song
Can I ask why some of my videos seem to slur or skip in some parts of my sing?
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Closed: Autoplay-Re-Enabler for Chrome
By wonkim00 +1
If you use Chrome and you're irritated that recordings don't autoplay, even when you have it enabled in your Singsnap settings ...
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Closed: iPhone and iTunes
By magicmann0 49
So, now I find out that to use my wife's iPhone to sing on singsnap I must download another iTunes app... WHY CANT YOU GUYS GET...
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