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Closed: Feature Song Keywords...
By Terrterp 31
I was wondering if there was any way to have the feature song keywords posted on the search page too...that way it's right ther...
No replies 164
Closed: members duet
By Lise1755 25
I was wondering, if it would be possible to put the duets we have recorded in a separate tab. So that it would be easier to find;)
6 replies
Closed: Option on who can leave comments
By -Tas- 71
I don't know if this is possible or not...but is something I would like considering how easy it is for people to come up with s...
2 replies
Closed: Access to songs sung other than feature
By -Tas- 71
From what I have seen after being on the site for over a year is that people will concentrate on the 'featured' page because it...
2 replies
Closed: Audio Chat room
By ConnieG 95
How about an audio chat room for users? For them to speak to one another not singing.
6 replies
Closed: Gold Member Incentive - Access to songs with Le...
By Synthony
This would probably draw in more GOLD members!
10 replies
Closed: Options to keep other person's video in duet.
By Jacinda 2
I would love to be able to use the other person's video in our duets.. or even the option for split screen.
7 replies
Closed: Give the User
By Heavenlybody
The option to sort on their recordings........ I have several if not over 20 of the same song which I love singing n harmonisin...
2 replies
Closed: Normal Music Recorder
By Pink_Icing 8
I don't know how or if this gets read, but I came up with a brillent thought this morning when I started singing. But I had a a...
1 reply
Closed: Any song posted
By coopesq
The "Featured" page is fun and motivates members to contribute and that's just fine. I would suggest it would be fun to have a ...
2 replies
Closed: Time to Update the Catalog
By xcmhx 2
Hello. I think it is time to post an updated catalog. I downloaded a copy and skimmed through it just for fun and I found alot ...
10 replies
Closed: Potentially Offensive Summary
By chidder 4
Just a thought, I know the site is family oriented, but since we have the potentially offensive flag, would it be possible (wel...
No replies 131
Closed: redesign start page...
By xenomark 86
When you log in, the first page you are on is basically "account settings"... IMO that's not the best place to be... personally...
5 replies
Closed: SS Clock
By Michelle123
This may have been suggested, but I'm still relatively new here. Now, this is a great site where people from all over the worl...
5 replies
Closed: My Recordings (Suggestion)
By lollymop 49
Hi you all! I have a suggestion and hopefully it will be taken seriously. I recorded a billion songs hahaha ok well I am stretc...
8 replies
Closed: Feature Page Boring
By Stormy
Suggestion: Please don't have the Feature page every day...just a couple of times a week or for special events or occasions! It...
No replies 95
Closed: Playlist views?
By Mr_Microphone 47
Would be neat if we saw how many times our playlists were viewed. I have been posting playlists of my current contest and I won...
No replies 120
Closed: Topic Blocks
By Tan 44
It is great that we can flag favorites...but it would be super great if we could make topics we would like to ignore drop so we...
4 replies
Closed: Singsnap character
By ConnieG 95
Create a singsnap character that does things around the site....and that represents singsnap you know like a mascot type of thi...
14 replies
Closed: Saving a Picture after your recording..
By Vocal_Chord 9
Hi Trevor & Team.... Will you be making it easier to save/put a pic on individual songs....for instance..when doing a duet..or ...
4 replies
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