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Closed: Suggestions Under Consideration Thread?
By Miles 43
I was thinking...maybe if we had a sticky thread with any current ideas under consideration then people could leave their thoug...
4 replies
Closed: Duet song list
By neodow
Maybe to make it a little easier for folk like me could the site promote such a way that when you type "duet" in the search eng...
3 replies
By danicalynnae 8
How about alphabetizing our songs?! We could find them quicker. THANK YOU! Have A Great Day!
1 reply
Closed: Delete Comments
By happy 3
It must be a better option to Delete comments on songs, because if i want to delete all my comments on an old song, i have to g...
12 replies
Closed: Suggestions / Brainstorming / Wish List
By TimmyTunes
I am just CRAZY for Sing Snap! I want this website to just grow and grow and become a household name not only in the United Sta...
2 replies
Closed: How About A SingSnap Radio
By Diana38 7
I have a suggestion for singsnap, how about if we have a singsnap radio and the plays everyone on the site. Everyone who has so...
6 replies
Closed: autoplay and smaller players
By TJ_C 37
I would love to see an autoplay code and a removal of the big clunky player that's around your cam recording so you can play it...
No replies 121
Closed: Contests Topic
By Knight76 5
Is there any chance the Contests topic could be split down into subsections? By this I mean into Auditions, Round 1, Round 2, R...
4 replies
Closed: flagging contest
By Janey 58
I thought this was posted somewhere, but i don't see it. I think it would be great to be able to flag and unflag a contest, jus...
2 replies
Closed: Comment Pages
By CountryBoy86
I've noticed some comment pages that have lots of comments run all the way to the end of the page, and with more than 50 commen...
11 replies
Closed: Finding comments
By Mandy 20
I'm pretty sure this has been suggested before, but I can't find it!! Could we have the ability to type in a member's name, and...
8 replies
Closed: Add a tempo controls as possible.
By djunclenam 1
I think it (this site) will be perfect more if there is a bpm or tempo controls, so people can make it fast or slow by themself...
11 replies
Closed: hayy
By TheCableGirl
Lmao, I know why everybodys gettin so snappy- crabby lately. Ehemm, Some New Songs Lately? Kidding!! well um err, u know ;D
5 replies
Closed: Preview Comment, Topic ect..
By CountryBoy86
Will it possible,in the future to view your comments or your posts? It could be handy if someone is inserting crazy images or f...
3 replies
Closed: Song Sung x Amount of Times
By CountryBoy86
I was thinking that it would be nice, when searching a song to sing, there could be a counter beside the song to record, that s...
3 replies
Closed: Playlist Improvements
By Per 57
Hi all, I made a small improvement to the new playlist feature. You can now view a member's playlists in their profile section....
42 replies
Closed: separating male/female/duo artists
By lboucher
It'd be great if in your search or browse, if i could search for a female artist - since that's who i'd be likely to sing - sin...
9 replies
Closed: Search Message Board by Category
By Vicster +1
I was just trying to find something on the message board (via a search) and got back results that included contests and other t...
1 reply
Closed: Advertisements
By ConnieG 82 +4
People that wish to advertise their business or advertise for something pay singsnap a fee for the ad perhaps an ad page wall t...
No replies 113
Closed: sponcership rewards??
By veneta_ron
i came to this site to support my friends, i hvae no real musical talent. therefore it would be a waist of money to get myself ...
16 replies
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