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Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
No replies 5,183
Grant permission message...
By SingingInLasVegas 27
Every time I click on a song I geta message saying I have to grant permission and I have no clue what that means or why it cont...
No replies 0
Speaker Problem
By Charli 28
My speakers used to work fine until I checked the box to listen through my headset. My computer says I have both headset and ex...
2 replies
Last by Charli 28 2 days
2 days
New app not working, fewer songs
By KyahRenee 34
Hello snappers! I’ve just discovered the new app version last night and I’m not too thrilled. It’s not working as it should and...
6 replies
Last by Southern-Belle 27 2 days
2 days
not abel to record
By just-charlie 53 +5
I have tried three to record a song by Randy Travis , whisper my name who is in the hospital fighting cancer and it will not le...
4 replies
Last by RichAllen 73 2 days
2 days
Adding a mixer.
By rose2
Got a small mixer.But can't get it to work through singsnap.Can anyone help.?
1 reply
Last by pls8xx 3 days
3 days
Issue with Uploading songs
By TheCountryPearl 57
Anybody else having an issue trying to upload a song? Can't seem to get past step two.
2 replies
Last by TheCountryPearl 57 3 days
3 days
new singsnap II app.. pitch control
By giftedbreath 43
I really like the better quality of the new SingSnap app however the pitch control works only the first time you record, if you...
6 replies
Last by giftedbreath 43 11 days
11 days
Yamaha Mg10xu
By turbolag 48
Can someone please help me out I can not figure out how to get my Yamaha Mg10xu to work on the sing snap site do I have to have...
4 replies
Last by turbolag 48 12 days
12 days
Adobe Flash Player/Recordings
By wellfield 67 +2
Will Singsnap ever bring back some form of 'Flash Player' for our recordings.
4 replies
Last by wellfield 67 +2 13 days
13 days
App not working on iphone with update 13.1.3
By Jillbwilliamson 18
Since I downloaded latest update on my phone, Singsnap will not load properly. It presents as a tiny little box in lower left c...
23 replies
Last by Flyng 37 14 days
14 days
Fresh Recordings Stuck on the Preparing Preview...
By singingsister57 104
For the last day, I have experienced an extremely long wait time for the preview to appear after recording a song. The "prepari...
21 replies
Last by RichAllen 73 15 days
15 days
Website problems after Apple update
By TheVoice42 22
Did the new apple Iphone update prevent logging in to SingSnap? It did to me.
1 reply
Last by __Angels__ 110 18 days
18 days
Where Post Voice Help
By kjcarolina 21
Where is place to post & find voice, mic, echo, reverb, just in general tips/pointers recommendations/advice on some of our son...
9 replies
Last by VitaminDee 100 +5 21 days
21 days
How will ss work when flash player ends.
By daveeeeee 79
How will ss work when flash player ends in 2020 ??? anybody know if ss are making a desktop version or whats happening Thanks f...
2 replies
Last by MikeIII 107 23 days
23 days
Posting from the new mobile app
By music_junky7 42
Hey everyone. I just now discovered that SingSnap had a brand new app in the iOS App Store! I’m posting this message from it no...
No replies 51
Comments disappeared on new update?
By Justjaydance 23
Since updating to the new app - some of my comments / views on certain songs have all disappeared? The songs are still there bu...
No replies 52
Problems attempting to upload to community song...
By Rabid_Parrot 78
Hi, Recently I haven't been able to upload songs to the community songbook. I select the file and type in all the information (...
3 replies
Last by Rabid_Parrot 78 about 1 month
About 1 month
Iphone Mobile App with IOS version 13.1.2 updat...
By Dtip55 61
Is anyone else having issues with the latest Apple software 13.1.2 update for the moblie app? I select it and instead of it goi...
53 replies
Last by MoonlightIrehs 43 about 1 month
About 1 month
By Gratitude11 4
Can I download music and words karyoke style to upload to a stick. I want to bring this with me to perform at an event.
2 replies
Last by -Bev- 105 +7 about 1 month
About 1 month
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