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Closed: members duet
By Lise1755 25
I was wondering, if it would be possible to put the duets we have recorded in a separate tab. So that it would be easier to find;)
6 replies
Closed: Option on who can leave comments
By -Tas- 71
I don't know if this is possible or not...but is something I would like considering how easy it is for people to come up with s...
2 replies
Closed: Access to songs sung other than feature
By -Tas- 71
From what I have seen after being on the site for over a year is that people will concentrate on the 'featured' page because it...
2 replies
Closed: Audio Chat room
By ConnieG 96
How about an audio chat room for users? For them to speak to one another not singing.
6 replies
Closed: Gold Member Incentive - Access to songs with Le...
By Synthony
This would probably draw in more GOLD members!
10 replies
Closed: Options to keep other person's video in duet.
By Jacinda 2
I would love to be able to use the other person's video in our duets.. or even the option for split screen.
7 replies
Closed: Give the User
By Heavenlybody
The option to sort on their recordings........ I have several if not over 20 of the same song which I love singing n harmonisin...
2 replies
Closed: Normal Music Recorder
By Pink_Icing
I don't know how or if this gets read, but I came up with a brillent thought this morning when I started singing. But I had a a...
1 reply
Closed: Any song posted
By coopesq
The "Featured" page is fun and motivates members to contribute and that's just fine. I would suggest it would be fun to have a ...
2 replies
Closed: Time to Update the Catalog
By xcmhx 2
Hello. I think it is time to post an updated catalog. I downloaded a copy and skimmed through it just for fun and I found alot ...
10 replies
Closed: Potentially Offensive Summary
By chidder 4
Just a thought, I know the site is family oriented, but since we have the potentially offensive flag, would it be possible (wel...
No replies 134
Closed: redesign start page...
By xenomark 86
When you log in, the first page you are on is basically "account settings"... IMO that's not the best place to be... personally...
5 replies
Closed: SS Clock
By Michelle123
This may have been suggested, but I'm still relatively new here. Now, this is a great site where people from all over the worl...
5 replies
Closed: My Recordings (Suggestion)
By lollymop 50
Hi you all! I have a suggestion and hopefully it will be taken seriously. I recorded a billion songs hahaha ok well I am stretc...
8 replies
Closed: Feature Page Boring
By Stormy
Suggestion: Please don't have the Feature page every day...just a couple of times a week or for special events or occasions! It...
No replies 98
Closed: Playlist views?
By Mr_Microphone 49
Would be neat if we saw how many times our playlists were viewed. I have been posting playlists of my current contest and I won...
No replies 124
Closed: Topic Blocks
By Tan 45 +2
It is great that we can flag favorites...but it would be super great if we could make topics we would like to ignore drop so we...
4 replies
Closed: Singsnap character
By ConnieG 96
Create a singsnap character that does things around the site....and that represents singsnap you know like a mascot type of thi...
14 replies
Closed: Saving a Picture after your recording..
By Vocal_Chord 12
Hi Trevor & Team.... Will you be making it easier to save/put a pic on individual songs....for instance..when doing a duet..or ...
4 replies
Closed: Full monitor screen size videos
By Charlene 17 just launched their new recorder and you can click on the little boxed X on the bottom right side of the vide...
1 reply
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