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Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per 63
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
No replies 3,707
mouse help...
By cannotsing24 96 +10
Can someone please help me my mouse freezes and gives an annoying beeping sound How can I stop it ? Windows 7 Desktop, thank yo...
13 replies
Last by Novella 102 +61 +1 about 7 hours
About 7 hours
recording cuts off same place
By zing4u 34
When I record and listen to it right at same place it cuts back to start of recording what must I do to get help with this
4 replies
Last by Novella 102 +61 +1 1 day
1 day
Clipping on recordings when I turn the volume up
By RichAllen 53
Topic. When I turn up the volume when I'm recording a song and turn the volume of the recording up, I get a message on screen "...
5 replies
Last by RichAllen 53 4 days
4 days
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607
By MikeIII 98 +2
Has anyone recorded in SingSnap using the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607? If so, can you please share your r...
17 replies
Last by BCSchmerker2 73 4 days
4 days
How find best singer of a song?
By ncarolina 33
I've been scrolling & scrolling, i love to listen to all SS singers, i would like to figure out for example how do i find the c...
11 replies
Last by ncarolina 33 5 days
5 days
Problems with SS slideshows
By Krazied 76 +4
There seems to be an intermittent issue with SS slideshows. I have one song that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. There a...
4 replies
Last by trojan55 102 +44 5 days
5 days
Delay On Microphone When Recording.
By blue-nightingale 73 +26
I am running Win 7 on an Asus desktop. My sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB. I logged on this mo...
2 replies
Last by blue-nightingale 73 +26 6 days
6 days
Facebook or SingSnap?
By ZZ-Ed 55
In the past, PASTING THE SS song link to a SingSnap song on Facebook would give you an image and then allow you to click the im...
9 replies
Last by ZZ-Ed 55 8 days
8 days
Recorder won't Connect
By valliegirl 58 +16
I'm having an issue, and I'm wonder if anyone else is having it too... I can get the recorder to load. I can even get it to pla...
6 replies
Last by Pywackit 90 9 days
9 days
Uploading issues
By KLFtunes 64
Is anyone having trouble with songs uploading ?
5 replies
Last by valliegirl 58 +16 10 days
10 days
Problems with a recording
By RichAllen 53
Bat out of hell - shorter version by me/ doesn't seem to work when I share it on Facebook for others to listen to. I have sent ...
4 replies
Last by Steve-G 76 +2 11 days
11 days
kicked out of desireed2790
By desireed81 11
I was gold but i lost that please can someone help me?
8 replies
Last by MisterCanning 43 17 days
17 days
gold member
By desireed81 11
I got kicked out now i cant get back to my old songs how can i fix this?
3 replies
Last by SingSnapSupport 45 +1 18 days
18 days
By Joysing 5
I can't seem to find the lyrics when I want to find a song to sing.
8 replies
Last by Krazied 76 +4 19 days
19 days
New to contests
By JulieW2119 44 +9
I am very confused about these contests. I signed up for the calender girls one and picked number 12. I was told that I would b...
7 replies
Last by Bel-Jay 63 19 days
19 days
Songs not showing up on screen
By Sandyk59 9
After I click on Sing then on my Favourites list, a blank screen comes up with the word Sing at the top left corner but nothing...
1 reply
Last by Rob 77 +3 22 days
22 days
By Per 63
Ignore this :)
26 replies
Last by socomicefox 50 22 days
22 days
Saving banners and Backgrounds.....
By Karens_Music 76
I think this item has already been talked about but I can't find it anymore ..... Is there a place where I can safe my banners ...
9 replies
Last by neodrew 83 +4 24 days
24 days
views on Face book
By JulieW2119 44 +9
Please could anyone tell me why my views on face book have not shown up on my sing snap page? It said 25 views, but when looked...
17 replies
Last by ZZ-Ed 55 28 days
28 days
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