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Closed: Gold
By PaulMason 94 +4
Ok My Opinion on this new gold name thing is simple....ok 7 dollars is cheap for a month BUT i think that all members should ge...
7 replies
Closed: Hall of Fame Icon next to Member name
By HippyBassMan
I was just wondering whether it would be possible to place a cup icon or similar next to a members name when they appear in the...
10 replies
Closed: HOF Badge
By onetrickpony 26
Is there a way to place a banner or a badge on the song page for a song that is on the HOF?
1 reply
Closed: Games category
By ConnieG 88 +1 +6
For fun and message board type games.
13 replies
Closed: threads for contests!!!
By wizard_of_ice
We have a problem here with the contest section getting overloaded. Not manageable. If you post a thread for an audition it is ...
50 replies
Closed: A "Back to Top" button
By smiles22beth 11
I scanned, but did not see this one posted. What I would like to see added to the website is for the message boards. When you h...
8 replies
Closed: *Create groups*
By ConnieG 88 +1 +6
A way to create and join groups ... Within these groups you can PM all members of the group.. like 'send bulletin' Have a page...
24 replies
Closed: Song Shuffle Options
By bbetty 25 +1
I'd like to be able to organize which order my songs appear on my page. Some songs get buried, and I'd love the ability to shuf...
6 replies
Closed: Deleting PM's
By cheryliana 8
I tried to look through the suggestions and see if this had been mentioned before... It would be nice if the "Action for select...
1 reply
Closed: the advertising
By stewart20
I hate the advertising in the middle of the pages when you are trying to find a song from someone to listen to. It is very anno...
18 replies
Closed: ***Genre work Round 2***
By peachygurl 56
I'm going to post this msg in a couple of different areas. PLEASE don't move it or consider it Spam. YES! We are finally going...
No replies 89
Closed: Audio Improvements
By mel 4
Well it seems to me that a lot of work is being put into improving community features. Which is nice, sure. But I hope recordin...
10 replies
Closed: Numerical recording volume settings
By Purple_Lilly
Getting the right balance between volume on voice and music makes all the difference between creating something worth presentin...
7 replies
Closed: Auto refresh message board
By ConnieG 88 +1 +6
Soon as somebody replies it refreshes. Or Auto refresh every 0000.555 of a second eheh My F5 key is wearing out.
4 replies
Closed: STICKY NEEDED for LIC'd Song(s) - Reason for Te...
By luv2sing4eva 25
I think we need a sticky subject on this to STAY for all members that are just coming back to the site, after not having been h...
5 replies
Closed: SingSnap Contests
By Diana38 7
I don't know if this has been mention before but why doesn't singsnap have contests, and singsnap can give out weekly & monthly...
3 replies
By luv2sing4eva 25
HERE'S A SUGGESTION: it'd be nice if all of the gold judges that were able to make a PLAYLIST, make a playlist of all of the c...
4 replies
Closed: SingSnap's Official Playlist - Featuring Gold M...
By jellybean4r2 3
I thought it would suggest that on the days that Trevor does not have a video announcement on the "Watch & Listen" or "Feature"...
3 replies
Closed: To quote or not to quote
By Per 63 +11
I would like to suggest the removal of the quote feature on the message board, who's with me?!
28 replies
Closed: When going back n forth...
By KaraoKate
From..for instance...a challenge page, to listen to a posted song. When you return to the challenge page, you're allll the way ...
3 replies
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