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Closed: People who might want to ...
... become more involved with SingSnap. I have had quite a few relations contacting me saying they would like to listen to my r...
7 replies
Closed: singsnap band
By txlarryrey
Sence singsnap band is for singsnap please put at top of feature page '' makes the band easier to locate ; ty -------txlarryrey
No replies 203
Closed: My Favorite Songs-Better Access Menu, Make it s...
By CKat
I have 17 pages of Favorite songs. The problem is that it's a real pain to go in a look for one of them and very easy to forget...
No replies 99
Closed: Christmas songs
By jbc_cdc 51
With the Christmas season getting closer and closer, how about adding a section to browse under sing and record, with nothing b...
3 replies
By Gaelacha 23
Would love it if SS could put together a section under the Browse category (Sing and Record) that was just for holiday or Chris...
9 replies
Closed: Something like Itunes
By -Tas- 71
I was thinking if a way to get around the licensing issues would be to offer something like Itunes and call it Ikaraoke..where ...
1 reply
By SharieHeading
I would like to request a HOLIDAY Catogory to be easier to find them, and some additional songs.. like " Have Yourself a Merry ...
No replies 213
Closed: Sort My Recording By Genre
By MadmLeo 7
I have been in a few contests of late that are based on pre-recorded entries. A lot of the rounds are genre based and that mean...
10 replies
Closed: A SingSnap personal BLOG!
By GlaszEyes +1
Maybe just a little blog option to post personal things? :)
4 replies
Closed: bring the games back
By number-one-judge
During the songs that any one is singing there use to be games you can play now there not on here it should be back on here
4 replies
Closed: different grapics/picture/video for audio recor...
By AngelMagicMuse 8
It would be nice when you have an audio recording to have a choice of what you see when you playback your recording such as dif...
2 replies
Closed: Unique Feature Page Listings?
By UKmember 4
Hi, I look at the feature page most days to see what's new, the thing is there are lots of people singing the same song over an...
2 replies
Closed: News Team
By luv2sing4eva 26
I am on here only for a brief moment. I went to the Feature Page...there is a video from the News Team "...Clue #5...." I was c...
2 replies
Closed: clarify TERMS OF USE
By pamplemus 2
My posts are being "moderated" (read censored) for reasons that i am never informed of. i think that it is unfair to have my id...
2 replies
Closed: Online Effects ????
By MoxieMainiac68
Hello snappers, I just received the message about the contest for 6 months free GOLD.. there was a poll to vote for future feat...
5 replies
Closed: 2 step up&down pitch changer
By JooDee 1
A web site called "Karaoke Version" has a pitch changer that allows you to go up 2 keys higher, or 2 keys lower than the origin...
5 replies
Closed: Gift/Song Sponsorship?
By Cerebraljam
:-) Okay, sticking my neck out and joining the message boards... posting something to think about. What about introducing spons...
23 replies
Closed: PM to Multiple Users at Once
By jimspiano 14
I would like the PM feature to function much like a typical email client. We should be able to send messages to multiple recipi...
6 replies
Closed: New Options for the Playlist
By Rob 87 +1 +6
I think it would be awesome to be able to set the volume for each song. Also it would be Awesome to be able to Play your Playli...
No replies 112
Closed: Edit comments
By justadreamer
I would be cool if, when you are making a comment on a song,and you make a typo in your comments, that you could edit that afte...
10 replies
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