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Closed: Search for Our Own Songs
By singingsister57 98 +3
This might sound weird, but is there a possible way to type the title of a recording that we did and then all of the versions o...
2 replies
Closed: How about a streaming radio station
By neodow 1
How about a streaming radio station, playing all members recording. It would be a great way to listen and get to know more sing...
No replies 80
Closed: Feature Favorites
By chidder 3
Here's a quick suggestion for you (quick to suggest, not implement :D ) many of the feature ideas contain a number of keywords ...
No replies 76
Closed: more songs without gold
By bambalicious 1
I think more songs should be added for those of us who have not subscribed to singsnap gold for various reasons. There is a lon...
21 replies
Closed: let others get some limelight too!
By justadreamer
How about let some of us peons have a little lime light too? Like ,,put a regular "non staff members" song at the top of the fe...
4 replies
Closed: E.O.R.
By luv2sing4eva 25
I'm going to website suggestions.... I've seen OFF and ON, complaints.....not enough rock, toooo much country...... Im gonna s...
1 reply
Closed: Best Version of Song, category
By Songslinger 1
Hi, this is Kevin, I'm new, is it possible to have a best version of song instead of or in addition to the most rated. You know...
53 replies
By midnightblue62
Re-edited... 'cause I messed up the title last time May i suggest that the title 'music director' is changed on the Feature Pa...
1 reply
Closed: Cnage the title 'Muysic Director' on the featur...
By midnightblue62
May i suggest that the title 'music director' is changed. I would suggest that rather than 'music director' try something like ...
No replies 72
Closed: Finding Letters to Find Members
By Edelweiss
I am a new member, and I cannot find the old A-Z listing of members so I can hear them.. Also, how can people find me? I don't ...
2 replies
Closed: More BBCode available
By Pepsi 9
Could we have emoticons in the message boards, please? :) And could we also alter the size of the text (up to a reasonable size...
8 replies
Closed: Update top songs page.
By soundchris 84
The top songs page should be updated at least once a week so if a song was sung lots of times in that week, you will see that i...
10 replies
Closed: Contest banter folder
By ConnieG 92
A folder for contests and themed clubs ( the new trend) to have their threads resided in. I looked around the site today and th...
10 replies
Closed: floders and organization
By virtualguy 7
You should impliment folders and organzition for private songs you record, kinda like outlook express mail program. This would ...
No replies 126
Closed: Personal Favorites
I have an idea...not so much for a daily feature as it is for a permanent feature. Member of the day mentioned on the front pag...
4 replies
Closed: updated recorder
By Lizinvabch 5
Hey, now that you have all this money coming in, do you think you could update your recorder to something that has built in eff...
5 replies
Closed: Asking The Impossible
By Knight76 5
Right, this is probably totally impossible but I'm just gonna throw it out there anyway! The biggest problem I have recording i...
5 replies
Closed: New Members Section
By -Tas- 68
I'd like to see a section on the 'Watch and Listen' area where it features New Members to singsnap..It would be a great way for...
3 replies
Closed: Extention to status message
By DiamondHead 17
Hi there, I think that basically it's a good thing that the status messages go *poof* after 24 hours (I keep forgetting to chan...
7 replies
Closed: Edit the still photo associated with a song
By cantare 6
Like many, I recorded a ton of songs as "Audio" only before adding a webcam or discovering emulation software like ManyCam. Doi...
3 replies
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