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Closed: Message Board Ideas
By Heavenlybody
I am a fond user of message boards n forums and there does not appear to be a way in which a member can access their own thread...
8 replies
Closed: view by genre
By AngelMagicMuse 8
When you click on someones recordings when you have view by date number of comments exc could you add view by genre??? understand
1 reply
Closed: General Complaint!
By marielledelaine
Hi there, i love the gold member features alibility to change keys of songs. i think that among other things would be awesome a...
31 replies
Closed: Deleting PM's
By A10cgirl 2
I wish there was a way to delete more pm's than just a page at a time.....maybe like from a certain date or something. When I'm...
6 replies
Closed: Open Social XML
By justed 13
I saw the great feature of an embed code on the recordings page, so I can place my recording on any website, except for one. I ...
1 reply
Closed: A idea for Challenges & Themes
By peacekeeperleader07 2
The active challenges sould be only be for ones that theres a need to post a new topic, like a daily weekly or monthy challenge...
1 reply
Closed: Challenges & Themes - Could They Be Sorted?
By CanadaBlonde +1
Many Challenges ran for a specific time period and have ended, while several go on indefinitely and stay current. It's very di...
12 replies
Closed: Downloaded music tracks
By kenborrett
I have downloaded tracks onto a memory card 1gb as requested but when placed in keyboard model Lk-215 comes up with Error no fi...
5 replies
Closed: Changing pics on a song
By Vicster
If you put a special picture up for a song (where you take and save a pic when saving the song) it would be nice to be able to ...
No replies 163
Closed: Gold Perk: Cover Songs and Original Material
By LindsayRenee 2
In slight relation to another thread I posted concerning "masked recordings," I would like to suggest a feature available to su...
1 reply
Closed: can you raquest a song?
By KimbarBear
Im kimmie im 13 and my very first jesus song i lern was people need the lord. I will like to sing it for others but I dont no ...
1 reply
Closed: Singsnap own skin and grafix
By Alex_922 7
I was just wondering why can't we have our (singsnap) own choices of skin, designs, grafix etcs.. available here, so we can get...
1 reply
Closed: Duties of staff,admins,contributors
By -Tas- 71
I really wish there was somewhere on the website where we could get a clear cut definition of what the various job positions ar...
4 replies
By Randy52 8
Couple things. 1. When I send a PM....if the person does not send me back one in response (sometimes I don't need one), the mes...
4 replies
Closed: Out takes and Bloopers
By Buck 29
How about having a special place for outtakes and bloopers. A place where people can see stuff you would not normally post. Tha...
3 replies
Closed: Recently added songs
By LMason
I apologize if this was already mentioned and I missed it, but it would be great if there was a way to check and see what new s...
9 replies
Closed: Post Important Announcements on The Sign In Page
By midnightblue62
It would be much better if important announcements about changes to the site appeared on everyone's home page don't you think? ...
9 replies
Closed: Dont do the feature page like that
By justadreamer
Todays feature says "Sing any newly added song"...Well only Gold members can see or record those songs! So the feature page mig...
No replies 192
Closed: different graphics for audio only songs
By AngelMagicMuse 8
Could you make it so there is a choice of different graphics or pictures in the recorder box the same one is soo boring now aft...
1 reply
Closed: European songs ?
By BallyMan 33
Hi all, how about some more Europen hit songs to sing ? Who would like some ?
1 reply
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