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Closed: Song menu
By godbless 44
Change the current song , vocalist menu . new menu would have listing of all song's performed by a given performer in alphabeti...
2 replies
Closed: Original Song Entries
By Jacinda 2
I wanted to suggest being able to upload your own song. Like a blank entry where you fill out the name of the song and are able...
4 replies
Closed: "Blocking"
By annamarie 20
I would love to see it when we block someone that they cannot even watch your video and hear your song, or see your comments. ...
9 replies
Closed: Message for Responding to Comments
By EmpressFae
Comments On Your Recordings This page lists the comments that have been left for your public recordings on SingSnap. To respond...
3 replies
Closed: ways to bring more gold members in/free trail m...
By sweetbeauti8517
Are you looking for marketing ideas.. if you set the blue members where they can get a 30 day free trail ,using a credit card. ...
35 replies
Closed: Hall of Fame Name Change
I hope this belongs in this category...I debated on this or website suggestions and decided on this one. Why not change the na...
19 replies
Closed: How many friends are Online
By ScottishLad 9
It would be great to see on your main page when u sign in that you have so many friends online and you could click on it to see...
1 reply
Closed: How to organise PMs...?
By DiamondHead 19
I must admit I'm a rather talkative person and I receive and sent quite a lot of private messages... with the result that my in...
3 replies
Closed: Add a karaoke video you made.
By Jacinda 2
Could we upload our own karaoke video and when users search for a particular song or group the video(s) could appear with a sym...
1 reply
Closed: Hall of frame page
By sweetbeauti8517
The hall of frame page .they should be in order by todays date on the first we can see the new ones first...
No replies 137
Closed: Member's List...
By MadManMoon 5
What happened to the member's list? now you only have the text box to put in a name... One of the fun things I did all the tim...
7 replies
Closed: Improving W&L\Favorites Section
By Descanto 4
Would like to suggest that an improvement be made to the Watch & Listen\Favorites option...Think it could be better if there we...
16 replies
Closed: Graphics
By Terri 4
Not sure if this has ever been addressed before,but here lately there has been a lot of complaints about graphics being posted ...
8 replies
Closed: Search for Our Own Songs
By singingsister57 100 +4
This might sound weird, but is there a possible way to type the title of a recording that we did and then all of the versions o...
2 replies
Closed: How about a streaming radio station
By neodow 1
How about a streaming radio station, playing all members recording. It would be a great way to listen and get to know more sing...
No replies 81
Closed: Feature Favorites
By chidder 3
Here's a quick suggestion for you (quick to suggest, not implement :D ) many of the feature ideas contain a number of keywords ...
No replies 76
Closed: more songs without gold
By bambalicious 1
I think more songs should be added for those of us who have not subscribed to singsnap gold for various reasons. There is a lon...
21 replies
Closed: let others get some limelight too!
By justadreamer
How about let some of us peons have a little lime light too? Like ,,put a regular "non staff members" song at the top of the fe...
4 replies
Closed: E.O.R.
By luv2sing4eva 26
I'm going to website suggestions.... I've seen OFF and ON, complaints.....not enough rock, toooo much country...... Im gonna s...
1 reply
Closed: Best Version of Song, category
By Songslinger 1
Hi, this is Kevin, I'm new, is it possible to have a best version of song instead of or in addition to the most rated. You know...
53 replies
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