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Closed: Feature Page Boring
By Stormy
Suggestion: Please don't have the Feature page every day...just a couple of times a week or for special events or occasions! It...
No replies 98
Closed: Playlist views?
By Mr_Microphone 49
Would be neat if we saw how many times our playlists were viewed. I have been posting playlists of my current contest and I won...
No replies 125
Closed: Topic Blocks
By Tan 45
It is great that we can flag favorites...but it would be super great if we could make topics we would like to ignore drop so we...
4 replies
Closed: Singsnap character
By ConnieG 96
Create a singsnap character that does things around the site....and that represents singsnap you know like a mascot type of thi...
14 replies
Closed: Saving a Picture after your recording..
By Vocal_Chord 26
Hi Trevor & Team.... Will you be making it easier to save/put a pic on individual songs....for instance..when doing a duet..or ...
4 replies
Closed: Full monitor screen size videos
By Charlene 17 just launched their new recorder and you can click on the little boxed X on the bottom right side of the vide...
1 reply
Closed: Song Title Box that we can type what it really is
By Charlene 17
I have noticed that quite often, you look at someones' latest recording pages and you pick a song to listen to and when it play...
1 reply
Closed: Message Board Bookmark
By Rob 87 +4 +16
I would love to be able to bookmark my spot on a thread. I am about to leave for work tonight and when I come home in the morni...
7 replies
Closed: Playlist anxiety
By ShyLynn 3
I've seen comments that it bothers some people to use their playlist because it adds listens with no comments. I don't personal...
38 replies
Closed: Vocal Effects with Stereo Mixer
By uniqartist 35
I cannot get effects that are available on the updated driver for my Realtek soundcard. I hear it during recording, but for som...
4 replies
Closed: blue nic cant listen to someone else sing a new...
By Rockin_Robin1 5
Having a blue nic, I understand not being able to sing some of the newer songs added but I would still like to listen to others...
4 replies
Closed: Rating System?
By Heavenlybody
It does not seem apparant to a new user like myself how to award n view points so if the techy guys could take a look at the si...
4 replies
Closed: I don't like the RED OFFLINE
By cheryliana 9
The green online is fine, but it's something about that red... Some of the members, for instance on mine shows nothing when I'm...
8 replies
Closed: deleting PM's
By Roger 12
Presently it takes a 'scroll down ' and then 5 clicks to delete one page of private messages.. multiply that by a couple hundre...
2 replies
Closed: Ratings and comments
By -Tas- 71
I strongly believe that someone shouldn't be able to rate someone's song unless they have also left a comment. This would avoid...
3 replies
Closed: Feature Page Highlighted Member/Song
By ShawnSnap 2
I think the person who is Music Director for the day should have their video/song highlighted on the Feature Page instead of "r...
2 replies
Closed: Volume control on player window
By peachygurl 64
I have noticed a lot of variablity on the volume of posted songs. Would it be possible to add a volume control button on the pl...
5 replies
Closed: Gold Gift Certificates
By Terrterp 31
I was thinking about Christmas....yes I said the "C"! I would love to give my daughter SingSnap Gold Member Status a...
5 replies
Closed: How Many Member are Online
By Rob 87 +4 +16
I think it would be kinda cool to have a counter at the top of the page that would display the number of members online. I have...
5 replies
Closed: Ban Pics Of Some NO SHIRT PPL
By Randy52 8
Good lord. Have you seen some of the pics on here with the guys having a pic of themselves with no shirt. Ok if your Arnold, bu...
185 replies
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