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Closed: feedback
By lollymop 48
I would like to make a suggestion to the SingSnap staff that they post the most recent feedbacks at the top of the page list an...
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Closed: Acoustic Section
By Marie 15
I wondered if we could have an acoustic guitar section as their seems to be lots of guitar players or even an instruments section
No replies 114
Closed: last log on
By DiamondHead 19
...what do you think - would it be nice if there'd be a possibility to see when a member was logged on last? Sometimes I wonder...
2 replies
Closed: Edit original post
By Sadie 5
I've not gone through the board to see if this has been suggested, so apologies in advance if it has. I think it'd be great if ...
No replies 93
Closed: karaoke setup
By james122333
Singsnap should modify (if possible) their setup to sing and record. They should make it so you can plug in a mic and be able t...
2 replies
Closed: Two song lists
By Dustyjoe 1
Is there a possibility of song list of all gold songs, all blue songs and mixed as now ? So blue members can see all the songs ...
No replies 87
Closed: Change song picture
By Pink-Princess 3
I'm not sure if you can do this..I've had a look, but can't see a way to and if not I think it's something you should definitel...
1 reply
By cwang50 55
I wonder how many that have many recordings as I do, would like to be able to search for a particular recording that you have d...
2 replies
Closed: Recordings by Favorite Members page
By Vicster
I often find that I have a hard time remembering where I left off on the recordings by my favorites...especially if I have to l...
7 replies
Closed: why can't we...
By luv2sing4eva 26
Make our duets (featured on) recordings private, you know - inaccessible from being viewed on OUR pages. Should we feel that wa...
21 replies
Closed: Blocking spammers in message board threads
By justadreamer
Here's an Idea,,how about the ability,, to block spammers in message board threads? Like,,maby have it set up to where,one pers...
2 replies
Closed: Subscription notice...
By xenomark 85
The "gold" page on "account status" only says: Current Status You are currently an active gold member. how do we know when our...
8 replies
Closed: online,offline,recording
By -Tas- 71
Would it be possible to put an option of recording under our little pic thingamabob..i know we can indicate online and offline....
8 replies
Closed: Make songs public AFTER they've saved
By midnightblue62
It would be better if recordings didn't go public..i.e. to the feature/new page till they've actually saved, if it's possible t...
2 replies
Closed: Old suggestions of interest... by date
By ConnieG 95
Just been browsing suggestions.. picked on some.. I found of interest.. or wanted to say thanks to the peeps who suggested sign...
15 replies
Closed: New Idea for duets
By stevesmelody 28
How about posting a duet on both the singers pages, if both singers want it, this way both group of fans can enjoy their respec...
7 replies
Closed: Alphabetize your recorded songs
By Jacinda 2
I don't know if this is already requested but it would be great if I could browse my songs I recorded in alphabetical order... ...
3 replies
Closed: Profile view
By Pink-Princess 3
I would like, if at all possible please, for the profile view to change in the my accounts section. I think it would look bette...
2 replies
Closed: new genre
By surya_iceangel
Cant we have a new genre for disney? its awfully cumbersome to go typing all the song names i remember hoping one of them will ...
7 replies
By xKrazyx 4
Awwwww i used to be on here alllll the time. Main thing being the members are amazzzing, it was free, an it was somewhere to re...
5 replies
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