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Sticky: Gold Members Seeing Ads
By Annie 79 +60
We have had several reports recently from gold members claiming to be seeing ads and pop ups on the site. SingSnap does not se...
106 replies
Last by Madleine +116 2 months
2 months
Sticky: Hosted Discussions
By Annie 79 +60
Each hosted discussion category on the main page will contain sub-categories (called Groups) pertaining to that folder. Each Gr...
2 replies
Last by Annie 79 +60 over 4 years
Over 4 years
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per 56 +11
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
No replies 3,141
recording volume drops half way through
By FireFlyand +19
I have noticed on recent recordings that my vocal volume drops half way through on every recording, any idea why?
5 replies
Last by FireFlyand +19 1 day
1 day
Does work. Then doesn't work.
By SnarkySparky 19
I have changed every setting I can think of. I even downloaded a new browser when I read that there was an error with Google Ch...
2 replies
Last by starfire411 71 +14 1 day
1 day
By chrisa4618 26
Is there away to put personal pics on a slideshow. I've read u can only do internet pics but surley there is away around that. ...
7 replies
Last by BeatleBaley 69 +54 3 days
3 days
Refeature option
By TedR7752 27
I've noticed that you can barely have a song recorded and this option pops up without the song being featured in the first plac...
3 replies
Last by WildFlower68 +7 5 days
5 days
Keeps saying log in
By FireFlyand +19
When on my phone via website when I send a message to someone it sends it then takes me to log in page to log in, though if I c...
7 replies
Last by FireFlyand +19 10 days
10 days
35 Credits used for re-featuring this recording.
By BeatleBaley 69 +54
Gees How Did I Fall 4 This. Hope Some Of You SingSnappers Had Luck With This. I Will Never Re-Feature Again.
7 replies
Last by BeatleBaley 69 +54 12 days
12 days
New to some features
By RoseG1964 33
Only been with singsnap since Dec 2014. Still trying to figure everything out. Not for sure how to join in on contest or how to...
3 replies
Last by WildFlower68 +7 13 days
13 days
why cant we get every song for free?
By katien100 5
Have you ever really wanted to sing every song? I just joined and realised you need gold to buy somg at least I think that is w...
7 replies
Last by SuzieQ992-Reaper51 +1 13 days
13 days
Anybody having trouble with SingSnap tonight...
By KaraokeKing63640 33
Whenever I go to sing a song tonight it will let me get through singing it but then when I go to review my song and make adjust...
11 replies
Last by Madleine +116 14 days
14 days
Message Board / Inner Circles
By lovelight 71 +2
My head is spinning from reading tutorials . . . can someone please tell me how to use the forum feature of inner circles? How ...
6 replies
Last by Fragile_Whispers 75 +55 15 days
15 days
By Benny-G 13 +1
We is SS going to offer a way to record from an Android phone?
4 replies
Last by ZZ-Ed 44 17 days
17 days
By usmail 56
Why is the mixer getting so slow to load as of late, wow it takes forever to load a song ,and seems it cant load some times wha...
9 replies
Last by Madleine +116 20 days
20 days
My profile pic
By Shine7 36
I have changed my profile pic only it is on it's side, do I put it correctly up
5 replies
Last by Shine7 36 21 days
21 days
Recorder Problem
By MarkBlack 55
Is anyone having trouble with the recorder today (7-7-15) I'm not able to preview a recording. However it will save the recordi...
10 replies
Last by MarkBlack 55 21 days
21 days
Finding a public pre recoded song
By Morwers6 4
A friend recorded a song that I want to hear, but new to site and can't figure out how to search for it and hear it. Help please.
4 replies
Last by The_Holy_Mole 45 26 days
26 days
Why do I have to click the allow thing 100 time...
By justadreamer
Before recording a song..that Allow Adobe thing ALWAYS pops up..and lately when I click on the allow does Nothing?.....
37 replies
Last by Madleine +116 about 1 month
About 1 month
Changing Status text
By Jenncole1975 45
Does Anyone know how to change their status text? I need help.
2 replies
Last by Jenncole1975 45 about 1 month
About 1 month
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