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Closed: Time listened for each song
By kmonster420 4
If there was a little meter that gaged how much time is spent listening to your songs. Then you would know if people like your ...
22 replies
Closed: Gold membership feature suggestions..
By ConnieG 89 215
Humour removed... As either an existing Gold member or somebody waiting for more features.. what features are there that would ...
64 replies
Closed: SMS text alerts
By onetrickpony 26
How about SMS text alerts on your cell phone for feedback and messages?
2 replies
Closed: Voting & Rating
By jayman228 2
Hey All, I got two ideas/suggestions and thought I'd bring it to the table. Regarding the Voting one....Most contests now have...
No replies 91
Closed: spam filter for inbox
By beth063 20
Sorry if this has been suggested. I read back a few pages to check. But so many threads are started with indirect headers, I ju...
7 replies
Closed: block/ignore
By krylles
Blocking by IP address rather than account name example: Zebediah blocks Georgefina Georgefina creates Georgefina2 & returns t...
1 reply
Closed: this site is getting bad!!!!!!!!!!
By jrnyman 1
Yeah,I got an bout takin care of all the damn problems with this songs not saving,or freeze ups.and how bout...
6 replies
Closed: Karaoke Game
By Novella 101 7
I think a very cool gold feature would be a karaoke game of sorts, similar to that of Rock Band or the play station karaoke gam...
6 replies
Closed: here's a thought
By djjaymusik
I think i you post a topic you host it which means you have to approve peoples post on your topic allow or decline their commen...
61 replies
Closed: Video - progress bar
By DougSings 44 1
Hi guys, This I think might be a real quick fix! Personally I have real contrast problems and sometimes find it hard to disting...
6 replies
Closed: NEW SONGS - Play from the list?
By luv2sing4eva 25
I keep saying that I don't know any new songs. Well, I am not 16 anymore. I do not keep up with every single new artist like I ...
4 replies
Closed: Forum colours
By ConnieG 89 215
Remove white :O)
25 replies
Closed: Sort Comments
By Annie 83
It would be really great if we had the ability to sort our Comments on the Comments tab by song, artist, member, date, etc. Jus...
No replies 105
Closed: Hall Of Fame
By BronxBruce 14
I have 2 suggestions regarding the Hall of Fame. 1 - To increase diversity, limit abuse and to generate a Hall of Fame that mor...
5 replies
Closed: geography
By newfiemonger 3
It might be nice if we could serch fro other uses based on geography. Some of us may wish to get togeather.
No replies 102
Closed: moving threads so fast!!!
By toots33
OK, as a judge of a few contests, I must say it is down right ANNOYING that I post my results and the link to the next round on...
7 replies
Closed: can you acknowledge...
By briarrabbit 6
If a song request has been seen or noted...i have been requesting a particular artist since the fall...i have no way of knowing...
4 replies
Closed: Additional Feature Page
By Vicster
Someone in another thread asked where the next and back button was for the feature page (and there isn't any because it is only...
1 reply
Closed: HOF
By DougSings 44 1
When I listen to a song that I find exceptional (to my ears) and feel it should get a nomination for the HOF I'd like to be abl...
1 reply
Closed: Suggested song keys
By Meganb52
A search topic that allows you to search for songs in your (a certain) vocal range; there are songs I love to sing, and then th...
No replies 114
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