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Closed: Message Board Bookmark
By Rob 87 +8
I would love to be able to bookmark my spot on a thread. I am about to leave for work tonight and when I come home in the morni...
7 replies
Closed: Playlist anxiety
By ShyLynn 3
I've seen comments that it bothers some people to use their playlist because it adds listens with no comments. I don't personal...
38 replies
Closed: Vocal Effects with Stereo Mixer
By uniqartist 35
I cannot get effects that are available on the updated driver for my Realtek soundcard. I hear it during recording, but for som...
4 replies
Closed: blue nic cant listen to someone else sing a new...
By Rockin_Robin1 5
Having a blue nic, I understand not being able to sing some of the newer songs added but I would still like to listen to others...
4 replies
Closed: Rating System?
By Heavenlybody
It does not seem apparant to a new user like myself how to award n view points so if the techy guys could take a look at the si...
4 replies
Closed: I don't like the RED OFFLINE
By cheryliana 9
The green online is fine, but it's something about that red... Some of the members, for instance on mine shows nothing when I'm...
8 replies
Closed: deleting PM's
By Roger 12
Presently it takes a 'scroll down ' and then 5 clicks to delete one page of private messages.. multiply that by a couple hundre...
2 replies
Closed: Ratings and comments
By -Tas- 71
I strongly believe that someone shouldn't be able to rate someone's song unless they have also left a comment. This would avoid...
3 replies
Closed: Feature Page Highlighted Member/Song
By ShawnSnap 2
I think the person who is Music Director for the day should have their video/song highlighted on the Feature Page instead of "r...
2 replies
Closed: Volume control on player window
By peachygurl 62
I have noticed a lot of variablity on the volume of posted songs. Would it be possible to add a volume control button on the pl...
5 replies
Closed: Gold Gift Certificates
By Terrterp 31
I was thinking about Christmas....yes I said the "C"! I would love to give my daughter SingSnap Gold Member Status a...
5 replies
Closed: How Many Member are Online
By Rob 87 +8
I think it would be kinda cool to have a counter at the top of the page that would display the number of members online. I have...
5 replies
Closed: Ban Pics Of Some NO SHIRT PPL
By Randy52 8
Good lord. Have you seen some of the pics on here with the guys having a pic of themselves with no shirt. Ok if your Arnold, bu...
185 replies
Closed: Making Feedback Better
By KaraokeBankers 6
A couple of suggestions on feedback and messages. 1- Show member's picture next to their name when they leave feedback. 2- Add ...
6 replies
Closed: new idea: guide vocals
By Finding_Bliss 22
I'm not tech savvy so I dunno how you would make this work exactly but it might bring more people to the site if it were possib...
3 replies
By donnyxxx 24
When someone reaches the age of 100, the queen in the uk usually sends them a why not,,,when someone reaches...
14 replies
Closed: trivia question's
By godbless 50
It would be fun to have a daily trivia question for a given entertainer . question's could be submitted by ss member's . it wou...
2 replies
Closed: Song Trivia Chatroom
By softnsweet372006 92 +8
Hi.. Just a thought lol..we have a singing chatroom..i think we should add a game room..a song trivia chatroom..who dont like t...
5 replies
Closed: share songs on similar sites
By Heavenlybody
I sing on sims karoake ....... well i kinda sing here now mostly cos i love the harmonising feature but i am sure they will upg...
1 reply
Closed: Message Board Ideas
By Heavenlybody
I am a fond user of message boards n forums and there does not appear to be a way in which a member can access their own thread...
8 replies
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